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  1. I assume this is just a visual glitch and they mean £300 because he's only valued at £750, but I certainly wouldn't say no to these offers!
  2. A couple of months after this I've just taken the TNS job on a two year deal, after their old one got sacked following their cup final humiliation that I inflicted. It feels really dirty to take the job as I had grown fond of Port Talbot, but the chance to move to the best team in the country by some margin is just too good for me to turn down in a journeyman save.
  3. Recently started an unemployed Sunday League rep journeyman and managed to land the Port Talbot Town after a few months. At the end of season two, and with the help of my long throw cannon Jake Phillips (and his main benefactor Joel Molyneaux who only came into the U19s the previous season) we've managed an unlikely second tier and Welsh Cup double, teeing us up for the Europa Conference League First Qualifying Round next season along with our promotion to the top flight. We also finished as runners-up in the League Cup (leading for about half an hour in the final but deservedly losing 2-1 to
  4. Fethiyespor 2022 Youth Intake Some iffy personalities in there, but my U19 team is currently only a few players deep so I signed up a good batch of the 2021 intake. Three players stand out in both current and potential ability. Mustafa Yener is a diminutive attacking midfielder who looks like the perfect heir to Turgay An, my 34-year-old playmaker with 15 goals and 16 assists in 33 appearances for me this season, but is starting to deteriorate attribute-wise. His 20th appearance of the season triggered an automatic one year extension in his contract, which I would have sought r
  5. Fethiyespor 2021 Youth Intake Preview Seems like an awful lot of cons for an intake we should be "really optimistic" about, but contract negotiations haven't all gone to plan and we've been forced into an unwanted sale in January, so some players who can add depth straight away would be great. Lots of defenders is encouraging as we're quite light at the back.
  6. Assuming cup gates are split down the middle like in England, this could be a phenomenal money spinner and makes all that drama more than worth it!
  7. The third round of the cup was quite daunting, and my opposite number decided they were as good as through before the game had even begun. Mr Özdilek however didn't account for us going a goal up, and then not folding when Albania striker Armando Sadiku who earns a full four times what our highest earner takes home per week bagged a second half hat-trick to open up a two goal lead which we closed up with goals of our own in the 74th then 94th minutes. Sadiku then tarnished his man-of-the-match display by getting himself sent off with a second yellow in extra time much to my amusement
  8. I've made a strong start to this career, winning my first five league games putting us top of the pile despite only expecting a mid-table finish. I initially made myself quite unpopular with my players by denying some transfers out, but I need to keep these guys around just to buy time initially until I can improve the youth facilities and get the current crop up to scratch, but results are winning them back over. I'm a little worried that I've made a rod for my own back by not negotiating "Buy players to sell on for profit" out of the club vision, as the board deem it very important. Ho
  9. I'm hopeless at sticking to this challenge beyond a season or so and tend to start a new game elsewhere when things become stagnant, so I figured a change of scenery might help. For the first time ever I set out to manage in the Turkish leagues, holidayed the first season and was greeted with a familiar name... Fethiyespor. Fethiye is a coastal town in the Muğla province of Turkey where I went on holiday at the age of 10 and I have fond memories of the area, especially the beautiful harbour. Not only am I familiar with the location, but Fethiyespor are predicted to survive their
  10. We met the board's expectation in reaching the Third Round before getting narrowly beaten by St Mirren. Just felt the biggest disappointment of the season, after winning my first 16 in the league I finally tasted defeat 3-2 against second placed Edinburgh City. Bob McHugh continues to go berserk up top for me, currently on 39 goals in 24 games, scoring on average every 55 minutes. Foolishly I jumped the gun in tying Simon Murray down for a second year before making him prove himself to me. He's been very poor since returning from injury, only scoring once in 281 minutes of football in a
  11. This is a good idea actually, I've never thought of doing that for some reason. Just been giving keepers the chop every year for getting their angles wrong, despite gratefully profiting from the ME making my opponents' goalkeepers do it all the time.
  12. Relieved to confirm top spot in the group after falling behind to a sloppy goal. Kilmarnock won their last game 3-0 so a defeat would have seen us eliminated. Probably not the money-spinner I'd hoped for, but it's a draw that gives us a slim chance of progressing
  13. Very pleased with our first outing in my improvised 4-1-4-1 counter-attacking shape, in contrast to our usual attacking 4-4-2. I hadn't realised prior to the game that Kilmarnock had sacked their manager and were sitting bottom of the Premiership, but any team three leagues above are going to be a tall order to beat. Having beaten Stranraer and Edinburgh City and now Kilmarnock, we now welcome Morton to Hampden with a chance of progressing at the expense of the more fancied sides in our group. It's not set in stone yet, as Kilmarnock play eliminated Edinburgh City with the chance to leapfrog u
  14. Something that had totally slipped my mind (though regular viewers of Sky Sports' Soccer Saturday coverage of the Saturday 3pm scores will know) is that trialists can play in league fixtures in the Scottish Second Division. I'm not sure if that's still the case in the First Division, and it's not something I will be exploiting personally, but you could use this to patch up your team in an injury crisis, or use free agents that are willing to join on trial but you can't afford to tie down. My initial assessment of the Simon Murray signing in the opening of this thread was probably too hars
  15. I totally get that, it's definitely not just you.
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