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  1. Hi! It seems reserve teams play in Copa MX, sometimes together with their parents club. I've seen Cruz Azul and Cruz Azul Hidalgo in the cup at the same time on a couple occasions. Would also be nice if you added the aggregate table. I believe it's the basis for some continental play and it's a bit complicated doing this manually every time we want to check the standings.
  2. Hi! In Peru the rule for how many minutes U20 players need seems to be wrong. From what I understand, the rule is 90 minutes per game. That's 1710 minutes per stage in the 2021 season, 1530 minutes in 2022, then finally 1350 in 2023 when they have reduced the amount of games to 15. However, in the game it's just static at 1710 for every season, meaning that in 2023, you need about 114 minutes per game, which doesn't sound right to me. Could someone confirm this?
  3. Hi! I noticed when I was testing the other day that B teams were playing in the Mexican cup. For example both Cruz Azul and Cruz Azul Hidalgo was in the same competition. This must be a mistake, no? Also the aggregate table doesn't show, despite being the basis of who qualifies for the some continental play (Leagues cup?)
  4. I'm not 100% sure about this or if it even warrants a fix, but... when Peñarol plays "away" games at the Centenario stadium, the attendance number is super inflated. Even if they play a tiny team, they bring 40000 fans for that away (or neutral, if you like...) game. I couldn't find any official numbers but based on videos I've seen, there shouldn't be even close to half of that many tickets sold. Not a huge issue, but I'm afraid it could make the revenue from ticket sales super unrealistic. Is there any way to fix this?
  5. Hi! In Copa Chile, the two-legged final should be played on a home-away basis. It seems in the game, they play both games on neutral ground.
  6. Really enjoying playing around with this huge update! Only problem I have is in the USSDA, the MLS farmer teams have after a couple of season full teams, while all other teams only have greys, Also I think it's a bit strange that NCAA has a reputation higher than the top divisions in Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, etc, even the second division in Mexico. Surely an amateur league would only have 1 star reputation at the very most? Just my two cents
  7. This is incredible! Great to see someone provide some interesting diversity to the game. Will try a few nations here
  8. Thanks for all the great work you do for the community! Super excited for the South American update whenever it comes
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