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  1. Hi! Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I've played a couple of saves now, one in Chile (Universidad Catolica) and one in Hong Kong (Eastern). I really enjoyed the first season on both saves, I had to manage my financials while putting together good teams, and managed to win the league on both saves. Fast forward to the start of the second season, Universidad Catolica has TRIPLED the wage budget, and Eastern has doubled it! Both teams have way over double the wage budget of the next richest teams. This doesn't make any sense to me, and makes the game much less rewarding, as I feel there's no way I can't NOT win the league now. Also, the Eastern board only expects me to finish top half?? At least UdeC expects me to win... Also all my work cutting costs and overpaid players in the first season seems pointless. Both teams have a lot of cash but Eastern (3 million balance) is already projected to lose about one million dollars per season, if I use the whole wage budget they would lose TWO. This could easily put us in an awful spot financially. Universidad Catolica is expected to break even, or profit a little. They would lose 650k per MONTH if I used my full wage budget. Last year we managed to profit one million USD, but that's after I cut a couple of expensive players and also made it to the quarter final of the Copa Libertadores. I had the same issue on FM19 with Envigado in Colombia. The first couple of seasons were extremely challenging, frustrating and rewarding, just how I want it to be. But as soon as I won the league, the board went insane and gave me a gigantic budget. I could choose to ignore the budget, but then the board will praise me for my "amazing" control of the budget, which also feels wrong. Especially considering even the top teams in Colombia in real life are trying to cut costs. I just stopped playing then. Is it supposed to be like this? Or are just some owners way too nice/dumb? I feel this makes the game way too easy. EDIT: I would like to mention how I think this is the best FM yet, I'm just having a hard time finding an enjoyable long-term save
  2. Thank you for the reply! That clarifies a lot. As for the compensation, what I meant was if I manage for example Grindavik (who shares a youth team with other clubs), I would have to pay a compensation to call up a player "contracted" to the youth team... Then I realized this only happens because I had "add players to playable teams" checked. If I uncheck the option, the youth teams are actually empty and the first teams decide who to move down on "loan". This makes more sense, so you can disregard what I said about compensations. The first teams also take care of youth intake, the youth teams don't add any players during that period. Overall, while it's not a perfect implementation (which is understandable!), it's more realistic than I thought. The only issues are that you have to wait 30 days to call a player up again after moving him to the U19 team, and that you can't set first team players as available to play for the U19. Then again, I have no clue what the rules are in real life.
  3. Hi! I was wondering what is up with the U19 teams in Iceland. I see that most youth clubs are merged, and in order to call a player up from U19 you need to offer them a contract. Is this accurate at all? After you have signed them to a contract, you can no longer send them back to the U19 team unless you offer them a loan (They auto-accept the loan, but you're not allowed to call them back to the first team within the first 30 days). This seems weird and it's a huge advantage to teams like FH who don't have a merged youth team as they can move their players freely like in any other league. I can't seem to find any info online about this, so maybe your researchers could help me understand? Thanks in advance! EDIT: Also curious about the compensation you pay to sign the youth players. 6k (potentially 16k) USD per player is a lot of money for some of these clubs. Again, teams like FH don't need to pay at all. Teams with merged youth teams also show expenses in "youth setup" on top of this, despite not directly having a youth team. Seems a bit strange.
  4. I think this applies to data issues... The board expectations for at least some teams in Liga MX are way off. Top teams like America and Monterrey's boards expect the manager to "be competitive" and when you hover over the info button, it shows that they don't even expect the teams to make it to the playoffs. Also with Tigres, the board want you to try to reach the quarter finals instead of trying to win which would be way more reasonable. For reference, in the "season preview" tab, these three teams are listed as the top 3 favorites to win.
  5. Really enjoying playing around with this huge update! Only problem I have is in the USSDA, the MLS farmer teams have after a couple of season full teams, while all other teams only have greys, Also I think it's a bit strange that NCAA has a reputation higher than the top divisions in Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, etc, even the second division in Mexico. Surely an amateur league would only have 1 star reputation at the very most? Just my two cents
  6. This is incredible! Great to see someone provide some interesting diversity to the game. Will try a few nations here
  7. Thanks for all the great work you do for the community! Super excited for the South American update whenever it comes
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