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  1. A lil bit surprised to see this! The lad seemed very talented and had a great personality. I guess you needed the money?
  2. It was a real love affair between Auxerre and Poland when Guy Roux (the man on my profile picture) was managing. I miss that time! I haven't played FM20 yet, but they still should have a pretty good academy (top 15 in France I would say, which is great for a team that got relegated almost 10 years ago). I could add many things about Auxerre that would make you fall in love for them but I won't, I don't want you to leave Janiwoko yet
  3. I've always had a soft spot for Poland NT and polish players after my team, A.J Auxerre, recruited players like Jelen (who took us to Champions League not long ago), Dudka, the wonderful Szarmach (our top scorer to date, ahead of Djibril Cissé), Klos, Klose (Miroslav's dad), Obraniak.. If I count well, almost 15 polish players played for my club and left a great mark (full list of our polish stars). Since then, I tend to play a youth-and-polish-only style when I manage Auxerre on FM or Lech in Poland. If you want to pay tribute to our transfer policy one day, I encourage you to bring Auxerre back to the top tier with a few polish players
  4. Congratulations on winning the league! Managing Lech back on FM16 has probably been my favourite FM experience ever, even if there were a couple bugs back then. The competition format is very fun to play. I recall myself losing many league games but never have I lost a single game once the two groups were formed. We can call that temperament I guess.. Can't wait to see you perform, I'm sure you'll manage to stay up! Good luck!
  5. It smells good Please don't **** it up this time
  6. I hope you'll be a bit luckier with the draws once you reach European competitions! Wish you good luck again this season
  7. Fingers crossed again! I feel like finishing first will be hard but doable.
  8. I feel like it would be worth reporting this ugliness as a bug to get it resolved "quickly". Or as a feature request for future FMs if the staff doesn't consider it to be a bug.
  9. What a great season so far! I'm glad I was wrong concerning Pawel, a few more goals and play-offs will be very close. Fingers are crossed!
  10. Thanks for providing us with such a high-quality read. I don't play FM20 yet, but you're pushing me to do so every time I click on your thread!
  11. Well done going up I feel like it's gonna be a tough season.. I don't know the level of third tier defenders but think Pawel will not score half the goals Kedziora would have scored unfortunately Prove me wrong please!
  12. I think that you received a realistic amount of money. At the beginning of the save, a total of 2 billions € should be shared between the clubs who have been part of the Champions League 19/20. I believe this total increases every year on FM, like it does in real life. You can calculate an estimation of how much you should have received thanks to the following article. https://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/news/newsid=2616268.html If I remember well, teams like CSKA Moscow and Maribor received around 20m€ last year after they reached the group stage.
  13. Kedziora is on fire! Is he related to Tomasz Kedziora?
  14. The goal is to avoid relegation, I'm sure you will do it! + Goal difference is with you
  15. A polish save! I have to follow it! Wish you good luck on both FM and real grass
  16. Hi @Andrew James, @Glenn Wakeford, I've been waiting for an answer on this thread before buying FM20. Can't imagine playing with this issue on. Could you provide us with some news about it? Cheers
  17. It's always really fun to follow your adventure on FM. Can't wait for you to reach the top with Toompea (what a great name by the way)!
  18. Very good read! I hope you'll be able to sign Trabulo, he's insane!
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