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  1. I couldn' t keep both him and Balotelli happy. Balotelli is a beast for me anyway. Changed my formation since. playing a 4-3-3 with two false nines now. Got a decent squad. Horn (Buttland) Rodriguez (Moreno) Jung (Hysaj) Vallejo (Sule) Balanta (Sakho) Tielemans (Romero) Odegaard (Can) Sterling (Coutinho) Balotelli (Unal) Fierro (Origi) Getting a few trophies with that lot.
  2. Building a tidy squad now. Added Carlos Fierro, Ricardo Rodriguez, Carlos, Lucas Silva. Sold Sturridge to Real Madrid for £41m Really pisses me off that the chairman and fans blame me for Gerrad leaving for LA Galaxy, when he signed a contract before I even joined the club!
  3. Cheers. Looks liek that'll be the option for me. What's the est. price ££ on FMT only?
  4. Inspired by recent events, I dug out FM15, which I haven't played for 6 months and started a Liverpool save. I had an inspired first season, and won the league with a game to spare. Gerrard scored to give us the fairytale win. He's been a beast in the DM position and I'll find it hard to replace him. Crashed out to PSG in the semi final of the Champo Cup. Lost to Man Utd in the FA cup. I just about managed to keep both Sturridge and Bala happy - they scored 20 goals each. Playing a 4-3-2-1 with a DM and wingers Ins: T Horn Balanta L Romero Y Tielemans D Klassen Jesus Vallejo Outs: Allen Borini Now I need some full backs
  5. Since I have used this, my save has been transformed: AC Milan - 3 x Serie A championships in 3 years Man Utd - 2 Premeirship titles in 2 years Newcastle - FA Cup winners, 2nd place in Prem Dortmund - Won Bundesliga for first time in 14 years in my first year The tactic should be renamed "TrophyStealer" or something.
  6. What are the differences in the new tactic mate? Update: I took the vacant job at Newcastle. They were languishing in 18th place and had one of the worst squads I've ever seen. No central defenders. I thought I'd like a challenge. Roll on to March of the next season and I am in 2nd place challenging for the title. This tactic can make the dullest of saves interesting.
  7. Thinking about restoring a club to its heady glory days. So ideally I'd like a team with a bit of history and a nice big stadium so I can attract the fans back. Ideally not in the top division in it's country. Any European equivalents of Forest / Leeds Utd? Thanks.
  8. Took the Man Ud job. This tactic is like a cheat code
  9. No worries. I am just about to win my third Serie A titlle in a row. I imagine this tactic only works for certain teams, but when you have one of those teams...............it absolutely destroys the opposition. I just beat my nearest rivals Juventus 9-0.
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