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  1. What is this phenomenal skin? Please do tell.
  2. As I am looking for a casual save this definitely helped me. Cheers
  3. Can't decide between the Austrian Red Bull and Anderlecht.
  4. What is that awesome skin my good man?
  5. If its down to two clubs play the pre season with both and see which one you like more and just continue playing. And while posting I need a club where I can go all economic on. To reach a billion in balance, naturally a club with good academy, that already has good players wanted by big clubs, playing CL in first season is a plus etc. Not being Porto or Ajax. Tnx
  6. I was looking everywhere on the internet for 2D graphics: balls, nets, etc but can't seem to find anywhere. I am limited by my weak PC so play it in 2D. Would like to refresh the visuals a bit so if anyone has any download links I would be gratefull. Apologies if this is in the wrong place or against forum policies. Cheers
  7. Also playing FM Inside update. Ozil has a new contract but is transfer listed, almost got turned off by the fact but removed him and his moral is excellent. Spent a lot of time on tactics screen trying to fit the "Big 4". Came up with this. The response was brilliant, reaching the climax in December: Entered the new Year with a gap of 10 points from the rest of the league. Finished 1st, 9 points clear. Other competitions are not worth mentioning.
  8. Can I please ask you to re upload the kits and the game file. Tnx
  9. What a way to win it. At Anfield, against ManU. Champions!
  10. Go with mediafire. Very simple, just register, upload and post the link. You can also use it as personal cloud storage as it offers 5GB of free space if not more.
  11. Do you mind sharing the save file I wanna try this to. thanks.
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