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  1. mine taking ages too Win 7 64 Bit, i7 3.4Ghz, 16GB DDR 3 RAM, 512 SSD
  2. possibly a daft question fellas but how are you enticing bids to then to part ex deals? In all the FMs I have just said "offer to clubs" which in turn has set them to be listed and not needed but when offers come in, I can never negotiate them, they are non-negotiable deals. Are you just transfer listing at a decent price rather than offering?
  3. I'm still finding the player ratings low. On 4.1.2 it was ridiculous, you'd win a game easily and players would be in the 6s. It has improved a little in 413 but still find them low in the games I win, dominate etc
  4. Login to GMG - go to your account and then Games and there should be a second code, activate that new one on Steam and game updates
  5. bought my code weeks ago through green man, it is not updating to 4.1.2. If I enter the code again Steam says I have already used it but then takes me to an install of 43mb (I'm assuming this is the update) - but nothing downloads.
  6. and as the others have said above, no option to update, even set updates on high priority
  7. I've literally just downloaded FM14 again from scratch via Steam and it has downloaded 4.1.1
  8. this tactic works VERY well for me. I have a fairly successful side with NUFC using my own narrow 433 system. However, I have recently signed Ganso and have desperately wanted to have a tactic which incorporates an AMC. Anything I have created has been awful. Since I switched to this one my results have been amazing, 6 clean sheets in a row and winning either 3 or 4 nil. Nice one.
  9. cheers again mate, actually, about 5 minutes after I posted this I ended up selling and buying some players and I no longer think I'll go with a 433 and instead go for a 4231.
  10. hi all, sorry for hijacking this thread - it is a great one BTW! I am also looking at a 4231 system but I'd like to play with 3 AMCs rather than an AML and AMR. Any suggestions for what roles to use for the 3 AMCs and FC? At the moment I am using IF(S) AdvPM(A) IF(S) and a Complete Foward up front
  11. Sorry for the late reply - what roles would you use in a narrow 4-3-3? I've had a fairly defensive setup with FBs and CDs - it seems to work very well. At the moment in midfield I have DLP - BWM - DLP and up front I have swapped a bit but have stuck with DLF - CF - DLF I know a lot depends on the players filling these positions but I am open to any suggestions for alternative roles in a 4-3-3!
  12. Hi all I am working on a new system for my NUFC save. Over the past few seasons I have changed my side to reflect the players I have and so far it has been quite successful. However, I am wanting to develop a s striker system - normally I would click on a player and match up his stats for his best role and I can of course do this for this system but my question is more to do with the roles and what compliments each role. I'll not go in to the players I have as they may well change but I want a central striker who is the skillfull, pacey, main man if you like and to the right and left of hi
  13. In terms of the players I go for, and that suit this tactic I'd say the following... The full backs need to be able to cross, they play a huge part in getting goal assists in the 41311 tactic. They defend too and appear to press, get the ball, lay it off and then provide support from the flanks. I have Santon on the left who is excellent and Micah Richards on the right. I had Debuchy who is actually better than Richards but I like Richards so kind of stuck with him! In DMC I have Tiote, a beast of an anchor man, does things simple and that's about it. In midfield I have Cabaye, Hamsik an
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