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  1. Hello, not sure if posting this in right spot, been playing FM19 recently and always been able to load tactics by doing the usual manage tactics and then using the drop down stuff and getting to my documents and loading the tactic but in the last couple of days somehow I can't do it, when I try to load a tactic my document folders and sports interactive I can't find, all I seem to be able to go to are my C ,D and E drives with the C drive only letting me go into things like program files and program files (x86) etc, I can't seem to navigate my way to things that are on my desktop or saved docu
  2. Been away from footy manager for a couple of years since FMC became FMT and they took out the option of playing FMC online. Is this still the case with FMT 18 is it still single player only or can I play online with my buddies ? I know can do it on full version but don’t like playing that
  3. Been away from FM for a couple of years since FMC became FMT and they took out the option to play it online, is this still the case is FMT still single player only .
  4. I remember one version where you could exploit the fact that there is no proper German National team, example offer 100k for Michael ballack upfront with 100 million after one international game, was always accepted and never any danger of Ballack actually turning out for Germany
  5. Wow.....I didn't know this, there is now absolutely no reason for me to buy this game now........So first year ever that I won't buy Champy/Football Manager
  6. Will future Football Managers be available on this ? For me it could really re-invigorate my FM gaming as laptop getting a bit old and slow and new laptops irritate me as can never get them to work properly, might also be better for online FM games, what are peoples thoughts or what do they know about this
  7. Is it possible to do an update for FMC13 to update the teams to how they look now, e.g Suarez at Barcelona, Falcao at Man Utd ? Has anyone doen it or can it be downloaded, not really got into FM14 due to bug about no one buying your players ever and by all accounts FM15 is more of the same, so want to stick with 13 for now
  8. I agree with El Presidente, just get some mates and play online at agreed times, I'd recommend max 4, anymore and it gets tricky as someone always has to do something they hadn't expected, especially if your older like me and my pals, we have had a couple of good online games but could do with SI putting a bit more effort into the online side of it to speed it up a bit.... As for FM Live I never got into it, didn't like the idea of having made up teams and made up leagues
  9. I hadn't played FM14 enough this year to notice the problem with AI teams not buying your own players, but now I've got a Plymouth Argyle save going it's obvious and has completely ruined the game for me. Because I know I can pretty much hang on to all my players I know it's only a matter of a few more seasons till I win the Premier League. I have an Italian Striker I got on a free and has scored over 40 goals in the championship, and has now just finished top scorer in the Premier in our first season, and not a single club has shown any interest in him, another young AM from Portugal who has
  10. I could respond with I did well on 11 rubbish on 12 good again on 13, rubbish on 14 so stands to reason that I'll do well on 15..... I could respond with that but I won't And I did point out I was hoping that changes would be made to suit
  11. My worst one, was way back when Champ Manager moved onto the PC from Amiga, so could have been number 2, 2 player hotseat game with my brother and I'm Arsenal, some great signings and team looking good except just needed a quality forward. Step forward Sonny Anderson from Lyon, purchased for £8 million pounds, when that amount was unheard of on Champy, 8 games no goals and average rating of 5.3, marked him out as the benchmark of flops, still referred to now by my brother and I on any 2 player game we play when a big money striker makes a slow start
  12. Got to be honest, FM 14 hasn't really worked for me this year, although admittedly I do only play on classic and have maybe not played it as much as I have previous versions, but for this version I have found it a real struggle to get into the game. I've never really found a tactic that is consistent enough for me and I've never found the balance between scoring enough goals and being tight enough at the back, the only tactics that have ever seemed good enough to be used have always leaked lots and lots of goals. Secondly I've never been able to assess how good my players have been through the
  13. Yeah me too, suddenly had to start running Argyle reserves, Argyle job is hard enough without having to run reserves as well. need to find how to turn it off, any ideas folks
  14. I also can't seem to find any indication as to how comfortable with my tactics the team are, where has that screen gone ? How do I view how familiar with the tactic the team is
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