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  1. Very sad to see these leagues are completely broken and unplayable in the long run! The reserve teams are EXTREMELY strong, and completely fill the third tier after 4-5 seasons. I hope this gets fixed for the next game, as this is the league I want to play the most.
  2. Thanks for your reply! Do you mean next edition as in FM22 or the next patch?
  3. Hi! I'm curious about the format. Is it not supposed to be a knockout format for the final 8?? Or is it going to be the groups of 4? In the wiki for the 2021 season they talk of quarter finals, and I hope that it could change in game if so EDIT: https://www.goal.com/es-mx/noticias/liga-betplay-dimayor-2021-i-calendario-de-partidos-del/13hkss9ircsi1i7kmg8hlvx0k It indeed seems there should be a knockout system, not a group stage
  4. Thank you for the reply! Also, Shamrock II does the same. In addition, there are top division teams in the first round in the game. From what I read on google, it's only supposed to be the 9 non reserve teams from Tier 2, plus three teams (one from leinster senior league, one from ulster senior league, plus the winner of the preliminary round, which I'm not sure where came from). Then in round 2, they add all the premier division teams. Any idea when this could be fixed?
  5. Made it to the cup final with Lillestrøm in second tier. Unfortunately it's impossible to set up training between the season end and the cup final (17 days). Also, shouldn't the cup final be on a Sunday early afternoon and not a Wednesday evening, like in the game?
  6. In the EA Sports Cup, Derry met their reserve team in round 1. Surely this is not supposed to happen?
  7. The U19 setup is absolutely bizarre and makes Iceland unplayable to me. I understand that SI wants a realistic format, but it doesn't make sense to have to pay compensation of tens of thousands of dollars to call your own players to the senior squad. This seems even more unrealistic and broken to me. If anyone knows of an alternative database with regular U19 squads, please pm
  8. Another update and still no fix to the cup final issue.
  9. Hi! In the game, the Chilean cup final is played in two stages, both on neutral ground. I need to change this to home and away, like in real life. I know how to change this in the editor, but when I try to verify the rules, it just says there are too many teams (18 instead of 16) in the league. I know it's because the league is going from 18 to 16 teams by 2022 or whatever. I didn't change any other rules, only that the cup final should be played at home and away. How can I get past this error of wrong amount of teams?
  10. In my save, in the preliminary round of the playoffs, the seedings are kind of messed up. P5 plays P6, P7 plays P8.... P11 plays P12. Surely this is incorrect? Unless it was a random draw and it happened to end up like that. Still, the reserve teams show up in the mexican cup as well
  11. Hi! This problem still persists since the beta... The Chile cup final is supposed to be played home and away. In the game, both games are played on neutral ground. EDIT: Since there have already been a few updates with no fix, does anyone know how to change this in the editor by yourself? I can change it to home-away but I just get the error that there are too many teams in the league when I try to verify.
  12. Another issue... In my save, Cristal won both the opening and closing stage in the league, and obviously finished 1st overall. From what I have read, they should have been given the trophy at that point. Instead, the 2nd place team from the overall table won the league in a playoff final. EDIT: I've uploaded my savegame to the cloud, "Municipal.fm"
  13. They haven't set the rules for "bolsa de minutos" (u20 time) for next year yet, but they change it all the time, and I find it very unlikely they'll keep it static when the number of games go down. I assume they'll keep it around 90 minutes per game. Also, according to different sources, they can count up to 270 minutes per game, instead of 180 like in FM21. https://rpp.pe/futbol/descentralizado/liga-1-reglamento-cambio-permitira-a-cinco-extranjeros-y-reducira-la-bolsa-de-minutos-noticia-1281665 "dividido en las 19 fechas, daba un promedio de 90' por fecha. Lo máximo que podía sumar un equipo era 270' por partido."
  14. Hi! I've encountered another problem. In my save, Cristal beat Melgar in the championship playoff final. Yet, in the overall table, as well as the competition history, Melgar is crowned the champion, and Cristal says runner up. EDIT: For information, Melgar won the opening stage, and Cristal the closing stage.
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