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    i use to worry about the world,now the world has to worry about me.....

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  1. Hi all, can anyone who has graphic skills help me make a logo for custom football team with the name Seneca. Something like that just much better
  2. FMS Online Gaming Thread

    what time sunday?
  3. FMS Online Gaming Thread

    ok, im more of a player, cause of my bad english and lack of time. Cheers
  4. FMS Online Gaming Thread

    can i ask something stupid? Are we suppose to write the stories ourselves?
  5. FMS Online Gaming Thread

    Can i be Arsenal?
  6. FMS Online Gaming Thread

    Damn you got me....
  7. FMS Online Gaming Thread

    sounds an excellent idea.
  8. im getting this thread bacl. I still think signing youngsters is still unrealistic. How can a 17years with no apps ever, value 400k and current potential 1 star cost 20M. Its unreal.
  9. especially when the no-name club has no future in league and no money.
  10. Look at the player first. 0 apps in league. 1 U-21 cap. Value 725k and requested price is 18.25M. are you serious this is a normal request? and if you say ok Napoli is a big club. how about a player from Panaitolikos greek small club whos value is 10k and they wont sell him even with 4m. THIS IS COMPLETELY UNREALISTIC. we are talking about clubs with **** finances and no reputation.
  11. i think the game made impossible to sign wonderkids. Check this http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v621/stoni90/somma_zps91e18f80.jpg player and these demands http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v621/stoni90/bid_zps2267aaab.jpg
  12. I thought it was only me. Same here. Also the crosses are headed to 6yard box and the GK does nothing. For me it is 90% of the goals from crosses. I know playing with AML/AMR leaves the DL/DR exposed but still the way we concede the goals are exactly the same as you state. I thought it was soome sort of a bug or a ME thing. Dunno yet.
  13. the best pack ever... i will start a game only for you
  14. thanks for the quick response. i will try and tell