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  1. I have no issues with any other game. The computer works absolutely fine with every other game or task I perform on the computer. What I find strange is that the issue started after the latest update and at the same point in game every time. Just after a match when you get the inbox item with a match report
  2. Im looking to do a Uk and Irish only staff and players save with Arsenal on FM17. I went on Holiday for 15 seasons on Fm16 as a test to see how the regens develop. Outside of England the regen quality was really poor. Probably only one welsh player could of made it at Arsenal. For that reason im having second thoughts on the save. has anybody played a similar save and had long term success. Also, is their a career/story somewhere in this forum by someone that has done a similar save
  3. Arsenal for the BETA. Main save ideas: Hungary with Budapest Honved. Denmark with Brondby or Fc Kobenhavn. Belgium with Anderlecht. Germany with Dynamo Dresden. France with Strasbourg
  4. How do i set individual training roles for players in my B Team. I should be able to do this. Miles tweeted that this was an option ages ago. Any help would be appreciated
  5. Has anybody played a save in Italy over a number of seasons. I was just wondering if the attendances improve as the years go by.
  6. Hey mate. Really enjoying this whose database are you using. Seems pretty reliable
  7. really interesting mate. i might do this. i want to do it in gibraltar but the mega tv deal puts me off.
  8. im starting to think this too. i may go with a higher rep league. serbia, hungary or denmark. the welsh and gibraltar leagues just look like a bit of a mess to be honest
  9. Just want to see peoples opinions on the best league to do this with. I want to start as low as possible. So Gibraltar or Wales. But i have heard of various issues with saves like this. Wales dont seem to get any decent Tv money and attendances dont scale with league and club Rep. Gibraltar has a tv deal eventually. something like 70m plus a season. I have also heard that all clubs start building stadiums. has anyone seen this happen. if anyone can give me any advice on saves like this that would be great....
  10. im worried about starting such a save. the user from the wales save was in 2049. he was a champions league winner, the league rep was top 10 and he got 6k from four tv matches and barely gets 1k people through the gates. that would drive me mad after all that effort. the gibraltar saves tv deal is a bug i believe. so i realise no other nation will get that amount of money.
  11. Im currently doing a save in gibraltar. but i was wondering if there are any other nations that get a bumper tv deal like they do. I want to do a save where i raise the rep of a nation/league and co-efficient etc. what puts me off gibraltar is the appaling youth. also the nation wont fit all stadiums the clubs build. i was looking at wales save but another user had terrible attendances and small amount of tv money despite being a top 10 league. im open to suggestions on other saves.
  12. How do i add instant result to a skin. any help would be great
  13. How do i change the stadium for a competition final. for example changing the fa cup final from wembley to old trafford
  14. O-ZIL. would be good to hear your opinions on what PPMS will have positive and negative effects for each position.
  15. I might actually start my Gibraltar save now. Cel1234. i have a couple of questions. what is the quality of Gibraltar nationality regens. i understand they might be poor at first, but what about when the league has high rep and clubs have better facilities.
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