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  1. FM18 Glasgow Rangers - Be a Kingmaker

    Yup this one looks better!
  2. New to Fm Touch

    cheers for that, dude. i can stick within the 3 nations rule.
  3. New to Fm Touch

    Thats made my day! Many thanks!
  4. New to Fm Touch

    Any idea folks? chees
  5. Hi folks, as I now have baby number 2 on the way, my days of playing the full version of fm are probably over (well until 2024 least). So it now looks like I’ll be on the touch version. Now due to child number one (who is 2) having a keen interest in my laptop every time I fire it up (lots of fun googling how to get your screen page round the right way). I’ve decided to ask Santa for a tablet. Now last year Santa bought me the limited version of both full & touch. I was quite delighted to see that I could use fmrte (in game editor) to bump up some of my players stats.. (Or as rangers manager get rid of Senderos- 16k a week, really). From what I understand if I get the limited version, I can’t transfer the touch version to the tablet. I will have to buy the touch version from the android/steam store. The other question I have is about cross saves. If I edit my touch version on the pc, save it and then attempt to cross it over to the tablet, will that work? Or does it have to remain pure? Many thanks
  6. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    Love to see an editor for this! i've got one kid and another one on the way. So my days of playing full fat are over. For me, i would like to add myself and family members into the game. Change the league system for Scotland. e.g. 3 leagues of 18! Git rid of the debt at all scottish clubs. Make all clubs professional in the scottish league. and upgrade the league atraction value.
  7. FM17: Rangers - Royal Blue Renaissance

    Cheers Dude, I'll keep an eye out for them
  8. FM17: Rangers - Royal Blue Renaissance

    Hi folks, Just bought FM17 and thought i'd have a wee perusal of this thread, to pick up ideas for players. Unfortunately it looks like the freebies mentioned have been nicked (well in 17.3). so just wondering how folks are doing and if they've come across any decent bargains.
  9. Hi folks, I’m looking to starting a new game using the fake player’s option as opposed to real players. What I also wanted to do is add players that I have created into the fake player universe. My questions are, is that possible and how? Apologies if this has already been asked. Cheers.
  10. Worst Cheat or Rage Quit

    I'd normally reload games (obviously when I have lost), when I have forgotten to give a team talk, left a player in who is injured unfit or accidently stuck the wrong player in..e.g. putting a right back in as striker , when I already have 3 strikers sitting in the squad. To me that gives me all the justification I need.
  11. The Ask-SI-Anything Thread

    Hi there, As one of the older Fm’ers and now a dad of a one year old, playing the full version of fm is a tad time consuming (I’m on fm15). I understand that there is the classic option that you can play but you cannot use an edited database. Will there be any plans(for future versions) to change this? My reason for asking is that I have changed the Scottish league set from the dull 4times a year business to having 4 leagues of 18. Second question, occasionally I like to play using the non real players option. Is there a way of creating players to add to that, in other words adding yourself, friends in etc? Apologies if the above has already been asked. cheers!
  12. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    I'd Just like to say I am one of those people who just buys a laptop for FM. its nice that I can watch movies on it, download/listen to music etc but that's not my main priority. If I wanted to watch a film, i'd rather watch in on the tv and not a small screen. if I wanted to listen to music, i'd plug the ipod into the stereo. The laptop for me is the conduit for Football Manager nothing else (apart from the internet of course)
  13. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    cheers Eugene!
  14. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Hi Eugene, I should of said , I was thinking on the lines of an external one that I can plug in. Each time I look on Amazon at them, you get some decent reviews and then boom, you get a one star view saying its slower than a hard drive.
  15. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Hi guys, regarding ssd drives, what would I be looking at in regards of gbs and hwta sort of cost?