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  1. Hey guys, Finished my first season with Bilbao and I've got a question about the B/C teams. I set my B-team manager to take care of B team contract renewals, player purchases etc and my DoF to take care of everything in the C team. But once the contracts expired they didn't renew anyone and didn't even attempt to buy anyone, currently got the whole C-team on month-to-month deals and not sure what to do. How to people handle the C team, do you guys release all of the bad/lower PA players?
  2. I did promote him to the first team straight away, but he was still available to play for the U23s for 1-2 seasons. This is him at the start of season 4.
  3. Season 3 review Finished season three yesterday, unfortunately forgot to take needed screenshots, hopefully won't happen next time around! Winning the league wasn't too difficult, although a couple of annoying losses to weaker teams were really annoying. Everton getting relegated for the second time in three seasons from the Prem was probably the biggest surprise of the season. Relatively easy CL group, had no problem in the group stages, drew against Standard with a second-string squad and that should have been a warning to me, because the backups nearly got me thrown out of the competition against Milan. The 6-1 win against Real Madrid is definitely the best result of FM17 for me so far and the final against Man City wasn't the best of games, but an early goal from Dele got us the trophy. Started the season with a 2-0 win in the Community Shield vs Man City. Couldn't win the other two domestic cups, used backups and youngsters the whole way in the EFL Cup, including the final vs Man City which might have been a mistake and unfortunately three years in i have not won the FA Cup yet. This time got knocked out by Man City, couldn't explain what happened in that game even if i tried to. After finishing the season, Hector Bellerin joined us for 34m + 50% off next sale, which allowed me to sell Danilo to Bayern Munich for 37m. Bellerin will probably be the only player i'll bring in for the first-team as depth wise we are doing pretty well.
  4. Anyone successfully bought a player from Arsenal yet? I'm after Bellerin, who has an asking price of 36m, yet Arsenal keep still wanting like 60m from me...
  5. Just the fact that a player of his calibre is available for absolutely nothing. If i do go for him, probably will have Tuanzebe as fourth choice and chuck Oxford back to the U23s. A pairing of Bailly and Laporte does sound amazing though!
  6. Just finished the second season with United, think i mentioned earlier that i won the Euro Super Cup and the Community Shield, but won the league by 20 pts, got knocked out via pens in the FA Cup 6th round by Arsenal, lost to Juve in CL semis 1-3 on agg. Someone asked about the use of youngsters, for me CBJ made 18(15) appearances as a fill in for Shaw when he was injured or tired, Tuanzebe a bit less at 11(9) apps, TFM is my third choice midfielder, who occasionally filled in at CB and RB thus making 28(15) apps and finally moved Angel Gomes to the first team full time in the middle of the season and he played in 12(15) apps, managing to grab 6 goals and 8 assists. Decided to sell a few first-teamers in the summer with Smalling going to PSG for 25m, his spot will go to either Tuanzebe/Oxford or the player i'll mention later. Mkhitaryan gone to Atleti for 30m, since Lingard was really solid for me, grabbing 16 goals and 11 assists in 50 games this season and Memphis hopefully going with Bosman signing Pulisic arriving soon. Now to the player i wanted to mention, really interested to see what fellow United managers think of this situation. Was after Laporte and or Rugani for a while and since Rugani signed a new deal with Juve, i turned my attention to Laporte. After scouting him i discovered this(probably is a bug). Do i take advantage of this and move in on Laporte, or just ignore this?
  7. He's a solid back-up winger for me, Pops in with an eventual goal or assist, is young, english and home-grown so might as well keep him.
  8. Was difficult to sell Herrera, but i felt like it needed to be done because of having a couple of youngsters coming in soon hopefully. Added a 50% sell on clause for Dier and Alli which made the price come down + they were both transfer listed by request.
  9. Started a United save as soon as got my hands on the beta, will be looking to continue this save after the full game comes out. Ended up winning the league by 1 point ahead of the Spurs(clinched the league with two games to go and promptly lost those last two games), beat Leicester 2-1 in the Community Shield, beat Arsenal on penalties in the EFL Cup and won the Europa League with a 3-0 domination of Besiktas in the final. First season transfers https://gyazo.com/ff20b96018d63c30cc5e0b9ce53467c7 Second season transfers https://gyazo.com/a4844680affa9e94b9bdf29183aaa026 Beat Spurs on penalties in the Community Shield and 3-0 against Juve in the Euro Super Cup so far. Can provide with screenies of some youngsters if needed, TFM and Axel are in the first team, Angel Gomes became the youngest Prem goalscorer in history.
  10. Just finished my first season with Ajax and i have to say, it was one of the more enjoyable saves i've had in a while! Didn't start well though by losing to GA Eagles in the 2nd round of the KNVB Cup + also finished third in my CL group behind Arsenal and Barcelona and ahead of Lech. That meant that i had dropped into the Europa League and this is how my journey there went. Won the league comfortably by 10 points, which allowed me to use some of the youngsters inbetween the Europa League games. Below is my best XI, from those players i've had to sell Milik to Juve for 28.5m, Fischer to Villareal for 9.75m(bloody release clause) and i am dangerously close to having to sell both Bazoer and Riedewald since both are unhappy that i didn't allow them to leave, hoping that they will change their minds during the season though.
  11. Nation: Germany Division: Top/Second European Competition: Preferrably none Media Prediction: not a top team in the Bundesliga Board Expectation(s): Not Important Transfer Budget: - Wage Budget: - Finances: - Other: Always been a fan of German football, but really not sure which team to choose. Would ideally like to have a few good young german players to build a team in the future around them.
  12. Is Europa FC really a professional club irl? Noticed that in the game and really struggling against them.
  13. Hey man, can you re-upload the latest update again? It's been removed due to inactivity.
  14. Wlv, where did you get those panels for the player profile screen?
  15. In the midst of season two myself and Arsenal have just transfer listed Jack Wilshere for 8.5m. Would want to get him, but atm i have Schweini and Lewis Cook for the DLP spot and Schneiderlin and a few decent youngsters for the more defensive CM role. What do you guys think i should do?
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