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  1. This isn't new, it's been mentioned before, but since we're looking ahead, I thought I'd bring the topic back: This was mentioned in the old "wishlist thread", but now there's a sub forum just for feature requests, I'd like to pick up this suggestion again, and hope to have a healthy discussion around it. As of now, the way we "measure" players in FM is by specific numeric values, i.e. "Pace - 17", "Strenght - 14", "Stamina - 12" and so on. Instead of quantifying the attributes in such a way, I'd suggest (it's been mentioned before, so I'm not taking credit for the suggestion as is
  2. https://www.efe.com/efe/english/sports/elkeson-first-non-chinese-soccer-player-to-be-called-up-for-national-team/50000266-4047627
  3. Well, technically, it's not impossible, since you can gain Chinese nationality, but (if I read it correctly) the player then has to forfeit his previous nationality (as China doesn't allow dual). Probably what keeps them from gaining Chinese.
  4. You have to show us all the results, especially between yourself, Lazio and Barcelona. But probably no bug, what you're referring to is what would happen if it was a two-way tie between you and Lazio, that isn't the case here, it's a three-way tie between said teams. Therefore, the results between these three teams are relevant, not only head to head between Bayern M. and Lazio. If three teams are tied, the results against the fourth team are taken out of the equation, and we can see that you (all three teams) have two wins and two losses, or 6 points, so goal difference is the key.
  5. Not sure about MLS, but in the NHL, when a player is traded (either for draft picks, other players/prospects or if there are money involved) they carry over their contracts. So if a player has signed a 7-year deal, and he's traded 2 years into that deal, then the new team inherits that contract. I believe that can't be easy to implement here. Regarding NHL, a player can't refuse a trade, unless the contract includes some kind of NMC or NTC (either a full NTC or one with a limited number of "acceptable" teams).
  6. Den største utfordringa med oversettelsene er at det ikke alltid er kontekst som passer, samt at vi oversetter ikke ord for ord, men heller ikke lange avsnitt, men enkelte "strenger" hvor det også skal inn tidligere oversatte detaljer (referanser til personer, serier/cuper/turneringer, priser og mye annet) som gjør at det er mye mer tungvint enn det ser ut som på skjermen. I'll have a look at the press conference lines you refer to, but bear in mind that these have been translated "bit by bit" over several years, so it's probably not just a "quick-fix" there.
  7. @JoJ88 Tar det på norsk jeg, litt mer praktisk (to non-Norwegian speakers, sorry, but this post will be mainly in Norwegian) I alle fall er det feil med "kamp" i det tilfellet her. "Match" direkte oversatt i denne konteksten blir vel egentlig "treff", men får ikke noen "godfølelse" på å bruke "treff" heller. "Velg" er heller ikke optimalt, men får heller ikke "finn" til å bli det beste. Kanskje "minst" er bedre, men skulle i så fall helst hatt "treff på minst x/y" og det blir en litt lang oversettelse av "match". Jeg er fremdeles usikker, men begynner å helle litt mot "treff min
  8. Aah, I see, it's not "match" as in "game" but to "match" something with something else, right? When I see it in context, what JoJ88 says makes sense. However, I'm not completely convinced "velg" would be the best translation, "velg" means "pick". But, on the other hand, I can't come up with something better right now, so I'll go along with "velg", @Woodg SI. (Sincerely, Øyvind from the translation team) Still, can you present me with a complete screenshot of the page, @JoJ88? (I haven't gotten FM20 yet myself.) - That way I can take a look at the full context and (maybe) give it an
  9. Could you upload a screenshot of the entire screen you're referring to? I need to see it all in context to fully understand what you're saying.
  10. From your link, it plainly states that the sorting order is points - goal difference - goals scored - head-to-head points - head-to-head away goals - playoff. Alas, the league sorting rules in-game are indeed correct. (To clarify, it's head-to-head results between those teams who's level on points, gd and gs, meaning points, gd and gs come before head-to-head)
  11. No away goals rule in the semis, you should be able to see it under competition rules. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EFL_Cup#Format Quote: "From 2018–19, extra time was scrapped for all rounds except the final, and the away goal rule was scrapped for the semi-final, with level ties going straight to a penalty shoot-out." (sources in the article)
  12. I'd say that's the understatement of the day.. Everything and anything, when it comes to NFF, you never now.
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