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  1. Yes there are, but Dutch league is unplayable.
  2. The 1966/67 season database for FM19 is your unique chance to try and manage some of the most legendary players of all time. We've all heard about Pele and Eusebio, now we have the opportunity to see these footballing legends in action in Football Manager. This season, in particular, has a soft spot in football's history forever, as England have just won the World Cup, and the Scottish team Celtic won the European Cup (today's Champions League). Some of the players from this era are still regarded as the best ones of all time in their respective countries. I've researched
  3. Complete forward in a support duty, yes. Advanced forward, no. He's also great at AMC support duty with added instructions to move into channels, dribble more, take more risks and shoot more often.
  4. You have probably loaded the wrong FM database along with this one. You need to change 17.3.0 to Default 17.0.1 and start again. Also, having real names fix applied fixes some of the other bugs -link FM18 Name Fix
  5. Football Manager 95/96 Database Info FULL POST WITH PREIVEW - 95-96 Database for FM18 Playable Leagues: Italy , England , and Spain . When you start a new game with this custom database, choose the default database and load this file. Bear in mind it could take some time for the database to load the first time you fire it up, anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour depending on your machine, please be patient while it's loading and don't shut down your game. In order to get database on your game you will have to subscribe it on Steam Workshop. SUBSCRIBE o
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