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  1. Is it possible to shorten the two middle panels like we could in FM19?
  2. Excellent, thanks for the response. The first edit worked a treat removing the space above the player ratings, gives me quite a bit more space to play with. With regards the border. I now have a opaque border rather than transparent but it's still unusable. Is there any way to reduce the width of this to allow the active area within each panel to increase slightly?
  3. I am loving the mod. I do however play on a laptop with 1366 x 768 res so i struggle for space. Can anyone advise how i edit the file to reduce the 'dead spots' as highlighted in red in the picture?
  4. Im loving these mods! One question i do have is i have the 3 panels in the 'between highlight mod' but only the two with this mod as shown below. I am playing on 1368x768 resolution. Is there an easy way to make the right panel smaller and add a 3rd panel. I will say i'm a total noob at this though!
  5. Posted in the total wrong thread. Looking forward to this!
  6. Thank you very much! I found "icon enabled" and it's got rid of the flag. I didn't mean to come aross rude, apologies!
  7. When i open that file it doesn't have that many lines, certainly not 43, and when i search for flag nothing is found.
  8. Awesome work! One little problem i have is you can't really see the name of the countries in the player column. How do i change that? Be it get it show, or delete it so it just shows the flag?
  9. Is think link legit and safe? Don't like how its not a https address!
  10. How is everyone doing with Pogba? Considering his attributes i don't feel im getting the best out of him! I generally play 4231, Pogba set as B2B (Shoot More, Risky Passes, Get Further Forward etc), he plays alongside Herrera (DLP) or Alli (AP or RPM or DLP). I find Pogba plays better alongside Herrera, so i try as much as possible to play Alli at 10, but with Mata and Rashford i sometimes have to push Alli back. Basically i'm struggling to find his best playing role. Is B2B the best? Should i change formation (mid 3?) or push him to #10? Suggestions welcome!
  11. Hi, I've tried searching the forum to no avail. I'm suing the dark default skin. On the player overview page under season stats at the bottom is it possible for the totals to show competitive first team totals only? Similar to the expanded stats totals shown on a players career history page? I'm not particularly interested in U23 stats being added to the total, Thanks.
  12. Blast from the past. Anyone manage to get the Player Overview Panel working?
  13. How have people got the player profile overview page working agin?
  14. What size is the update? I'm away this weekend and will have to use 3G to download it...
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