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  1. Really enjoying playing around with this huge update! Only problem I have is in the USSDA, the MLS farmer teams have after a couple of season full teams, while all other teams only have greys, Also I think it's a bit strange that NCAA has a reputation higher than the top divisions in Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, etc, even the second division in Mexico. Surely an amateur league would only have 1 star reputation at the very most? Just my two cents
  2. This is incredible! Great to see someone provide some interesting diversity to the game. Will try a few nations here
  3. Thanks for all the great work you do for the community! Super excited for the South American update whenever it comes
  4. @Ed Hewison Any news on fixing the seeding for the league playoff? It's supposed to be in two pots, 1st-4th and 5th-8th, not all random. Waiting to get my Colombia save started again
  5. Hi! Decided to give Colombia a go again to see if some of the problems I had in the beta were fixed, and it seems most of it is. I'm just wondering if maybe there's a mistake in how the playoffs are drawn. From what I understand in real life, the top 4 teams are drawn first to decide who plays game A, B, C and D, next they assign their opponents by drawing 5th to 8th. Also, I read that the top 4 teams will have home advantage in the second leg. In the game, the draw is completely random! This made for some really weird match-ups, as the top 4 all faced each other the first round in my save, and often the higher ranked team would play at home first instead of the other way around.
  6. Hi! Furthermore, Santa Fe gets credited as champions even though they (in my save) ended up 20th on the overall table. It seems the average points winner gets the championship, perhaps? I also won both stages in the Colombian Second Division with Magdalena, and the overall table, but Cartagena was credited the championship. Cartagena topped the league table stage one if that makes any difference.
  7. I tried ordering the game on Steam, but it did not work. I decided to spend more money so I could get the game right away. I've been waiting for an hour and a half for validation so far. How long does it usually take? It's a little disappointing I had to pay extra for this.
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