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  1. Maybe i didn't write correctly the question. I'm not talking about the facepack. I'm talking about the rtf file which is created by using the ingame print option (control + P). When i select the option save as txt file or html the results are only a small percentage of the search results (eg. search results is 1000 players, text file saves only 200 names.) Sorry for my bad english
  2. I don't know if this is the correct place to ask but i'm trying to use the newgan face replace pack. So one of the necessary steps is to control+P the results as a text file. But when i do that i get a txt file which does not include all the results of the search screen (e.g. i would get 400 players instead of 10.000). Is there a limit on the printing thing or another workaround?
  3. Beautiful in what sense. Just because last years it was crap and we got used to it, it doesn't mean it's great. It's just better than last year but still have a lot of flaws and i'm not the only one saying that.
  4. Defending in this game is a joke. How many times have you seen irl defenders turn their back to a long ball instead of jumping and heading the ball. I mean what the hell, goalkeepers are giving assists to the strikers all the time. How do you deal with this horrible ME?
  5. Hey Knap, i know it's stupid question. But how do you test your tactics? You go on holiday or press instant results the whole season?
  6. 1920x1080 100% Can i have your children? Please save us
  7. I have the match stats on all the time. How the hell i disable it?
  8. Game: FM20 Type of Game: Career Age: 40 Timezone: +2 GMT When can you play: afternoons till late night Steam Username: stoni90
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