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  1. I'm pretty certain the Peterborough & District Football League was in last years addition, but it would be good to see those leagues back in again!
  2. Currently live in Stamford, but Peterborough born and bred. I am a posh fan, but I’m also the Peterborough Sports first team photographer.
  3. Good to see someone's local to me. You're better off than Raunds, I've saw them play at Bourne a couple weeks back and lost 7-1. They were dreadful!
  4. I’ll be giving this a try first thing tomorrow!
  5. Mr_Whippy

    This Is America

    THats terrible.
  6. Mr_Whippy

    Day thread

    £580 inc vat.
  7. Mr_Whippy

    Day thread

    Ended up having the Camembert, Quadzilla Burger and the Jam Rolly Polly for dessert (Yes, I’m 12 at heart..) the remaining money was spend on a pint and two gins! Should get my call file through on Monday which I’ve been told I will be staying over somewhere in the St Albans area. All this food will kill me eventually!
  8. Mr_Whippy

    Bills Seeker - He's not dead, just getting RIPed off

    Typically they are one of the most expensive out there. I’m with First Utility. Also, if you’re looking at changing never go by the ‘saving £200’ etc on the comparison sites, always looks at the unit and standing charge. Some are astronomical.
  9. Mr_Whippy

    Bills Seeker - He's not dead, just getting RIPed off

    I pay £61 per month direct debit for dual fuel for a 3 bed detached. In the summer I spend about £20 a month and winter anything up to £70 depending on the weather. I always shop around and was on a cheaper deal. Who are you with Bliss? I hope it’s not British Gas..
  10. Mr_Whippy

    Day thread

    According to the website there are 3 in Greater London.
  11. Mr_Whippy

    Day thread

    I’m confident if you went to a Hungry Horse in London it would be a similar price.
  12. Mr_Whippy

    Day thread

    So far I’ve ordered 2 courses and a beer which came to £12.55. I’m aiming to spend my £30 so I’ll be have a desert, and probably a few more beers/gins! Beer is allowed and it’s written on a peice if paper that I have that allowance. Great perks with this job!
  13. Mr_Whippy

    Day thread

    So I’ve been given a £30 meal allowance for my overnight stay that I can use next door to my hotel. Next door is a Hungry Horse, so basically I’ll be able to have a 4 course meal and 3 pints and still have £10 left over?
  14. Mr_Whippy

    Day thread

    I’m enthralled. Keep me posted.
  15. I’ve never seen a Stonehouse Pizza and Cauvery. Is this only a West Midlands thing?