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[FM2016] Gibraltar League 2016-17

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Here is my Gibraltar League 2016-17 season

This is a follow on from my previous files on Gibraltar Football



Gibraltar Premier Division correct start date and finish date 

Gibraltar Division Two correct start date and finish date 

Rock Cup

Pepe Reyes Cup

Gibraltar Premier League Cup (This is now a knock-out) didn't play last year but kept it in.

2nd Division Cup

Britannia XI and Red Imps, Europa Pegasus resigned from league

All Rock Cup/Premier Cup/European and 2nd Division Cup history added for clubs. 


Correct Reserve and Youth Leagues

Reserve League 9 Teams (Lincoln, Man 62,, Glacis, Magpies, St. Joseph, Lions, Lynx, Mons Calpe, Europa

Reserve League Cup

Youth League U17 5 teams (U18 in game) Lincoln, Man 62, Lynx, Europa, Glacis

Argus Youth Cup

Duplicate players deleted

Transfers up-to-date - Players added to teams

Dave Artell a player at Kidsgrove not a coach at Crewe

Players positions added what i knew (This is going to be ongoing)

Relationships added for players/staff where known

Places of Birth added to players where known

Heights and weights added where known

Gibraltar U17 national team players added not already in my database

Team colours changed where kits were wrong colours

Correct squad numbers on most teams (This is ongoing) (last season)

Nation transfer preferences done (Added England,Spain, Argentina, Estonia, Bosnia, Croatia, Brazil)

Added award Football Gibraltar Premier Division team of the Week and other awards

Added Home Grown Player rule in Gibraltar national in first XI plus 3 on bench

All changes that are here are done http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/437382-Gibraltar-(Official)-Data-Issues

and here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibraltar_Premier_Division_Transfers_2016-17

and with https://twitter.com/_ronnje i helped with this http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/jumplist/startseite/wettbewerb/GI1

Gibraltar Team Shirts for Premier and 2nd Division clubs very kindly done and donated by grff


This is an ongoing file. Please feel free to contact me with any issues or ways of making the file better.

Since making these files i have made lots of contacts within Gibraltar football and would like to thank them without their information this file would be the same as the SI release.


Gibraltar in World Cup Qualifiers discovered by wicksy87 http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/454969-Is-there-a-way-to-get-Gibraltar-the-nation-into-the-world-rankings-world-cup

wicksy87 holidayed the game and Gibraltar participate in the qualifiers in 2021 and 2025

Facepack 880+ pictures

https://www.dropbox.com/s/921s6lng3j5lno4/Gib Footballers.rar?dl=0

Logos including new Angels


Grrf kindly helped cut some out and updated a few and added some excellent work


I am now also helping SI Games with the Gibraltar research for FM17.

Gibraltarian Premier Division_ Overview Profile.png

Gibraltar_ National Teams Senior Squad.png

Gibraltar_ Overview Profile.png

Gibraltarian Second Division_ Overview Profile.png

Liam Walker_ Overview Profile.png

Joseph_ Overview Profile.png

Europa FC_ Overview Profile.png

FC Hound Dogs_ Overview Profile.png

Mons Calpe SC_ Overview Affiliated Clubs.png

Lincoln Red Imps FC_ History Competitions.png

Gibraltar United FC_ History Competitions.png

Jordan Perez_ Overview Information.png

David Artell_ Overview Profile.png

Julio Ribas_ Overview Profile.png

Allen Bula_ Overview Profile.png

David Wilson_ Overview Profile.png

Roy Chipolina_ Overview Profile.png

Adam Priestley_ History Achievements.png

Lee Casciaro_ Overview Profile.png

Gibraltarian Premier Division_ Overview Rules.png

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Updated facepack 834 pictures in first link Grrf has kindly added some more for me.

Updated file link in first link

Jamie Robba loan to Lynx

Glacis manager resigned

Updated some player names

Added a few players

Deleted a few more duplicate players

Added Gib Football Talk Player/Manager of the Month

Updated team reps slighty

This will continue on throughout the season.

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New update

New Man 62 manager

Some transfers

Player relationships added

More squad numbers added

Added Ocean Village Derby Magpies v Boca

Iain Latin new Head physio of Gib national team

Again any feedback would be great

New link http://www.megafileupload.com/qC8R/Gib_in_the_Sun_15-16_F06A8C2D-A7C1-4268-A273-E2526B2A3FD2.fmf

Also in first post.

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First transfer of 2016 Charly Briones Ex Europa is back in Gib at St Joseph.

Antonio Calderon back to Lincoln Red Imps

Carl Ellul Mons Calpe to Gib Utd

Ashley Perez St Joseph to Gib Utd

Stefan Cumbo Mons Calpe to Gib Utd

Eden Ex-Europa Point to Lynx

Daniel Cifuentes leaves Lincoln

Leigh Adnett Ex Man 62 to Red Imps

Alfonso Benitez Leo to Olympique


Mark Chichon Lynx FC

Alejandro Vázquez Sotorrio Europa FC

Added Christmas break

More squad numbers added

Players added to squads

Added Kenneth Asquez Gibraltar football Agent

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Added 9 referees

Added El Classico Lincoln v Europa FC

Added Liam Mesillo Lincoln Fitness coach

Contracts updated for Lincoln Players http://www.lincolnredimpsfc.com/lincoln-board-extremely-happy-with-the-contract-renewals-of-its-local-stars/


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Hi. Can you upload all Gibraltarian files (Data, Kits, Facepacks ...) to other site? For example mediafire.

Mediafileupload not opened my country :(:)

www.filedropper.com for gib file

http://www.filedropper.com/gibkits kits

http://www.filedropper.com/gibfootballers facepack

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New update

Manager changes

Lots of transfers

Players made

Relationships and Favourite Clubs to players known

Squad Numbers

Updated Captains

Updated Chairmen

Updated Premier Division to 35 max squad as most have reserve teams

Some Player positions added


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oh cel1234, fantastic job man!

Thanks hope you enjoy.

At present i'm in two minds about making Andalucia a country and having Gib teams in the league setup but keeping Gibraltar as a nation.

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I just wanna tell that maybe i found a little bug. My save had only Gibraltar league (from edited ones), with big database, and then...

Organizing friendly matches for B team not working. I tryed in different days, against different opponents, not working....-------------friendly proposal - they accepted - but the game is not in calendar, game does not exists.

It worked only on 2-3 games, but i tried lot of times (20).

I was thinking that is a FM2016 bug, but now it's working OK on my new save without edited league.

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I don't organise friendly matches for my reserve team i let whoevers in charge of them to arrange friendlies. I will have a look and get back to you.

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I don't organise friendly matches for my reserve team i let whoevers in charge of them to arrange friendlies. I will have a look and get back to you.

Whatever i setup in stuff responsabillities, under ''B team'', nobody organising friendlies (and also i can't organise them).

Try it....if you eventually succeed organise one friendly for B team, try organising more of them at one time, and try it again after few days (continue)

To me this B team friendlies are crucial for keeping form of my players that don't play enough for 1st team.

I can just hope that there is no similar problem in every edited league....because i wanna try that sort of challange

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I tried this with Hound Dogs i arranged 10 friendlies in a month and they all played fine none missing ?? Were you using my file or did you tweak it ??

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Don't know then what team was it ??


Strange.....i don't think that is a club specific related problem. I'l try later again with other club. If it's not working i will upload save game file and put it here.

I like gibraltar league because off transfer rules, you can sign players without restrictions, and no match rules......on a long run ambition is to create champions league team, build new stadium, and make strong national team. Only 3 years to gain nationality ?

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Lynx already have a reserve team in the reserve league i will try with Lynx then later and see how i get on.

Glad you having fun with Gibraltar i haven't started playing yet will have to after all my work :applause:

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OK, tested again, new save with Lynx. Only gibraltar league from editor files loaded (nothing changed in editor). Default in game preferences (staff responsabillities etc....).

First 7 B-team friendlies all perfect, but after that problem starts, last ok friendly date = 03.08.2015 , after that some accepted friendlies can't work....at one point about 04.08.2015 game showed me some kind of strange black calendar, seems like bug, but if it's only on my save Ok, no problem, i play now another save without problems.

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Thanks for the quick reply and sorting this for me. It's people like you in this user driven community that makes the community so special. Hopefully i can lead my FC Olympique 13 to Champions league glory and see there faces too!

Thank you for the kind words enjoy.

Why FC Olympique 13 ??

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No as the file is the correct Gibraltar Football System apart from Premier Division Cup its last years dates as they haven't played it yet.

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Updated file link in 1st post

Garry Lowe now a Gibraltar coach leaves Red Imps

Andrew Horsey new Red Imps manager

Problem with Estádio Algarve not being used for UEFA qualifiers fixed

New contracts for Gib Utd Trio & Manager https://twitter.com/FootballGib/status/704765959421235200

Ex Europa Point Striker Sebastian Osei-Obengo now at Dumbarton http://www.dumbartonfootballclub.com/news/?mode=view&id=2333

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