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  1. One on ones as a result of long balls over the top? Yes. As a result of a through ball? Not a single one, either by my team or the AI, either vs. me or AI vs. AI.
  2. Ha! I have yet to see a single one of these in FM19.
  3. Given the fact that so many people, no matter what tactics they are using or what teams they are using are having their games turn into dice-rolling crossfests with no scoring by strikers indicates that this is a problem beyond tactics and more likely ME-related. If someone has managed to create an even half-decent looking tactic that does not suffer from these issues, please share some tips for us poor folk who are being crossed and set-pieced to bored death.
  4. As far as I can tell, the role suitability isn’t about comparing players to one another, but comparing an individual player’s suitability in one role to their suitability I’m another role. (I.e. Messi may have a red empty circle for the role of defensive forward but he will still be a better “defensive forward” than almost any striker in the game with a bright green circle for defensive forward).
  5. Like all of these little things in the game (team talks, media, etc), the main way it appears to affect the game is through player and team morale. While I doubt there will ever be a feature when, when your no. 9 scores a 90th-minute goal, the game pauses and a pop up lets you know that that goal was the result of your amazing prematch tactical briefing, players with high morale definitely appear to perform better than those with lower morale. I think all of this is pretty realistic.
  6. Legit. I followed that exact link to purchase my copy and I’m already playing the beta.
  7. People are getting way too hung up on names. If your conception of “false 9” doesn’t fit SI’s, you can choose a general deep-lying forward role and tweak PIs to fit. Same with every other specialized role. If you have no restrictions on how much users can edit the roles, then you might as well have no roles.
  8. It’s going to be pretty much impossible, or at the very least unenjoyable, to do any real beta testing on macs until this is implemented into the beta.
  9. Yep, I'm having the same problem. My tutors finished tutoring a year ago and they still can't tutor anyone else.
  10. I've definitely seen young players grow in height and weight in FM so yours may just be gearing up for a collective growth spurt.
  11. On SI Games job postings, is there a warning stating "WARNING: Thick Skin Required." If someone came into my place of work and took this kind of tone with me about a project I had put my heart and sweat into for several months because it was not "flawless" I would lose my mind and say unspeakable things to them. PaulC, hats off to you for your composure.
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