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  1. I'm looking for a fun team in League 1/2 or Championship. Not much of other demands then a interesting squad, facilities etc is not so important. I'm thinking of a 3-5-2 system but it's not a deal breaker.
  2. I'd probably keep the players in Jong Ajax until they are too good för the Eerste divisie and then try to loan them out to teams in the Eredivisie or similiar status until they are competing for a place in the 1st team. The ability to play a lot of 1st team games seems to be very important to develop players even if it's in a lower league. So i'd probably try to keep the Jon squad quite small and loan out the players i'm not sure gonna make the cut later on. Do anyone use any set of transfer rules in their save? I'm trying to think out a few that are Ajax-compatible but the transfers have been mixed the latest seasons IRL. Young domestic, old and experienced, South american talents and some from Scandinavia. I'm more leaning towards something like: -Scandinavian u-21 -Domestic talents -Raid Dutch and Belgian leagues -Put a max cap at 2/3 talents from South America/Africa
  3. I have been playing a lot with Ajax in the previous versions but not yet in FM20, this post inspired me to take a look at them again!
  4. Yeah I have looked at all these teams but not found anything that made them stand out from each other. Might just pick a team and go with it then.
  5. What are some interesting/funny teams to manage on the Balkans?
  6. I'm looking for a team, big or small were i'm going to focus on youngsters and the players nationality is the same as the club. England feels quite diffucult to keep only english players in but might be an interesting challenge. Germanys rule about not playing u-17 is quite boring I believe. Maybe some smaller country? I have thought about AZ or Ajax from reading about them in this thread but i'm not hooked yet. Any ideas?
  7. I have had great success with Hammarby, going to Quarter Final in CL with mostly scandinavians, my best players were Victor Kristiansen, Mattias Jakobsen, Nils Fröling, Jeppe Höjbjerg, Isak Jansson, Isak Magnusson, Isac Harrysson. With the first two I have rejected bids for 30M Euros from Premier League. Some other good players from Sweden is: Anel Mujanic, Tim Prica, Dennis Collander, Isak Pettersson.
  8. There is a South America thread in the forum as well. It has som suggestions about teams all over South America.
  9. I'm still having big problems with no clubs bidding for my players and I don't want to push them ut of the club but soon I have to start offering players to clubs to get som rotation in the squad. I'm going to check out the economy aswell with more in depth checks, at first glance I did not see anything other than a very small loan.
  10. I´m on the 2nd season vil Velez and I somehow won the Primiera Division last year, did'nt really notice that I was doing so well until the last 5 games when the title was in range. A offensive 4-2-3-1 with Maxi Romero scoring 19 goals. Almada, Cufré and Robertone was vital players as well. I'm starting to get some luxury problems, I renewed contracts with all my star players to not loose them for free but now no clubs are bidding for my players and I've got really good youth players I want to move to the first team. How did you handle the situation with selling players? And the Economy I don´t understand, im losing much money every month despite having salarybudget left. I can't find anything in the economy section that explains why i'm losing around 1-2M euros every month. It has already made my uppgrades being shut down once and I must sell to keep the balance positive.
  11. Do you change anything in your tactic when facing a much better team or away games etc?
  12. Gonna try this out in the Greece league and will get back with the results!
  13. Which leagues are doing so well in Europe that Spain is falling behind?
  14. Great season! Really fun to read about.What tactic are you using? Is it the same in all of your teams?
  15. IK VIRGO FIRED The season did not go well att all. Last in league with 4 game to go and we were relegated. Tried to change up our tactic from last year but with very bad results I caved and changed back but it was to late and the team were awfully inconsistent all year. We only made 5 goals in first twelve games when we got our first win. Some of the older players declined very much between the seasons and with only one natural central midfielder and a PA of 3 silver stars I struggled a lot with the team. Gonna give it a new try but I think I might be changing the country.
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