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  1. Has that always been the rule or is it new? Could have sworn it was any time in the last six months of their contract before but then I usually manage abroad. Mods - delete the topic if you want as I've obviously entirely missed this rule being a thing...
  2. My League One season is in April and having just won the title with Portsmouth I'm looking to get a few pre-contract signings done early doors. It's my first ever English season on FM20 by the way. But when I find a player whose contract will be up at the end of the season, whereas in the past the 'approach to sign' option would be there so they can sign on July 1 for nothing, this time it isn't and I'd need to pay a fee (before they're released) no matter what their age or country. Is this a bug? Can't remember it being an issue before unless I'm missing something obvious...
  3. Yeah CM2 I think. First one I used was in CM9798 - it was a revelation!
  4. My thoughts here would be to have a bank of stadium designs, however many necessary, that via the editor can be assigned to the right clubs. So 'type 3' could be a bowl with an athletics track (these don't seem to exist in FM) which are very common around the world, 'type 6' could be a standard all seater stadium, right down to, say, 'type 30' for the 'one man and his dog' type arenas. The list can be available widely through the community etc so they can be changed from the default ones if needs be. It would help with the realism a bit, and if there is any way they can stipulate where away fans go too that would be even better, but that's probably a big ask...
  5. Yeah there's no way to turn stadiums off now which is annoying, because until they're more realistic to the relevant clubs I'd rather not bother with them.
  6. "Would have" - My idea would be this. If SI looked at the different kinds of stadiums - let's say there are 20/30 different styles, i.e. some with athletics tracks, closed bowls, open ends etc etc - and just created a pool of them, each given a number and assigned to each team. Doesn't have to be an exact replica of the real life stadium, just similar. So for example Monaco etc could be 'type 4', Middlesbrough/Derby etc 'type 2' or whatever. Then let those be applied in the editor or whatever so that the relevant stadium shows up on the match engine. I played as Monaco once and was crying out for a bit of realism that would have featured a track around the pitch and so on. Am amazed that kind of template doesn't exist. If there was a way of dictating where away fans are located too that would be the icing on the cake in terms of realism, but I know that might be a step too far. I know FM 'isn't FIFA' but as someone who accepts the 3D engine for what it is rather than bothering about some specifics not being that realistic, better and more accurate stadium depiction would be a big plus in my eyes. I used to turn them off altogether given they're rarely realistic but can't do that anymore.
  7. Have a slightly curious problem with this in that whilst it works fine to start with, after a few games it suddenly stops working and reverts back to default or generic photos. It seems to only be remedied by loading up another skin either permanently or by switching to and fro - I use Wannachup and CFM Skin, for the record. Not just reloading the skin. On one or two skins it doesn't seem to work at all despite doing the right things with it. It's a great addition though as I quite like having the stadium my team is playing in appear beforehand.
  8. I like using 3D but sometimes the stadiums and crowd create a bit of lag, and to be honest I don't like them anyway given they're inaccurately represented. In previous versions we've been able to turn off stadiums in the preferences, but for some reason it's not an option this time which is annoying. I turn the crowd off sometimes but would just prefer nothing around the pitch in all honesty. Is there a way of removing stadiums from the graphics via the relevant SI folders? I'm hoping they might reintroduce the 'turn off stadiums' option in the next update but I fear not.
  9. Sorry for the bump on this but given the nature of this topic it makes my question more relevant. Why, as in all other versions, can't stadiums be switched off in preferences? I've always done that because I can't stand them given how unrealistic they are. I like watching in 3D though. Currently I'm just playing with empty stadiums as the crowd annoys me even more. In past versions I've just had the 3D pitch and that's done for me. Why they've removed the option is beyond me, particularly as it often gives those with low-end machines the chance to improve their graphical capabilities too.
  10. Just started playing FM18 today. I've set up a match plan with a couple of scenarios and I saved it so I could import it for each save as they're fairly standard things I could use in any game with any team. However, I set the plan up to use but in the next game it's gone and I have to import it again, despite having set it as default before. How come the match plans/scenarios don't just stay there so they can be used in every game rather than having to load it up each time? One other thing - the inability to turn stadiums off is annoying. I don't like them, or the crowds, so in previous versions have turned both off and it helps on the graphics side of things with the 3D engine too which I do like. Can't turn stadiums off this time though. Rant over.
  11. Great work as ever. Just a quick query - when the upcoming winter patch/data update comes out, will your updates then become what's not included in the new one, or merely a continuation of what wasn't included in the initial one. If that makes sense...
  12. Moving from desktop to laptop (finally) and have found this for about my budget in the sale. £200 off at £399. FM is the only game I play, usually with just a couple of leagues loaded up and always with a 3D view. Otherwise, lots of web browsing is my main use. ACER Aspire F5-571 15.6" Laptop - Black Windows 10 (pre-installed) Intel® Core™ i5-5200U Processor Memory: 8 GB Storage: 1 TB Up to 5 hours battery life http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/acer-aspire-f5-571-15-6-laptop-black-10137492-pdt.html Not played FM16 yet so holding off until I get a new machine before I do! Not sure it has a dedicated graphics card which may be a issue? Thoughts please - hoping to get it by Wednesday when the sale ends!
  13. In a previous version you included a pic of the stadium about to be played in on the pre-match screens (or coloured seats if there wasn't one) I liked that, given you don't get to see much of the home team's stadium on any other screen before or during the game. Would be good to see it again in future releases.
  14. Which file are the correct promotions/relegations for the English leagues in? Can't seem to find the up to date divisions using any of them.
  15. Thanks. As I say, it's no reflection on your excellent work, merely in case there was anything I wanted to do myself. I'll probably just use the Transfers file and do everything I want to in there and load that one up in the game with the promotions/relegations file so at least all the teams are in the right place.
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