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    The proof is in the pudding, and the pudding, in this case, is a football. Boof! Eat my goal! The go
  1. Same point stands - €100 just because it's the number 100??? Just think it's funny how a seemingly completely random price tag is slapped on his head probably because his true monetary worth can't be accurately calculated (due to the top players moving clubs rarely and the constant flux of new money coming into football). Too hard to grasp?
  2. Love the way how a completely arbitrary figure is arrived at in the media in these situations. Not 57,63 or 82, but £78 million!
  3. Hargreaves' pen was awesome. Nani's was the best though (from a pressure point of view) - for a young player to keep his cool when most players would probably think it's likely they'll lose was impressive. See Waddle in '90 for other outcomes of this type of penalty.
  4. That has gladdened my heart and I can now go to sleep peacefully Also did anyone else see that Cech saved Ronaldo's penalty with his head? Or more specifically his helmet? Not suggesting for a moment in this case that not wearing it would have altered the flight of the ball so much the pen would have gone in... but surely wearing a grippy helmet that makes your head one inch bigger all the way round during a torrential downpour gains a keeper a teeny advantage?
  5. Just watched the pens and celebrations again. Derren Brown will be proud of van der Sar with his finger pointing suggestive mindgames. Wonder why he didn't do it on the Kalou pen? Maybe its an Anelka specific technique. Also Edwin boring Rio and Carrick about his shootout in '96 while they're standing waiting for the presentation is comedy gold. Rio just looks at the floor and Carrick looks to distance as if to say I'm not part of this conversation. Park standing near the bench looking lost in his soaked suit
  6. Well that was hell for about 150 minutes. Thought we were excellent in the first half, lots of movement up top and controlled passing. When Tevez missed his 2 chances, it just seemed so obvious Chelsea would come back into it. Despite my dislike for them, I have to say they played well in the second half in their relentless physical machine-like style. We resorted to longer balls and eventually had to match their formation to try to get ourselves back in it. Rode our luck in a way with the shots that hit the post and crossbar although Giggs should have buried his chance after stupendous work by Paddy. Nearly didn't watch the pens but put myself through it. Still a horrible way to decide a major final. Still think this and the WC final should have replays. Obviously there are logistical problems but if fans knew in advance there might be a replay on the Saturday it would be a better way to decide it. Actually felt a twinge of sadness for some of the Chelsea players. I assume it was a decent match to watch for the neutral? Was expecting a bore-fest to be honest. Happy that Scholesy got his medal and Fergie his second Cup. But I don't think I can go through that again. On a final note, if that proved to be Drogba's and/or Gigg's exit from English football then it was a very fitting night all round.
  7. Pretty interesting OPTA end of season stats article on the Times website. Have picked out our stats below. Link to article is here. Lists of stats here, here and here. As expected Ronaldo appearing lots, but Giggs is a bit of a revelation considering the thoughts on here about his general decline. Lies, damned lies, and statistics etc... Enjoy Random Stats Cristiano Ronaldo was involved in 47% of Manchester United's goals 33% of the goals United conceded this season were headers – the highest proportion in the top flight. United fired in the most shots (547). Chelsea and Man Utd kept 21 clean sheets each – a joint-league high. Cristiano Ronaldo became only the fifth player ever to score 30+ Premier League goals in a single season – Shearer, Phillips, Andy Cole & Henry are the others. Ronaldo fired in 131 shots – the most in the Premier League. Edwin van der Sar had the best saves to shots ratio of all first choice keepers, stopping 80% of accurate shots on target. Manchester United have lost three and drawn one of their last four Premier League games with Mark Clattenburg as the ref. Team Stats Goals to shots ratio: 5.Manchester United 14.63% Shooting accuracy: 1.Manchester United 47.53% Hit the woodwork: 2.Manchester United 14 Penalties taken and penalties scored: 1.Manchester United 8 6 Percentage of passes that were long: 18.Manchester United 13.86% Total fouls conceded: 18.Manchester United 425 Total fouls won: 8.Manchester United 483 Opposition shots on target allowed (lowest to highest): 4.Manchester United 130 Players used: 17.Manchester United 25 Players with five or more goals: 4=Manchester United 4 Players with at least one assist: 4.Manchester United 17 Player Stats Total shots attempted: 1.Ronaldo 131 5.Rooney 85 8.Tevez 82 Number of times hit woodwork: 1=Rooney 4 5=Giggs 3 5=Ronaldo 3 Assists: 3=Rooney 10 6=Nani 9 Total passes and passing accuracy: 6.Scholes 1592 89.70% 7.Carrick 1585 83.22% 9.Ferdinand 1546 84.80% Crosses and corners attempted and crosses and corners accuracy: 8.Giggs 222 23.42% Tackles attempted and tackle success rate: 9.Brown 116 81.03% Percentage of goals involved in: 1.Cristiano Ronaldo 47% Minutes per goal scored: 1.Cristiano Ronaldo 88.6 Minutes per chance created: 3.Ryan Giggs 30.6 4.Nani 30.7 Minutes per shot: 1.Cristiano Ronaldo 21.0 2.Wayne Rooney 25.7 Minutes per foul won: 3.Cristiano Ronaldo 31.2 Minutes per pass: 1.Paul Scholes 1.16 3.Michael Carrick 1.39 Goals scored per game: 1.Cristiano Ronaldo 0.91 Chances created per game: 5.Ryan Giggs 2.35 Shots per game: 1.Cristiano Ronaldo 3.85 2.Wayne Rooney 3.15 Fouls won per game: 4.Cristiano Ronaldo 2.59 Passes per game: 2.Paul Scholes 66.33 Most... Passes in own half - Rio Ferdinand - 912 Dribbles attempted - Cristiano Ronaldo - 191
  8. In total, or played in one whole game?
  9. Does seem harsh, but them's the rules. Just out of interest what would people see as a fairer number? 5? 8? Anyone that's played?
  10. Didn't see the match - is Vidic dead, or just a concussiony type thing?
  11. Was very impressed with Veloso during the under 21 thingy last summer. Controlled the games for them. Haven't seen Moutinho play (or at least can't remember him), he is considered more attacking is he not? Scholes has at least a season left in him so I'd say the links are a bit odd considering the strength of our main four centre mids plus Fletch as backup. There's at least 2 other positions that need strengthening first. Would only make sense if we are buying them ahead of time and definitely the player we want to replace Scholes, but that's an awful lot of juggling for 1/2 seasons to keep playesr happy.
  12. You make them sound like a relentless machine devoid of emotion, grinding their way through turgid matches using a new kind of anti-football. Oh.
  13. The Saturday before the semi first leg. Chelsea game falls on the Saturday after the first leg and before the second.
  14. I guess we'll never know now, but I still have nightmares about the last time an overweight out of form Brazilian turned up at Old Trafford
  15. Ronaldinho out for the season - good news should we get to the semis. I know he's had an awful season but I could easily have seen him randomly turning it on against us.