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  1. Ok i think this is a big bug. I'm in the summer Champions League playoffs and i'm drawn against the Champion of my league. I think this is huge mistake.
  2. Game: FM20 Type of Game: Career Age: 40 Timezone: +2 GMT When can you play: afternoons till late night Steam Username: stoni90
  3. Hi all, can anyone who has graphic skills help me make a logo for custom football team with the name Seneca. Something like that just much better
  4. ok, im more of a player, cause of my bad english and lack of time. Cheers
  5. can i ask something stupid? Are we suppose to write the stories ourselves?
  6. im getting this thread bacl. I still think signing youngsters is still unrealistic. How can a 17years with no apps ever, value 400k and current potential 1 star cost 20M. Its unreal.
  7. especially when the no-name club has no future in league and no money.
  8. Look at the player first. 0 apps in league. 1 U-21 cap. Value 725k and requested price is 18.25M. are you serious this is a normal request? and if you say ok Napoli is a big club. how about a player from Panaitolikos greek small club whos value is 10k and they wont sell him even with 4m. THIS IS COMPLETELY UNREALISTIC. we are talking about clubs with **** finances and no reputation.
  9. i think the game made impossible to sign wonderkids. Check this http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v621/stoni90/somma_zps91e18f80.jpg player and these demands http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v621/stoni90/bid_zps2267aaab.jpg
  10. I thought it was only me. Same here. Also the crosses are headed to 6yard box and the GK does nothing. For me it is 90% of the goals from crosses. I know playing with AML/AMR leaves the DL/DR exposed but still the way we concede the goals are exactly the same as you state. I thought it was soome sort of a bug or a ME thing. Dunno yet.
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