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  1. I'm a bit of a rookie with all this so apologies in advance if I sound a bit dense. Here's my issue, I have a saved game with Maidstone in Championship on my old laptop, the laptop was a bit old and knackered, eventually it died, screen just black. Wasn't a massive issue as was due an upgrade on laptop anyway, I now have this brand spanking new one which is great, installed steam and FM19, is there anyway of accessing my Maidstone save through steam or is the only way to do it, use a USB for old computer? If the latter is the only option I'm screwed as can't access old laptop. If the
  2. Knap, I've just started reading Mr Hough's shout combo thread & it's very interesting. I think it's maybe time I convert the new mode on the tactics. Thanks for all your help mate much appreciated.
  3. sorry knap I'm not very clued up on the jargon on here, I would appreciate if you can explain that last comment
  4. maybe that's where I fell short. I have just tried the 2nd 4-4-2 you uploaded & won 5-2. Very good end to end game actually. My wingers were getting in on the goals, my full backs over lapping and playing little balls in the box to my midfield to run onto & score... was lovely to watch. I hope it's not a fluke.
  5. Tried the 4-5-1 with my struggling halifax team & having very mixed results. won 3 drew 1 lost 4.... may try the 4-4-2s but I am coming to the conclusion that no tactic works on this game for me & the laptop is very close to going out of the window.
  6. Hi mate, I would appreciate it if you can PM this too. I'm having a nightmare on my game, just above relegation zone with Halifax in BSP & I lost at home to bottom of the league last game & nearly chucked the laptop out of the window.
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