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  1. Any tactic that will enable me to win a match of football in this pathetic version of the game Thanks
  2. I agree. Not for me. Just wondered if they interfere or provide entertainment etc.
  3. Andrés Guardado was amazing in 2007. I think he is stil fairly good as he plays for Deportivo now but in 2007 he would be stellar every save.
  4. Yeah the ones that stand out for me: Guy Assulin (plenty of time though). Likewise Carlos Vela and Gio Dos Santos and maybe Bojan Paul Anderson A Van den Borre Michael Woods Gl;ad tos ee Scott Sinclair (who was a beast on 07) is finally fulflling his potential
  5. Not sure if people reply to this thread, but is there a good attacking formation for 12.04 preferably based around narrow midfield play without wingers? Thanks
  6. You can download here: http://www.filefront.com/15775207/10.3-Classic-Everton-May-2010.tac/ I find that the Defensive midfielder rarely has an average rating as high as the rest of the team. So either buy a world class one or just be resigned to the fact he'll not get good ratings. I like to use an AM/FC as the middle striker. I've now got the greatest squad I've ever seen in my Real Madrid save. About 10 wonderkids. It really is a fantastic tactic
  7. I know most of you will be on FM2011 now. But I just want to show the results of my Classic 10.3 tactics. Untweaked.. Amazing results. Im unbeaten in La Liga for 88 games:
  8. Not that I can remmember. But what I do every match is tweak the tactics at half time / 60 mins depending on the score. winning by 2 or more = increase time wasting and tackling losing - decrease tackling also, making the right substitutions reaelly can affect the result. It might sound very obvious, but I've never had so many good changes with the correct subsitutions as i do with this tactic. I sometimes replace 3 subs at 55 mins. It's risky but seems to pay off. The 2 key player attributes for me = left centre back must have a heading attribute of 17 or more The centre striker needs f
  9. 10.3 classic Can't wait to see how it will enable me to dominate the world with Real Madrid, and with £140m to spend.
  10. Well, this tactic has just enabled me to have THE most enjoyable save I have ever had on any football management game ever. I loaded 3 nations – England, Germany and Spain. I started out at Shrewsbury in League 2. Got promotion in first season. I quickly got snapped up by Middlesborough, and guided them to the play offs, narrowly missing out on promotion. Next season I stormed it and easily won the championship with them, I was then snapped up by Cameroon And won the African Nations Cup. Didn’t perform well with them in the world cup so took a job with West Brom. Took them from 18th in the Ch
  11. Has anybody had any luck with this tactic in Italy? I can never seem to get it working thanks
  12. I'm Ajax. First season. Won the league with 6 games to spare. Won the domestic cup and in the semi final of the champions league. Been Linked to Man Utd. Great database. Some real bargains out there too.
  13. Thanks man. I just thought that if you had the initial save on the manager screen, you can then load that up every time and start new games from there no?
  14. damn. had a crash dump Does the initial saved game only have to be done once? Or do you have to try and get a crash dump for every new legends game you want to start? cheers
  15. Workign for me now. This is unreal. Thanks so much Deus.
  16. I am on 10.3. I have downloaded the first link in the opening post but nothing happens, they are 0 bytes. do I need to downlaod something else too?
  17. Just read through the thread. It took me 2 days. Amazing story. I am inspired. i WILL get some offspring involved in professional football!!
  18. Won the League with 5 games to spare, scoring many goals. My 4 rotated strikers all scored over 25 goals by Feb/ March
  19. When I see this happenning now (say a run of 2 or 3 defeats / no wins) What i do is keep pre match team talk to "I expect a performance" to every single player. Its got me out of a potential rut quicker I think. Havign another good season with this tactic as Spurs in 2014/15 Played 15 won something like 11. Scored 54 goals!
  20. Its nearly 2015, so Mostly regen's I picked up, plus: Gomes, Akinfeev Bale, Pereira, just sold Corluka to Citeh for 23 million Zapata Prodl Huddlestone Annan Bostock Tafer
  21. After persevering with the classic 10.3, I can indeed confirm it is amazing. I am spurs and won the league and champ league double in my 2nd season!! Also lost in the final of the fa cup Have now built a phenomenal young squad around this tactic Well done Mr H. superb stuff.
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