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  1. Complete forward in a support duty, yes. Advanced forward, no. He's also great at AMC support duty with added instructions to move into channels, dribble more, take more risks and shoot more often.
  2. You have probably loaded the wrong FM database along with this one. You need to change 17.3.0 to Default 17.0.1 and start again. Also, having real names fix applied fixes some of the other bugs -link FM18 Name Fix
  3. Football Manager 95/96 Database Info FULL POST WITH PREIVEW - 95-96 Database for FM18 Playable Leagues: Italy , England , and Spain . When you start a new game with this custom database, choose the default database and load this file. Bear in mind it could take some time for the database to load the first time you fire it up, anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour depending on your machine, please be patient while it's loading and don't shut down your game. In order to get database on your game you will have to subscribe it on Steam Workshop. SUBSCRIBE on Steam Workshop OR SKIP THE LONG DOWNLOAD TIME AND DOWNLOAD FROM MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD on Mediafire After you download via Mediafire move the database file to:C:\Users\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\editor data (if there's no editor data folder at this path, create one) FULL POST PREIVEW - 95-96 Database for FM18
  4. We have three types of Sugar Daddy clubs in FM18, that is 3 types of chairman who depending of their money politics at the club are separated into three groups: Foreground Sugar Daddy - They throw money at the club to spend. Background Sugar Daddy - They spend enough to make them a force in their current league but if they go up a level or two it would no longer apply. Underwriter Sugar Daddy - They don't give the manager any extra transfer budget but come the end of the season they will always cover any loss the club is making and will not expect the money back.
  5. Nexway is the official distributor for Football Manager, and this offer shouldn't be posted in here as it is only for group members of the Football Manager group on Facebook. But since it is already here and there is no way of removing it, you might as well use it.
  6. This offer is/was only for the Football Manager group members on Facebook, but since someone already posted it here you might as well use it - http://bit.ly/FM18usSale
  7. Hello fellas, I'm Roy, new owner at FM Blog. I don't know if I'm allowed to post a link to my site or not on here, so if it is against the rules I sincerely apologize and mods do make the necessary changes. Anyways, I would like to share with you the list I made on starting transfer budgets in Football Manager 2018. I've included 5 major European leagues, as well as Scotland, Championship and the Portugal top tier. I've included transfer and wage budgets depending on your board expectations. See > Football Manager 2018 Transfer Budgets
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