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  1. Maaka

    European Qualification.

    No answer to why you've seemingly lost your spot, but the different requirements doesn't mean that teams can qualify and then be excluded due to having too small a stadium, but rather that they would have to play their group stage matches (and later rounds) at another (preferably nearby) stadium. Happens from time to time in smaller countries.
  2. Maaka

    Instructions for Ozil

    Have a look or ask in one of these: https://community.sigames.com/forum/19-tactics-training-strategies-discussion/ Or in the tactics forum:
  3. Only possible with the PGE, not the IGE, I believe. Don't have the PGE open now, but I think it's pretty self explanatory.
  4. Maaka

    Fixture Problem Turkish Super League

    2022? Probably has something to do with the WC.
  5. Maaka

    Club takeover.

    Ambitious new boards aren't unrealistic, as long as you're handed a transfer budget of more than £100m, it wouldn't be weird to ask for a UCL-place in return.
  6. Maaka


  7. Maaka

    Yellow card suspension

    Sounds perfectly logical to me. Shouldn't be rewarded for a red card.
  8. Post in here, mate, but it's been mentioned before, I believe they're looking in to it.
  9. You may have to exit both the game and Steam, restart Steam and FM, then load the game.
  10. The IGE can be used in both saved and new games.
  11. It used to be like that, but then people complained that they were having bids rejected. So now, instead of rejecting all bids, they counter with a huge fee, which is the same as saying "no way, pal". Can't please everybody, I guess.
  12. With the IGE, there's an option to "become unsackable" when you click the editor icon. Alas, it's already available for anyone willing to purchase the IGE.
  13. Maaka

    Slider for injury-rate

    Ok, I believe I understand. But I don't think it will happen anytime soon.
  14. Maaka

    export match stats

    Exporting match reports would be a great addition. Maybe this thread could be moved to the feature request forum?