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  1. How should we be using it when creating our tactics? I tried to make a tactic that had as many green squares and possible and it surprisingly did well. I'm thinking maybe this thing is useful afterall.
  2. In the latest version of the flut skin when I go to a nations screen I don't see the nations top players. I can see the worlds top players just not a nations top players. Anyone have the code that displays top players so I can just copy and paste it into the panel? I see this in the panel but if this is supposed to show top players but isn't then I don't know why. -<widget class="major_players_snapshot_panel" id="MPsp" priority="1" minimum_width="330" default_width="-1"> -<record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="objt"/> <
  3. Yeah i've given them like 12 million a week in wages. It might take more time to see them be more aggressive in signing players i'm not sure. The only thing that seems to help speed it up is if you just move a world class player to their team then they seem to start signing a bunch of top players.
  4. I edited the reputation and facilities and stadium etc. Maybe its because in fm even if they have the money for a top player they wont sign him because he wont agree to join such a weak team. What seems to be the main issue is the ai doesnt know how to eventually build the billions it has into a top team by slowly buying better and better players. It seems whatever talent a club has it tends to sign players around that level even if they have a billion in transfer budget:/
  5. When this would happen before I would just start a new save. But I like having the same coach and seeing his history grow. So what I've been doing is just quitting a position and taking a lower one and trying to build that team into a top contender. What do you guys do when your save starts to get boring because you are winning everything?
  6. Do these work? If so out of slight, more or full rotation. Which one is best to choose every game if you dont want to manually rotate players?
  7. I'll edit a league and give all the teams billions of dollars but they all operate as if they have a small budget. What gives?
  8. Alright that makes sense. I had joined the bundesliga after seeing the huge prize pools then was disappointed when i realized there was no tv revenue. I just won 122 million finishing first in the year 2037 so its not bad.
  9. I'm just wondering if its something wrong with the game but I don't see any tv revenue. The prize pools are huge but theres no tv revenue?
  10. For instance i'll give it the player positions and roles and instructions shape and fluidity. Then it would rate the tactic from 1-100. Could this be made without using the match engine? I know such a program wouldn't be perfect but if it could help you at least not make a horrible tactic then it would benefit people who struggle making their own tactic. Maybe it could give instant feedback as soon as you add or remove an instruction?
  11. You mean change all 3 DC's to cover and the 2 midfielders to like dlp defend? And then maybe put the left and right midfielders on a more attacking role?
  12. I know this isn't optimal or anything but the tactic is pretty dominant and im just looking to try this for fun. Anyone have any suggestions on how to turn the latest argus 343 into a 343 with left and right midfielders instead of wingbacks? I know that leaves you exposed but the tactic is so strong it can handle it. What player instructions and roles would you guys use for the lm and rm? I switched them to defensive wingers for now.
  13. Is there a way I can easily find my players sexual orientation?
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