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  1. I'm a bit of a rookie with all this so apologies in advance if I sound a bit dense. Here's my issue, I have a saved game with Maidstone in Championship on my old laptop, the laptop was a bit old and knackered, eventually it died, screen just black. Wasn't a massive issue as was due an upgrade on laptop anyway, I now have this brand spanking new one which is great, installed steam and FM19, is there anyway of accessing my Maidstone save through steam or is the only way to do it, use a USB for old computer? If the latter is the only option I'm screwed as can't access old laptop. If there's anyway of accessing my save through steam then I'd much appreciate if someone can break this down in laymen terms, step by step please. If it's not possible then that's me done FM19 wise, I cannot bring myself to invest all time in a new save. Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm oxford city in NL south, trying to set my BBW to 'tries killer balls often' and 'tries long range passes', when I go on player instructions there's no option to do so can somebody please help me? I'm seeing a lot of 'PPM' definition but I don't come on here often, can someone tell me where this is?
  3. any tips for running the clock down when narrowly winning? also what about when playing a much better side away? would you change anything?
  4. do you ever let your assistant do individual training or do you set all individual training to 'none'? I've set the bar to medium now on overall tactics but not sure if I need to individual training or not
  5. all of my squad bar 4 are unhappy with training I have it balanced on average... any advice how I can sort this?
  6. sorry tried this but didn't work for me just lost 3 in a row
  7. I thought it worked well but I've just lost 5 in a row & got sacked lol probably worse tactic I've used which is a shame as normally your tactics are so good fuss
  8. going well with kidderminster in conference 2nd season can I just ask though fuss? do you change the mentality if you are for example playing man city or chelsea away? or vise versa if you're playing a much weaker team at home? or do you always leave it at standard?
  9. ipswich john which version do you predict will work for conf north sides as obviously they're really poor players compared to your ipswich team
  10. looks like I'm going to have to sell my wingers!! but will try it.
  11. I'm liking this tactic with summerboy77's tweeks, thanks. I have a question though, what do people do when they're leading in a tight game & want to shut up shop? also does anyone ever change mentality if they are playing away & are underdogs?
  12. concede far too many goals with hull in PL I lost 5-2 to newcastle, 4-0 to man utd & 4-1 v spurs, not got a chance away at the big teams, too attacking this is on steaton's tweak tactic
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