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  1. Just wanted to say.. i love playing with the 3 striker formations. My two gripes would be: (1) teams need to rotate more (or just increase this on manager profiles). (2) Transfers need to be sorted out. i dont hink i've ever seen a player exchange deal happen. (b) when i offer a player to other clubs, when the likes of new your city or other major clubs ask me to pay a percentage of their wages, for the durartion of their contract, well that needs to go.
  2. dragosani

    Group B: Portugal v Morocco (KO 1300BST)

    ..as comeback go they're not very snappy!
  3. dragosani

    Could we be about to have a World Cup Eve TWIST?

    Gutted he got found out
  4. dragosani

    Could we be about to have a World Cup Eve TWIST?

    I dont think they had a choice. Madrid didnt ask ask/notifiy/gain permission to speak to the manager. and the manager didnt have the courtesy to tell his employers, he had been approached/negotiated and signed for madrid.
  5. dragosani

    something wrong wih the transfer market

    Maybe the best thing to do is to bring back the "not for sale" but still allow you to bid. so that wonderkid valued at 1m, you put in 5,7, 10million until the club goes "oh go on then, that amount is just too stupid to turn down".
  6. Roger Milla, Italia 90... never the same afterwards
  7. there used to be a rule that in order to play in the spl, you had to have a 10,000 all seater stadium. it may be that!
  8. dragosani

    Android Phone

    Cheers Frankie, I'll have a look at those two!
  9. dragosani

    Android Phone

    Idealy i wanted to stay away from that (it was the fact i got £50 vouchers for amazon that kicked off the idea), but it may be something i have to look at.
  10. dragosani

    Android Phone

    You'd be right. its sort of came at the wrong time. Im n just about to shell out for car insurance. so my budget is round the £150 mark. i had hoped that the wileyfox would do the job but to no avail. On top of that when you start doing your reserach it starts to get a bit mind boggling. Learning about Chipsets, battery life, quad core, What gsm & lte mean etc.
  11. dragosani

    Android Phone

    Hi folks, I thought I’d put the good word out to yourselves and ask for advice on a new phone. Just to give you the background I’ve got two kids and the two and half year old loves watching peppa pig on the youtube. unfortunately there is now a nasty crack in the screen and where you plug the usb in, it is now bent. I’ve been scouring amazon (I got £50 in vouchers as birthday pressie, just in case your wondering) but the army of phones out there are quite conflicting. You look at one phone read the specs on it, watch the review and go that looks good. Then you look at the comments and you see see back of phone swelled up, phone died in two days etc. The last two phones I’ve had have been a bit of a disaster. I had a ulefone tech armor phone 4.7” which was near £200 (bought from gearsbest in Hong Kong). However within 6-8 months the screen decided to go black (you could see that it was working but it was like someone had thrown a blanket over the screen) The second phone I got was a wileyfox spark x 5.5” looked lovely, a bit sluggish but is now cracked and likes to occasionally turn itself off (6 months old). Prior to it be dropped and cracked I tried to buy a protective case from wiley fox. I waited a month no case. I then learned after putting my email complain in, that the company had went bust, then had been resurrected but don’t seem to be interested one bit in customer service. I’m looking for a durable/shock proof phone that can deal with being dropped by a two and half year old, plays youtube videos and takes a decent picture I quite like the rugged phones but again it gets confusing, (some phones you need an adaptor to plug headphones in to listen to music). So far I’ve looked at blackview, doogee, cubolt & elephones. Can anyone recommend a decent smart phone around the £150 mark? Many thanks, folks.
  12. dragosani

    What is your favourite videogame of this generation?

    resident evil 2/and nemesis & grand theft auto vice city. the only reasons i got an xbox & playstation 2
  13. whether it works, i dont know, but it makes me happy
  14. I started with the team cohesion thing but decided that due to the way the formation worked, that maybe ball control would be better (well working on the asumption that if we had better control/iuse of the ball then maybe they wouldnt give it aweay so much).
  15. I have it on ball control.