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  1. Wow great feedback, i have had days trying to improve the defensive aspect of my tactic but it always has a big impact on the attacking intent, i am like you just have to take a thrashing from one of the big teams every now and again on the chin! I would love someone to hopefully improve the defensive part of it as i have failed, but imo this years fm just doesn't allow great defending unless you have the best defenders available. I am currently playing a long term Salford save and back to back promotions up to the prem and now in my second year i sit 4th so got to be pleased with it.
  2. As you can see my finances aren't in the best shape and look at that huge wage budget
  3. I have had consecutive promotions to the Championship with Salford, and loving this save. I have basically had to rely on free transfers and loans all the way through as the club is always in debt due to the stadium capacity of about 5000! upon promotion to the championship the board gave me £1 million to spend which went on one striker so not sure how my season will go, i would be happy with mid-table for now.
  4. Excellent, hopefully works well for you, keep me updated!
  5. Well seems to work superb in the lower leagues! Never had a start to a new save like this one
  6. Just started a long term save with Salford after reading the post, and being a Man Utd fan thought it would be enjoyable. I have hopefully perfected a tactic in my Barnsley save which won me the champs league 3 times in a row! The Salford game has started very promising indeed.
  7. Glad your enjoying it, this fm does throw some strange results in but i guess it makes it more realistic, i went a few games where i thrashed man utd, chelsea, man city and liverpool then lost to crystal palace who were bottom of league without a win and they beat me 3-0!
  8. Champions league 3 times in a row! Just need to know now if the tactic works from the beginning of a save, or its just that i have a good team!
  9. Now thats a game and a half! to win the premiership again!!!
  10. Hopefully will be good for you, let me know how it goes. Kane as the DLF should be fantastic.
  11. No mate playing fm touch, so only thing i do is retrain the odd player for a different position
  12. Right guys some of you might know my previous 4-4-2's from past fm's, this has always been my preferred formation. I have developed what seems a excellent 4-4-2 with my Barnsley side, I am now in 2023 so have a pretty good side but would like to see if any of you would give this a try with maybe a lower league side or just on a new save, as i am enjoying my save so much at the minute i don't want to start a new save. LAst 3 seasons have gone in the prem 3rd, 2nd and 1st with the champions league won the last 2 years!!! I will add screenshots etc when i get chance but a few pointers that i have found are as follows... DLF i have found works better with a strong tall guy, i currently have Petagna playing there at the moment. Your wingers are the most important players, so the best pace, crossing and composure you can get for your team. Your volante needs to be a bit of an all rounder, stamina, work rate with good passing and technique. I will add more to the post over the weekend if people start having success with it, obviously might be that over the last few seasons it is just working for my team, but hope not! Ooh forgot to add i am playing fm touch, not sure if that makes any difference. tykes domination.fmf