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  1. Hi Dan could you show the XML you used to get Keymar & Hassocks logo and SS kits in the game? I'm having trouble generating it. awesome datebase mate!
  2. Amazing Effort with this Database! Thanks for your hard work going to start one with Keymer and Hassocks. I downloaded the kits but how do i put them into my game?
  3. Amazing thread as always Cleon! I play the same shape as you but a very much more attacking and a lot more Shouts! But i'd kind of settled in a dominating rut where i didn't change anything. (Which is why I've dominated domestically but not in Europe). I never really understood the Treq position but with the pictures you provided showing them dropping in midfielder and then helping out upfront it really helped and showed what an important role it can be. Reading through I've took away two big things which are really helping me (especially away from home) which are:- Dropping my CWB int
  4. Not a training or tactics question but this is where i hang out so going to ask it here. (If that's okay mod's) Basically I am wondering what is the best country to have a work permit avoiding feeder team in? (quickest to give nationality) Used to be Croatia with two years but i think that's changed now. Thanks in advance x
  5. I manage in N.Ireland Div 2 so everyone stats are pretty much awful no class players i have 5 start rated players with no stats over 10 such a poor standard. Just looking for to plug the hole up a bit as the opposition is scoring a lot against me. I'm scoring a few with default too but the conceding is driving me insane!
  6. I'm having real problems with conceding from set pieces particularly free kicks getting punted into the box. Anyone got a good setup of how to be better defensive on set pieces / stop conceding so many? Also I've tried match prep Def. Set pieces but conceding from three free kicks that game.
  7. Is there any reason that my players stats dont increase whilst playing for my B-Team in spain. (This B-team is in the Second Division B2 & shares my Top Training & Youth Facilties). Im talking over a 4 month period not one stat raising. I did post a bug about it but was ignored. Does anyone else have this problem? Has anyone had a spanish B team stats raise?
  8. First of all bit of topic but hello everyone! (Posting from Sea on a internet connection that is so so slow & doesn't allow any social media)I just have a quick question on Training can i still do individual schedules for players like you uesd to in 12? Also how can i make it so my players are not very unhappy with training ot be honest this years training is just confusing me at the moment. Is the individual trianing just selecting Roles like Poacher/Advance target man in the training individual role bit? Any & all advice is welcome.& again hello to everyone! Back on land in the
  9. Serge Makofo was a FM God for me & he even signed for Grimsby IRL. (Bit of a dissapointment IRL) but still i think this guy is my ultimate FM Hero.
  10. Amazing thread! Just been going through it (might of dedicated a Facebook status to some of my former FM heroes! But here is my list (most have been mentioned but it's nice to know that the gem ONLY I FOUND was also found by most of the community) Uploaded with ImageShack.us Benedict Vilakzi is a name i havn't seem yet was at Orlando Pirates with Lebohang Mokoena.
  11. Haha im toying between this and fusstidious not sure what to stick with
  12. Any chance of a PM too? Im using your MAN U one in the BSP with Grimsby Town Unbeaten so far after 22 games.
  13. I'll be honest i've been really impressed with brobys tactic, but your like "the peoples champion" (keep in line with wrestlemania) of the tactic board here, always give up having a decent game trying to tweak the perfect all round tactic for the community here. so i'll give it a blast see how i get on. & hello david x Also how come you use far post corners? on 11.3 near post corners seem to be most effective. (Best header on attack near post) everyone else lurk.
  14. Yea That's Very True I Have Gourcuff & Kaka In the CM roles with De Rossi As DM. Kaka & Gourcuff are going a bit wild but if i give KAka too much creative freedom (Max) i notice a downgrade in the whole teams performance also noticed this when i told him to run with ball often so i stick with your tweaks and he's on Fire!
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