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  1. Did you just beat your old team 8-1? Way to say "so long"..
  2. Maaka

    Stadium architecture

    As soon as the stadiums become customizable, yes, I believe so. But I think it's quite a big hurdle to get by first.
  3. @lasseemil7 - I've sent you a PM.
  4. Are the Brazilian state leagues included?
  5. I'd prefer it to be like it is now, albeit waiting until the 2nd season could work as well.
  6. Are you sure the players aren't only swedish-speaking? To my knowledge, there are some people in Finland who only can speak swedish. Or the other way around, if you're managing a "swedish" club in Finland (if those exist), maybe they have to learn swedish?
  7. Do you actually have to win every comp? So far, so good, but if you're in, say, Italian Serie B, and you finish 2nd, thus gaining promotion, will you still have to go back and win it outright?
  8. I'd like the option to customize some parameters for the Continue Game Timeout option, like no automatic continue if there's a media question, make the auto continue halt at certain intervals, no continue when assigning players from first team to be available for other squads etc.
  9. For now, xG (link: expected goals, or here: explained at BBC) is not an actual in-game statistic. BUT, is it possible to somehow calculate xG from the already available stats from each game (apart from watching every single game in full)? No, football isn't as much a stats game as baseball or gridiron football, or even hockey and basketball, where WAR (GAR) and similar "more important" stats can tell you quite a lot, but still, I'd like to see xG in-game, but until it's possible, I'd like to know if it's possible (or even plausible) to calculate the xG from the stats that are available.
  10. To clarify, the random number (within the range) is decided the moment the save is started. So a -9 can have a PA anywhere between 150 and 180, but once the save is started, it's locked at i.e. 158, or 177 in another save etc.
  11. Yeah, I reckoned. I was just reading a bit about this on that very Wikipedia page..
  12. So it's "Third Amateur Division", "Second Amateur Division" and then "Third Division"? What happened to the first amateur one?
  13. Maaka


    1 - no, in no way part of a manager's job 2 - yes, would be nice 3 - not sure I understand what you mean 4 - same as #1 5 - legal (and "moral") reasons saying this won't be part of the game in the foreseeable future 6 - same as #3 7 - would be nice, at least where applicable, but I don't think this will be a priority any time soon 8 - personally, I don't think it would add much to the game 9 - ok 10 - as long as my setting of having no players offered by agents won't be impacted, then ok 11 - more realism in the transfer world is always welcome