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  1. Is this file okey to play with FM 20.4.0 ? Thanks
  2. Hi Claassen. If you have planned to work on the Serbian lower Leagues, here you can find everything about clubs and competitions. All data is 100% updated and true. This is third league: https://i.imgur.com/aEddkmA.png This is fourth league: https://i.imgur.com/laTkCBa.png All data is on this site: http://www.srbijasport.net/sport/1
  3. Hi, When I launch Football Manager 2017 (FM 2017 v17.1.1.899422), I get this error message: " A serious error was encountered and the application will close. An error file has been generated in: C:\......\Crash Dumps\FM 2017 v17.1.1.899422 (2017.02.03 14.35.49).dmp" Can you work this out? Thanks.
  4. OK, tested again, new save with Lynx. Only gibraltar league from editor files loaded (nothing changed in editor). Default in game preferences (staff responsabillities etc....). First 7 B-team friendlies all perfect, but after that problem starts, last ok friendly date = 03.08.2015 , after that some accepted friendlies can't work....at one point about 04.08.2015 game showed me some kind of strange black calendar, seems like bug, but if it's only on my save Ok, no problem, i play now another save without problems.
  5. Lynx. Strange.....i don't think that is a club specific related problem. I'l try later again with other club. If it's not working i will upload save game file and put it here. I like gibraltar league because off transfer rules, you can sign players without restrictions, and no match rules......on a long run ambition is to create champions league team, build new stadium, and make strong national team. Only 3 years to gain nationality ?
  6. Whatever i setup in stuff responsabillities, under ''B team'', nobody organising friendlies (and also i can't organise them). Try it....if you eventually succeed organise one friendly for B team, try organising more of them at one time, and try it again after few days (continue) To me this B team friendlies are crucial for keeping form of my players that don't play enough for 1st team. I can just hope that there is no similar problem in every edited league....because i wanna try that sort of challange
  7. I just wanna tell that maybe i found a little bug. My save had only Gibraltar league (from edited ones), with big database, and then... Organizing friendly matches for B team not working. I tryed in different days, against different opponents, not working....-------------friendly proposal - they accepted - but the game is not in calendar, game does not exists. It worked only on 2-3 games, but i tried lot of times (20). I was thinking that is a FM2016 bug, but now it's working OK on my new save without edited league.
  8. Hi ! I read this story, and like your clearly writing style. Very hard challange (only clubs youth intake).... I played San Marino challange once in FM15, but too short time, only 5 seasons, but i have this save, maybe will continue one day. Now i would like to play weak league(not with san marino club Serie A,B...). San Marino and Andorra are most difficult because you need 25 years to gain their nationality, so the national team depend only of youth intake. Gibraltar takes 3 years, and Malta 5 years for nationality. I didn't like that you mentioned problems with that database = chairman didn't like your results even if they are perfect in the last season, or two. In the case you get sacked, you can calmly add another manager and continue. btw. In weak leagues the more important atributes are physical.
  9. How to change display attributes after changing them on the graphic, so that the size rectangles for all values ​​were the same? Attribute 20 and 1 will have a rectangle of the same size, it will only be distinguished color.
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