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  1. Any tactic that will enable me to win a match of football in this pathetic version of the game Thanks
  2. I agree. Not for me. Just wondered if they interfere or provide entertainment etc.
  3. Andrés Guardado was amazing in 2007. I think he is stil fairly good as he plays for Deportivo now but in 2007 he would be stellar every save.
  4. Yeah the ones that stand out for me: Guy Assulin (plenty of time though). Likewise Carlos Vela and Gio Dos Santos and maybe Bojan Paul Anderson A Van den Borre Michael Woods Gl;ad tos ee Scott Sinclair (who was a beast on 07) is finally fulflling his potential
  5. Not sure if people reply to this thread, but is there a good attacking formation for 12.04 preferably based around narrow midfield play without wingers? Thanks
  6. You can download here: http://www.filefront.com/15775207/10.3-Classic-Everton-May-2010.tac/ I find that the Defensive midfielder rarely has an average rating as high as the rest of the team. So either buy a world class one or just be resigned to the fact he'll not get good ratings. I like to use an AM/FC as the middle striker. I've now got the greatest squad I've ever seen in my Real Madrid save. About 10 wonderkids. It really is a fantastic tactic
  7. I know most of you will be on FM2011 now. But I just want to show the results of my Classic 10.3 tactics. Untweaked.. Amazing results. Im unbeaten in La Liga for 88 games:
  8. Not that I can remmember. But what I do every match is tweak the tactics at half time / 60 mins depending on the score. winning by 2 or more = increase time wasting and tackling losing - decrease tackling also, making the right substitutions reaelly can affect the result. It might sound very obvious, but I've never had so many good changes with the correct subsitutions as i do with this tactic. I sometimes replace 3 subs at 55 mins. It's risky but seems to pay off. The 2 key player attributes for me = left centre back must have a heading attribute of 17 or more The centre striker needs f
  9. 10.3 classic Can't wait to see how it will enable me to dominate the world with Real Madrid, and with £140m to spend.
  10. Well, this tactic has just enabled me to have THE most enjoyable save I have ever had on any football management game ever. I loaded 3 nations – England, Germany and Spain. I started out at Shrewsbury in League 2. Got promotion in first season. I quickly got snapped up by Middlesborough, and guided them to the play offs, narrowly missing out on promotion. Next season I stormed it and easily won the championship with them, I was then snapped up by Cameroon And won the African Nations Cup. Didn’t perform well with them in the world cup so took a job with West Brom. Took them from 18th in the Ch
  11. Has anybody had any luck with this tactic in Italy? I can never seem to get it working thanks
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