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  1. @knap, Hi knap, apologies for resurrecting such an old thread but after having a nostalgia moment I decided to stick on fm12. Once loaded up I went back to my Rangers team and the majority of the tactics I have are the mighty 442 & 451 & 4-2-3-1. Since then, the tactical universe has opened up a bit for me, And in fm18 I decided to take the plunge and go for the three centre back model using the Blue matter 3-4-3, pilgrimage 3-4-3, as well as 3-5-2. I’ve had a dig into the old historic threads and can’t see anything close. So I’m just wondering if you have anything in the vault, that may close to the above. If you don’t, then no worries. Either way many thanks J
  2. Have to agree with that. I used to play the full version but to be honest felt it was too time consuming with the amount of “clicks”. However the touch version feels like its missing a few things. The ability to save opposition instructions or at least “positional” instructions would be great ( on the full version I would always have instructions saved to close down and push the ball to weaker foot for the GK & both CDs). The second thing may well be a tad controversial but certainly some player interaction would be good, whether to unsettle a play at another club, or just tell a player that he’s doing well. This used to be in earlier versions of fm but it used to be a lot of fun commenting on the opposition’s manager or top player. Now I understand that people may not want that level of interaction but in that case, why cant we have the ability to set a basic level of interaction at the game beginning e.g. almost like a tick box the (same way we have attribute masking). And of course the obligatory pre game editor. Or at the very least some league templates for smaller nations? E.g. I play as Rangers but facing the same team 3 or 4 times in the league then in the league cup and Scottish cup can get a bit repetitive. When I played the full version. I have a league of 18 playing twice a season with just the Scottish cup. It kept it fresh and interesting.
  3. Just wanted to say.. i love playing with the 3 striker formations. My two gripes would be: (1) teams need to rotate more (or just increase this on manager profiles). (2) Transfers need to be sorted out. i dont hink i've ever seen a player exchange deal happen. (b) when i offer a player to other clubs, when the likes of new your city or other major clubs ask me to pay a percentage of their wages, for the durartion of their contract, well that needs to go.
  4. I dont think they had a choice. Madrid didnt ask ask/notifiy/gain permission to speak to the manager. and the manager didnt have the courtesy to tell his employers, he had been approached/negotiated and signed for madrid.
  5. Maybe the best thing to do is to bring back the "not for sale" but still allow you to bid. so that wonderkid valued at 1m, you put in 5,7, 10million until the club goes "oh go on then, that amount is just too stupid to turn down".
  6. there used to be a rule that in order to play in the spl, you had to have a 10,000 all seater stadium. it may be that!
  7. whether it works, i dont know, but it makes me happy
  8. I started with the team cohesion thing but decided that due to the way the formation worked, that maybe ball control would be better (well working on the asumption that if we had better control/iuse of the ball then maybe they wouldnt give it aweay so much).
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