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"Walls of Eric" FM 13.1.3 (Hybrid of Return of the King & The Wall)

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After gaining promotion to the prem with Derby County in the 2nd season i struggled in the prem.

I switched to the "walls of eric" and currently in January sat 6th in the table having spent limited resources and using alot of my Championship winning squad.

My results were as follows:

V Man Utd away Lost 3-2

V Arsenal home Drew 3-3

V Wycome (cup) Won 4-0

V Villa away Lost 3-0

V Wolves home won 3-0

V West ham home drew 1-1

V Wigan home lost 2-1

V QPR away won 3-2

V Swansea away won 5-1

V Chelsea home drew 0-0

V Liverpool Away lost 2-3

V Man City away lost 0-1

V Tottenham Home lost 0-2

V Norwich away drew 1-1

V Burnley home won 2-0

V Newcastle home drew 0-0

V Huddersfield home won 3-0

V Fulham home won 2-1

V Reading away won 2-0

V Everton away won 3-0

V Sunderland home 3-2

V Arsenal away won 1-0

All in all a very good tactic.


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Finished my 1st season in the premiership with derby using "walls of eric"

I finished 7th.

Played 38, Won 16, Drew 10, Lost 12

Scored 64 Conceeded 54.

All in all very good tactic.

For a team who have just been promoted i'm very happy. See if its a 1 season wonder or i can build on it with some new additions!

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FINALLY a tactic, which make my team winning lots of games! Thank you very much. I hope it will continue. After 22 games my Spurs were a bit lower than mid table. After starting using this TAC I have won the next 6 straight!! Now I am challenging for Europe and there is still 10 games left in the league.

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played a few games with my NUFC save and it is working well. I had developed my own 41212 tactic which worked well for 20 games and then died off. Gave this a whirl and results have picked up but half expecting the results to fade again - as seems to be happening to most people these days. Will keep with it though

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This is a weird one, been playing a game with my brother and was struggling, switched to this tactic and won last 8 games of season, and was pipped to the post for the title, started the new season and I can't buy a result now, never score at home to little teams, and getting thumped by the big teams

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Worked well with my Montpellier team. Took over in March for last nine games of season used the tactic with reasonable results moving from 16th to 9th. Had a good pre-season and beat Champions PSG 4-2 away from home first match of the season.

Consistently good performances through the remainder of the season and won the league on the last game of the season beating PSG again to nick the title from them.

Does anyone have any feedback with this set up used on the 13.2 match engine?

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