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  1. Hi Vodu long time no speak, not played FM for a while just been too busy but now my xmas hols have started thought i would have a new long term save but after reading and briefly trying with your old tactic now the game has updated i am struggling, are you working on a new tactic for latest patch? all other tactics seem to bore me except yours!!! cheers Ady
  2. Crags looking at your squad you have some excellent players but imo this is what you need to do as i have tried all sorts of players in positions, some might sound silly but trust me it will work by the way i still use V1 with barnsley and still going strong! obviously i don't know your players inside out but i will try my best GK Not sure about yours but need to be quick off the line acc/pace 14+ composure & concentration 14+ high kicking as well then the usual atts for a gk DC Gary cahill should be fine as the right CB but you have to make sure the left CB is like lightening Acc 16+ Pa
  3. Vodu nice to see you finally got round to it! thanks again for the tactic it makes fm12 a pleasure to play. i will update any of my findings on here now cheers mate
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