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  1. Quit the save in Cukaricki Stankom after 3-4 months. Can't really pinpoit why but felt wrong. Maybe to easy of a challenge. I always get stuck in the same plays with a team with good youth and the team is quite good right away making it all about scouting for regens from the second season and the results comes anyway because of a good team. Have had a Youth Academy only save in Sweden as well, and it was fun but got repetitive after 6/7 seasons when your teams reputation gets higher and you are to depened on getting stars every season. Have made a pause with my NEC save after getting 3r
  2. So changing my CF to a F9 then? Should i also remove the "pass into space" then? To make the players play more via the AP?
  3. I'm having big trouble with my forward pairing to a AP(A). My AP is producing good numbers but my forwards always get in slumps. Last year none of them managed to get more then 8 goals. What roles fits best with a AP(A)? On the wings I have a IF(A) to the left and a IW(U) on the right.
  4. Ok thats hard to accept but, why does it not affect any of his other mental abilities? And his happiness? I think there should bo some more explaining in the inbox than just " off-field", whaterver happened but it is more easy to understand then.
  5. Here are the screenshots of the player and his determination drop.
  6. I had the same problem right now with my biggest talent dropping 10 points in determination because due to an off field event. What has happened? Is it a bug? Can provide screens later.
  7. Any interesting teams in the Balkans? I played with Banik Ostrava in Czech last year and it was great. Looking for something similar. Tips on which countries to load? I have though about Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech. Some rules i'm thinking about is only eastern europe players since it is too easy to buy from africa and sell on.
  8. Ginafranco Chavez from Peru is also a very good players whom is usually in the last year of his contract.
  9. Is RB Salzburg a good starting team? I like their tranfers strategy in real life but I am doubtful it the league is fun a few years in when you have clearly outgrown the league or am I wrong? What other teams are there that can compare to them in their philosophy about developing players and searching the smaller markets for findings? Benfica, Ajax etc seems a notch over that and buy players from another shelf.
  10. I'm also recommending the Dutch league. Many teams have a good base of talents and decent economy. In a few years ssyou should be able to poach talent and develop own like any top club in Europe. The only problem is the starting transfer budget you are asking for. It may be way too low for your demands. But it's worth cheking out.
  11. How is Connor Gallagher performing for you? A personal favorite irl but not as much in the games unfortunately.
  12. 4th season is over and it's a double again! The Eredivisie sorted itself when Ajax form dipped and we was knocked out of Europe. Europe is still something were whe have not been good att all. The offensive tactic is not well balanced there but no surprise. I choose to resign after the season as I felt that there not so much fun in staying and trying to poach to the few players we could get from BeNeLux. Those players could never replace Esposito, Diogo Leite, Nascimento etc. Esposito improved his scoring this year and ended with 29 goals in 32 matches. This means that he ended on a total
  13. I played with Velez on FM20 and I stumbled over a possible problem. Since I only loaded the South American leagues and no big leagues in Europe I did not get almost any bid for my best players which made the whole team a luxury problem after a few seasons. I only got a very few bid which was big under bids as well that I did not accept. With all that talent coming thru I made it quite boring to choose between selling the best players very very cheap or have a too big squad. Have you experienced anything similar?
  14. Really interesting setup. Wondering if this is as good at FM21. Might try it out. How far are you into the game? Thinking about if you were dominating the world before you tried this tactic and the players are outstanding and therefore it's working out?
  15. Yeah I know but I don't think i'm going to stay that long at Groningen but maybe. It is still to much fun to search for the perfect talents to have crazy recruitment rules. Will have to see how the save turns out. I'm not going to sell all foreigners right away, i'm going to phase them out naturally is my plan.
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