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  1. Hi Dan could you show the XML you used to get Keymar & Hassocks logo and SS kits in the game? I'm having trouble generating it. awesome datebase mate!
  2. Amazing Effort with this Database! Thanks for your hard work going to start one with Keymer and Hassocks. I downloaded the kits but how do i put them into my game?
  3. I started Unemployed they gave me the Job. I now follow them on facebook, the FM obsession with them has begun.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply and sorting this for me. It's people like you in this user driven community that makes the community so special. Hopefully i can lead my FC Olympique 13 to Champions league glory and see there faces too!
  5. Cel could you please upload the Facepack again? It's not on filedropper anymore I've been looking everywhere for one. Thanks in advance Wes. Also the megapupload facepack has been removed due to inactivity.
  6. Does it still update if i use a custom database? I created a database where i added some of my friends in as youngsters with -10 PA. Was just wondering why i haven't made it onto the leaderboard at the end of the season, is it due to my edited database? This is on FM16.
  7. Amazing thread as always Cleon! I play the same shape as you but a very much more attacking and a lot more Shouts! But i'd kind of settled in a dominating rut where i didn't change anything. (Which is why I've dominated domestically but not in Europe). I never really understood the Treq position but with the pictures you provided showing them dropping in midfielder and then helping out upfront it really helped and showed what an important role it can be. Reading through I've took away two big things which are really helping me (especially away from home) which are:- Dropping my CWB into WB(S) when the opposition is using a 442 or 4231 variant. When winning or struggling for midfield domination dropping my mentality into Counter and then using a Treq instead of AM. Changing my second striker into a DLF(A) once i use the Treq. I've copied these two aspects of your tactic/theory into my game with a completely different attacking variation of 41212 but the theory which you have explained really well and put in pictures it's really helped out my tactic. KUTGW! If you carry on doing threads like this maybe one day you could be a MB mod!
  8. First Full Season Using in Gibraltar only lost last game of season. Still amateur so i have lots of players going in and out and i've NEVER had it fluid yet.... hoping to go semi pro if i keep losing in euro qualifiers
  9. Worked for me in about 3 or 4 games you can visibly see the tempo being upped and the attacking intent from 70 mins it goes on if im drawing or losing.
  10. Thanks Neither am i but in my third season. Started Unemployed:- First Season - Promoted as champions from second tier Second Season - Finished 2nd in Premiership (Form died towards end of season and had no natural wingbacks Third Season - Currently 2nd played 4 won 4. Due to being amateur i've never had it fluid & finally got some half decent wing backs. Two horse race this year between me & Lincoln (Gib). Been using DOM when not favourite & Fob when favourite this season & yet to lose in my opening four games.
  11. Going to give this a go on my Gibraltar save I'm Leo Parrilla predicted 1st place in Gibraltan Division 2. I'll post back with screens when my season is done.
  12. Not a training or tactics question but this is where i hang out so going to ask it here. (If that's okay mod's) Basically I am wondering what is the best country to have a work permit avoiding feeder team in? (quickest to give nationality) Used to be Croatia with two years but i think that's changed now. Thanks in advance x
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