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  1. August & September 2023 Union Sportive Concarnoise A pretty rough start to our fourth season at this level. My team is extremely young at the moment, so a season of consolidation would be adequate for me, but relegation would be a disaster financially. We urgently need to start turning these draws into victories.
  2. The Republic of Ireland will take Harry Kane from Moldova. That's not a sentence I thought I'd ever type!
  3. Preseason 2023 Union Sportive Concarnoise A successful preseason which I made longer than usual. Plenty of youngsters getting pitch time and on the scoresheet too. Some bad injury news however... Frustrating to lose a starting centre-back and one of our best prospects for an extended period.
  4. No surprise to see Youssef Ben Ali win Player of the Season, as the league's top scorer from the left wing. Good to see 5 academy graduates in the Best Eleven too. The youth products can be identified by the note icon after their names, there are plenty in the first team picture at the moment. Some new records for Ben Ali, who really has been a revelation this year. Not bad for a kid who only turned 17 in February.
  5. Not entirely surprised, but definitely disappointed that we put in one of our weakest performances of the season in our most important game. Hopefully we get another stab at the play-offs next season. In other news... Club captain and icon Guillaume Jannez is calling it a day. He was a mainstay every season until this year, when young Charles Salaun took over his spot. Season League Pos. Cup L.Cup Notes - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2018/19 Championnat National 3rd R9 N/A Won Play-Off Final 2019/20 Domino’s Ligue 2 7th R10 R1 2020/21 Domino’s Ligue 2 6th R9 R2 2021/22 Domino’s Ligue 2 9th QFs R3 2022/23 Domino’s Ligue 2 5th R9 R4 Lost Play-Off Semi Final
  6. April & May 2023 Union Sportive Concarnoise A pretty patchy end to the league season, but we managed to do enough to finish in 5th place and in the play-offs. An away trip to Sochaux awaits us in the semi final. This is a good bit of news; we finally have an affiliate club within the playable leagues, so youngsters can get regular senior experience with them. I have a couple of players in mind who could do with a spell there next season before cracking the first team picture.
  7. February & March 2023 Union Sportive Concarnoise A pretty successful couple of months, particularly towards the end of March as we are finally scoring at a good rate this season. The play-offs remain a tall order, but not totally out of reach, so hopefully we can sneak into 5th by the end of the campaign. We also had our latest youth intake, which contained some very encouraging prospects. Plenty of guys in here that may well feature for our first team in the future. Our reserve and youth teams are now looking healthy in numbers, packed with good prospects. I'm feeling pretty good about the future of our squad.
  8. December 2020 & January 2021 Union Sportive Concarnoise The most notable of the above results was our defeat at Lyon in the Coupe de la Ligue. A cruel way to lose, but lots of positives, not least the financial boost... We clearly made an impression, as just a week later I received this offer. A no brainer in real life, but I'm committed to this project. Three wins out of five in the league have put us back in the play-off picture, and we're playing some good football too. My front three of Lavigne, Leblanc and Ben Ali are all finding the net with regularity, and my young side continues to punch well above its weight. Youssef Ben Ali deservedly picked up another great award, this time the Ligue 2 Player of the Year. His agent then demanded a new deal. He's now our highest earner by far, and deservedly so. With our cup adventures over, we turn our attention fully to the final 15 league games. Is this the year we finally crack the top 5?
  9. October & November 2022 Union Sportive Concarnoise These months saw some patchy league form, along with progression in both cups. However, on the whole performances have been pretty good, and we were absolutely robbed of a win against Lyon-Duchère in a game that we dominated. We sit right in mid table, but much closer to the play-offs than the relegation zone, which is comforting. I still think we are good enough to mount another challenge towards the end of the season. Our draw in the Coupe de la Ligue is as exciting as last season's, as we travel to giants Olympique Lyonnais in our second money-spinning away day in as many years. We'll likely get a hiding, but the gate receipts will be fantastic. We've also seen the emergence of another young player in the first team. Charles Salaun only turned 16 at the beginning of the season, but looks like the long-term heir to club icon Guillaume Jannez at centre-back. As well as looking comfortable in defence, he's also found the net already, breaking the youngest scorer record set by Antonin Breton just a couple of months earlier. At the other end of the pitch, there has been one stand out performer so far this season. Youssef Ben Ali has been our best attacker every season to date, but has stepped up to another level this term, netting 14 times already this season and also recording 6 assists. He finally got his hands on a Player of the Month award in November, having placed second for the past three months in a row. He's our best player without a doubt, and we'll need his fine form to continue if we are to climb the table.
  10. July, August & September 2022 Union Sportive Concarnoise Following a goalless opening two games, I changed up our tactical system to make us more threatening in attack at the expense of some defensive stability. For the first time in a while, we are now scoring pretty freely, though we are nonetheless picking up too many draws. In the Coupe de la Ligue we managed two narrow home wins to progress to the Third Round, where we have another favourable home draw against Red Star. In terms of individual performances, young right back Thibaut Le Garrec made his claim to a starting berth after veteran Fred Salem suffered broken ribs early in the season. He's got a lot of work to do still technically but his physical and mental stats are looking pretty good and he could be a long-term option. Midfielder Antonin Breton is also getting some game time following injuries and suspensions to our starting midfielders, he scored on debut at the age of 16 and looks like another with plenty of promise. He will need to grow up fast though, as we're looking light in midfield following the loss of Philippe Moal and as our current starters age into their 30s. Hoping we can turn these draws into wins over the coming months and get back into the play-off picture.
  11. Our best-developed youth product to date leaves for a disappointing fee, becoming only our third biggest sale. While you'd think getting rid of a disruptive player would improve morale, it indirectly did the opposite. Thankfully once I explained that I would be giving some youngsters a chance, the team settled down.
  12. Preseason 2022 Union Sportive Concarneau A busy and encouraging preseason, which saw us defeat three teams of larger stature before thoroughly giving youth a chance. This season will be too soon for some of the youngsters who featured, but with the likes of Guillaume Jannez, Guillaume Gégousse, Maël Illien and Fred Salem all in their 30s it will soon be time for them to step up and feature week after week. Just the one outgoing in preseason, Sinquin was a sturdy midfield option but never quite first choice, and it was time to let him go and give someone younger a chance at covering the first team. The other transfer saga that rolls on is holding midfield star Philippe Moal. He continues to attract plenty of offers, but all well below what he is really worth, because his transfer value is fixed so low. He's causing trouble in the dressing room though, so I may have to just take what I can for the sake of the rest of the team. Great to see the facilities getting some more love.
  13. April & May 2022 Union Sportive Concarnoise A rotten end to a promising season, as the wheels well and truly fell off for us and we slipped well out of play-off contention to finish 9th. The PSG cup tie was great for our finances, but the heavy defeat seemed to rattle the team's morale and we never recovered. Probably the season's most exciting emerging talent has been Geoffrey Leblanc, a young winger from our first intake who has some great attributes. Unfortunately he's let down by his poor shooting stats, otherwise he would be a definite starter already. Having come close three years in a row, it's about time we actually made the Ligue 2 play-offs next season. Season League Pos. Cup L.Cup Notes - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2018/19 Championnat National 3rd R9 N/A Won Promotion Play-Off 2019/20 Domino’s Ligue 2 7th R10 R1 2020/21 Domino’s Ligue 2 6th R9 R2 2021/22 Domino’s Ligue 2 9th QFs R3
  14. February & March 2022 Union Sportive Concarnoise A run of three slip-ups in the league may well have cost us a play-off spot, though our form has picked back up since. The highlight of these two months was the home win over top flight side Bordeaux in the cup. Which rewarded us with an exciting Quarter Final match-up... It might not be pretty, but it won't do the coffers any harm. We also had our fourth youth intake in March, and received what looks like another promising crop with some reasonable personalities to boot. Gros looks the most impressive of these, I am retraining him as a central midfielder to fit our system.
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