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    I was born under a bad sign, left out in the cold..
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  1. Might be something just a tad off with those reps. According to that list, the Norwegian 5th level is better than the 4th level..
  2. Makoto's career can be followed in the Career forums (I highly recommend a read). Regarding the "questionable" birth date, for some reason you can't grow too old in-game, so when you progress so far into the future, your birthdate will "magicall" change with time, so you'll never be older than 75 (I believe). That's why Makoto's born in the 2050s but started managing in 2018 (some 30+ years before he was born..)
  3. Blaker IL (Norway), not my local team, but the closest one in-game (I believe). Hammerfest (Norway), problably the northernmost team you'll find.
  4. You okay, Makoto? No updates since around noon Tuesday (CET), has something happened to you, buddy?
  5. As soon as the stadiums become customizable, yes, I believe so. But I think it's quite a big hurdle to get by first.
  6. Soo, because your mouse ain't working properly within FM, SI's a disgrace? Ok...
  7. I'd prefer it to be like it is now, albeit waiting until the 2nd season could work as well.
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