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  1. Season 2024/25 - SM Caen - Ligue 1 - France After our surprising promotion the mission was clear, stay up at all costs. So my task was to rebuild the squad and make it competitive in Ligue 1 against teams like PSG, Monaco and Marseilles. Ligue 1 Table - It was a good season. We even looked to finish higher in the table but in the end I'm happy with our performances. Coupe de France - PSG were unbeatable. Squad - Only half of our players are good enough for Ligue 1. I'm not a big fan of loans but Dimo Krastev was a solid player. Transfers - I think this was solid business. But other teams kept signing my youth players and I couldn't do anything about it. Thibout Garnier - Topscorer but struggled a bit. But give the overall team performance he was still good I think. Stanislav Ivanov - Bargain signing. The bulgarian winger had the most assists. Deji Sotona - The newly signed left winger who played previously in League One got some goals despite his poor finishing ability. Jayson Molumby - My top signing and top earner. He was very solid in central midfield. Manager Profile - Studying for a Continental C Licence and my French is now fluent, haha. Job History - Manager Of The Year, I'm honored. Next Season - My contract came to an end, so I decided to leave Caen and head to germany. I'm the new manager of Heidenheim.
  2. I watch so little football these days, I did not even know about Euro Cup II...
  3. I usually don't do this, but my strikers are 18, 19 and 20 years old and I think they need some guidance.
  4. Season Review 2023/24 - SM Caen - Ligue 2 - France After my change to SM Caen I first had to clean out the mess of my predecessor. The squad was bloated, the salary budget overstretched, key players were overaged and many players wanted to leave the club. Not an easy undertaking, especially since the start of the season had come close and I found no buyers for many players. In addition, there were already some player purchases in the future, unfortunately all players that I would never have bought myself and that did not fit to my way of playing. In short, I started the season with a bunch of old, unhappy and unsuitable players who were expected to reach the promotion playoff. A decent start - After all the troubles we had a decent start, only my striker didn't want to score and we had a couple of draws that should have been wins easily. The breaking point - Something happened after our convincing win in the cup. It started with this match. I got FM'd, it is a classic. The other losses were in similar fashion, we were dominant, had a lot of shots and clear cut chances but no luck. Mid February I was about to get sacked and had two meetings with the board, we sat at 8th place and I had lost the dressing room. My prayers have been answered - Just as I don't know why everything went down the drain, I don't know why things suddenly went better. I hadn't changed anything. Well, maybe that was the key, I didn't change the tactics as I did in the past, I kept my cool, talked to the players, tried to motivate them and after the first couple of wins I stopped rotating and played nearly the same 11 players for the rest of the season. After we had made it into the playoffs, the victory and the promotion to the Ligue 1 was the culmination. Table
  5. Bonjour! So... I wanted a new challenge outside of England. My reputation was now high enough and I decided to go to SM Caen in Ligue 2, France. They missed the playoffs last year, so they should be in a good position to get a promotion this year. Vive la France! Thanks for your comments guys!
  6. Season Review 2022/2023 - Fleetwood Town FC - League One After my switch to Fleetwood in May I had to rebuild nearly their entire squad because a lot of their key players wanted to leave. I managed to make a 9M Euro profit with player sales, which pleased the board and gave me money to re-invest. We managed to start with a 1st round cup win in July but had a bit of a shaky start with 3 losses in the first few games. August ended with 3 straight wins, in September we had mixed results. October was a perfect month with 6 straight wins, 5 of them in the league. November was decent, December was good with 5 wins out of 6 games. We were busy playing 8 games in January with only 1 loss in the league. February was busy too and I had to rotate a lot, it ended with a loss in the FA Cup against Premier League club Derby, we made it to the penalty shootout but were unlucky. March was dreadful, we only managed to win 1 league game but lost 3, our playoff place was in serious danger. April startet with a couple of draws and it was down to the last game where we beat MK Dons 2-0 and secured the surprising league title! I finally managed to get the National C Licence and my reputation is growing.
  7. Season 2021/2022 - Yeovil Town F.C. - National League Competitions We were expected to finish in the top half but after winning 14 (!) matches in a row at the start of the season it was clear that this squad was capable of winning the league. And so we did! In the FA Cup we beat 2 League One teams before losing against Championship team Leeds. It was a narrow loss and Leeds boss Hernan Crespo gave me props, so I'm fine with that. :-) My former team Concord sadly was relegated. Squad Small squad for this league (46 games + 2 cups), but I had to watch the wage budget. Having versatile players really paid off. Top Players Callum Gribbin - Most talented player in the squad, his assists from the left wing were essential for our performance. Devon Arnold - Top Scorer in the league and for the team even though he was only meant to be a backup. What's next I have a contract until 2023 but I'm not sure if I'm staying another year. Our finances are in deep red and the squad needs an overhaul to be competitive in League Two. Another thing that bugs me is that the board doesn't let me take a coaching course although I asked at least 3 times. That's not cool. I'll see if there are any interesting jobs outside England for which I could be considered.
  8. Do you remember this guy from Man Utd? I think I made some really good transfer business with him, although he has dreadful mental attributes he is still far too good for the National League.
  9. Thanks guys, appreciate it! I realised how big the step from Concord to Yeovil was when I saw their squad the first time. Huge difference!
  10. I decided to apply for the Yeovil job and got it. They have 3x the wage budget and pro status. But still can't get a coaching licence...
  11. Unfortunately I could not strengthen the squad as I wanted, our performances were inconsistent but nevertheless we have to be satisfied with the 15th place. I have to say I don't like the current Match Engine at all, nearly all goals came from long balls over the top with the occasional longshot goal. It is incredibly boring to watch compared to FM19.
  12. Now that went unexpectedly well, we finished in 3rd place and won in the playoffs. But I'm still waiting for a new contract!
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