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  1. I was scheduled to change clubs (as manager) at the end of the season, but joined new club first thing in the morning on the day of the Champions League final, where I was supposed to manage my old team. The season technically ends on that date, but I switched jobs when that date arrived, not when that date ended. I should've transferred the day after, if things were to be more logic. (This happened in 2032, date of the final was May 29th, I was scheduled to take over new club on May 29th, the last date would've been better if May 30th, or even June 1st) Unfortunately I don't ha
  2. In my recent save, I started unemployed, took over Wigan in L2, managed there for two seasons, then got a job at Crystal Palace in the Prem, spent three years in London before getting a job in Italy where I managed to win the Serie A with Napoli. Spent another two seasons there before the PSG job became vacant. Took over a team that had won the Ligue 1 and the French cup every season in the save (bar one cup final). Inheriting such an "over-powered" squad meant I won the domestic double for all four seasons there, as well as winning the CL in 2031 (after losing the final in 2030). Now we'
  3. Add all time records for competitions (especially leagues) for most appearances and most goals, i.e. (as of 2021) Gareth Barry (apps) and Alan Shearer (gls) for the EPL, Gigi Buffon (apps) and Silvio Piola (gls) for Serie A etc. For long term saves, it would be nice to get a message about a player breaking the appearances record some time into the future.
  4. I believe it would be more helpful if you pointed out what's wrong, it can be hard to tell just by looking at a screen shot.
  5. They've gone more than 40 years without ever finishing outside the top 2......
  6. I'm not sure if this actually is possible or not already, but I couldn't find a way to do it: In my game, I'm in 2028, and Dejan Stankovic just got sacked from Real Madrid. I was invited to an interview, but didn't get the job. However, the one who got it was Thomas Tuchel, who's been at PSG for almost 10 years, he's made a deal with R. Madrid to join them in the summer. What I'm getting at, is that by now the PSG board knows they'll lose their manager come summertime, thus I'd like to think I (or someone else) should be able to apply for the upcoming vacancy, but apparently I can't
  7. Yeah, I know there's a range of options (probably due to different rules in different countries, the "ignoring loans" part applies to Italy (at least), I think). I haven't gone and searched for the individual rules, just looked up "homegrown player rule (UEFA)" on wikipedia.. But, as you say, of all the possible clubs, Oulu should be the least applicable one in this case. (Unless there's a major plot twist here, where Mrs. O'Kav's hubby moved to Oulu a few years prior, either to find work, or because of an amicable divorce, and took little Nath with him, and thus, he started out pla
  8. Yeah, this feature could definately be improved, or fine tuned. The "son-in-game" should have his birthplace listed as the place where mom/dad were managing at the time of birth, not just a "copy paste" of mom/dad's birthplace. Languages should be as described above, the ability to speak (more or less fluid) the languages of the nations/regions where mom/dad have managed (thus resided) from the time of birth until the son was generated (strictly speaking, if mom/dad moved to another country when kiddo was, say, one year old, he probably won't be fluid in that language, but that's for the
  9. What's the Swedish word/phrase for an English mile? I'd say that it should say something like "English mile" (in Swedish) to avoid confusion with what we call "mile" ("mil") in Scandinavia (10 km).
  10. Haven't got this far in any save yet, are you sure it's NL, not just friendlies? And it's not necessarily a bug, if it's a regular international date those months. With the WC in december, the national teams need preparation for that tournament as well..
  11. The 2022-23 Nations League is supposed to be played from June 2nd to September 27th (group stage) 2022, to facilitate for the WC, the playoffs will be played in June 2023.
  12. You've stated your point, they've said it's been fixed for the next update, if you keep on raising the same issue, you're only risking annoying the researchers (and moderators). Friendly advice, leave it be for now
  13. This is a great read, Ben. Btw, any chance you could share your spreadsheet?
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