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  1. Can't remember which version it was, but I remember having Giovanni Von bronkhorst sent off and bannrd for pushing the ref. It was when he just signed for Rangers. I do miss the brawls in the game. Certainly made those rival games more entertaining. It's a shame they gave it the chuck.
  2. Hi folks, this will probably sound like a stupid question. Ive just bought fm21 with beta. What I was wondering is, if I download the beta version now, does whole game then need to get replaced with the official version tomorrow? Or is it just a patch a patch to fix any differences.
  3. Hi folks, I recently posted in the previous thread about getting a new laptop, as my old Lenovo was damaged by one of my kids. After making a list, I then posted in the thread and I was down to HP Pavilion Gaming and an acer nitro 5 bundle on amazon. Kevhamster advised that nitro bundle with G1650ti would probably shade it, so off I went to get the funds together, only to find the nitro had sold out and the hp pavilion gaming 15 had went up by £100. So I thought, I’ll leave it and bide my time until either black Friday or the nitro comes back in however, whilst I was looking
  4. Yeah, I switched over to the new one, only to find it had been lock!
  5. Hiya Long time lurker in this thread J I’ll try and keep it to a mimimum, I currently /used to have a Lenovo z510 (Lenovo Z510 15.6-inch Laptop - Black (Intel Core i7-4702MQ 2.2GHz, 8GB RAM) purchased in 2014 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lenovo-Z510-15-6-inch-Laptop-i7-4702MQ/dp/B00HR6TYZC it appears I’m am now in the market for a new laptop as my two year-old decided to lean on the power port (with cord in) and snapped the board inside. After taking on the advice in this thread and looking at various options, I’ve decided that mayb
  6. @knap, Hi knap, apologies for resurrecting such an old thread but after having a nostalgia moment I decided to stick on fm12. Once loaded up I went back to my Rangers team and the majority of the tactics I have are the mighty 442 & 451 & 4-2-3-1. Since then, the tactical universe has opened up a bit for me, And in fm18 I decided to take the plunge and go for the three centre back model using the Blue matter 3-4-3, pilgrimage 3-4-3, as well as 3-5-2. I’ve had a dig into the old historic threads and can’t see anything close. So I’m just wondering if you have anythi
  7. Have to agree with that. I used to play the full version but to be honest felt it was too time consuming with the amount of “clicks”. However the touch version feels like its missing a few things. The ability to save opposition instructions or at least “positional” instructions would be great ( on the full version I would always have instructions saved to close down and push the ball to weaker foot for the GK & both CDs). The second thing may well be a tad controversial but certainly some player interaction would be good, whether to unsettle a play at anot
  8. Just wanted to say.. i love playing with the 3 striker formations. My two gripes would be: (1) teams need to rotate more (or just increase this on manager profiles). (2) Transfers need to be sorted out. i dont hink i've ever seen a player exchange deal happen. (b) when i offer a player to other clubs, when the likes of new your city or other major clubs ask me to pay a percentage of their wages, for the durartion of their contract, well that needs to go.
  9. I dont think they had a choice. Madrid didnt ask ask/notifiy/gain permission to speak to the manager. and the manager didnt have the courtesy to tell his employers, he had been approached/negotiated and signed for madrid.
  10. Maybe the best thing to do is to bring back the "not for sale" but still allow you to bid. so that wonderkid valued at 1m, you put in 5,7, 10million until the club goes "oh go on then, that amount is just too stupid to turn down".
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