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  1. Agree entirely. Haven't played the full game for years as I play Touch on PC. I tried the demo last week (as SI haven't released the Touch demo this time) and I lasted about three weeks into my game before getting frustrated with the snail-like progress and quitting. Roll on Decmber 1st for my fix of FM21 Touch.
  2. Can anyone confirm if FM Touch has beta access currently? A number of us on Steam cannot download.
  3. FMT on PC you can download logos and player pics to put in your game. No feasible on tablets due to memory constrictions.
  4. The last two versions of Touch on PC have both been part of the beta fortnight. No reason that it won't be the same this season - just purchase from one of the approved beta vendors.
  5. An excellent point. FMRTE do not have to kowtow to the SI party line and therefore you get the other side of the story. With knowledge of both sides of the story the situation becomes clear!
  6. Customise leagues to get lower levels in. Ability to change kits. Same kits year in year out gets boring over a twenty year career. I like tweaking the kits of the league I am in every couple of years. This is also important for when you get kit colour clashes not being recognised correctly by the game and you get blues vs blues etc or your team playing in it's away strip at home as there are insufficient kits selected for the other team.
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