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  1. FootballManager89

    Why is there no tv revenue for bundesliga?

    Alright that makes sense. I had joined the bundesliga after seeing the huge prize pools then was disappointed when i realized there was no tv revenue. I just won 122 million finishing first in the year 2037 so its not bad.
  2. I'm just wondering if its something wrong with the game but I don't see any tv revenue. The prize pools are huge but theres no tv revenue?
  3. For instance i'll give it the player positions and roles and instructions shape and fluidity. Then it would rate the tactic from 1-100. Could this be made without using the match engine? I know such a program wouldn't be perfect but if it could help you at least not make a horrible tactic then it would benefit people who struggle making their own tactic. Maybe it could give instant feedback as soon as you add or remove an instruction?
  4. You mean change all 3 DC's to cover and the 2 midfielders to like dlp defend? And then maybe put the left and right midfielders on a more attacking role?
  5. I know this isn't optimal or anything but the tactic is pretty dominant and im just looking to try this for fun. Anyone have any suggestions on how to turn the latest argus 343 into a 343 with left and right midfielders instead of wingbacks? I know that leaves you exposed but the tactic is so strong it can handle it. What player instructions and roles would you guys use for the lm and rm? I switched them to defensive wingers for now.
  6. Is there a way I can easily find my players sexual orientation?
  7. I had a player come out as straight when did they add this feature?
  8. Is this because its la liga and not the premier league? This is very easy to do in the premier league.
  9. I need someone to tell me if i'm wasting my time trying to turn girona into the next madrid from a transfer budget standpoint?
  10. I'm thinking you'll want to start with a relegation level team that way just staying up is an accomplishment and anytime you win its a big deal. Anyone else have any other thoughts or ideas as to how to make each game matter and exciting? If you play with real madrid type of teams 95% of the games don't matter. So I'm guessing this is the best way?
  11. FootballManager89

    Help fixing 3d kits

    That looks like the future.
  12. I know here in american sports you always play your best possible team for any game that matters. It seems on FM you have to play some of your worst players or your squad just revolts on you. So I'm wondering if anyone just does like me and for all league games/champions league games just plays the best possible lineup they can put on the pitch and just ignores all the complaints from their players because at the end of the day its about winning not squad harmony amirite guys?
  13. FootballManager89

    Why aren't tactic articles helpful?

    Can you sum up your overall tactical strategy in a paragraph or less? I feel like you would say its to just create space, but how is that helpful? Knowing what I want to do and doing it is extremely difficult as I think you also wrote.
  14. Let me just say I appreciate the work cleon and others do in this department. Everytime I read something they wrote I always find it enjoyable and insightful. However at the end of the day how do I apply this knowledge into a good tactic is the question I have. To me it seems you can watch all the videos, read all the blogs and articles but its putting it all together and making something great that is very difficult regardless of how easy they make it all seem. Is there a link of them just going over there whole process of how to make a great tactic? They have hundreds of blog posts but is there one that sort of combines everything to help you make something decent? I've really spent some time reading the material on this site and youtube videos and other sites and I've conceded that if I want any enjoyment from FM I'm going to have to download a tactic and that takes half the fun out of the game. Winning with someones supertactic will never be as enjoyable as that ONE time i won the premier league with crystal palace on the last day needing i think chelsea to lose and needing a win and having it all happen all with my own tactic. I don't think I'll ever experience that again, because the tactical creation process is beyond complex. And when experts on here explain something that they say is so simple it just leaves me more confused and frustrated. If Fm is so easy to make a good tactic in, why can't the process of doing so be explained in a way that everyone can understand and easily apply?
  15. FootballManager89

    4-1-1-3-1 supertactic!

    Well at least the formation looks cool.