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  1. Ginger

    Is this true?

    It was Villa v Birmingham - just to clarify (painful memories)
  2. Ginger

    Is this true?

    So taking this one step further - if the players are off the pitch and the ref allows a kick off - if the players ran back onto the pitch without permission (like players waiting to return to the game from injury) would the game be stopped?
  3. Ginger

    The New & Improved Photography Thread

    I’d second MPB for sure, been great for me!
  4. Ginger

    Things that have aged badly...

    A few 90’s tv shows that we’re popular but are hard to watch now - I loved Game On, but really doesn’t work well now. Same to be said for Men Behaving Badly.
  5. Ginger

    The TV Show Thread

    Series 2 of Sneaky Pete is on Amazon now, and Series 3 of Love just went live on Netflix.
  6. Ginger

    The TV Show Thread

    I remember enjoying the first series, I think they then changed one of the actors and it lost a bit of momentum - still worth a look IMO
  7. Ginger

    The Playstation 4 Thread

    So far 42 hours in and have all the collectibles but still got a way to go to get the main story complete - find myself battling with areas well above my level 😂 Cant get over how massive the map is too
  8. Ginger

    The Walking Dead *Possible Spoilers*

    Just finished watching the second series of Fear the Walking Dead and I must say I’m starting to enjoy that a lot more the TWD - I’ve been watching TWD due to blind loyalty much like most of you guys, it’s a programme that’s been dying slowly for years now - such a shame the way the show has gone. the characters on FTWD aren’t as likeable, but the world they are in seems somehow more watchable.
  9. Ginger

    The TV Show Thread

    Already read there is a second series on the way!
  10. Ginger

    honeymoon destinations - safaris

    I did The Gambia which was pretty cool; spend the first week in forest lodges then the second on the coast - 6 hour flight and English speaking too!
  11. Ginger

    The TV Show Thread

    You’ll enjoy it, the first series was the weakest IMO, gets better!
  12. Ginger

    The TV Show Thread

    Mr Robot
  13. Ginger

    Netflix thread.

    Really enjoyed the series, a few big plot holes, but generally pretty enjoyable. Loved Mindhunter and by all accounts that might return early 2018.
  14. Ginger

    Netflix thread.

    Finished Mindhunter and really enjoyed it - a little slow in places but really looking forward to the next series due in the spring.
  15. Ginger

    The travelling thread

    I’d add Red Rooster in Harlem as a great place to eat, depending on funds the best place I ate was WD-50 incredible food.