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  1. It was Villa v Birmingham - just to clarify (painful memories)
  2. So taking this one step further - if the players are off the pitch and the ref allows a kick off - if the players ran back onto the pitch without permission (like players waiting to return to the game from injury) would the game be stopped?
  3. Posted on 2nd August and got plenty of abuse. Not far off...
  4. Its funnier that every response has included some blanked out swearing or similar abuse; I'd say that tells more about the people posting in this thread
  5. I'm as entitled to post here as anyone else is Isn't a bit of banter allowed on football forums? I'm sorry for upsetting you on your excellent choice of thread title, but maybe chill out a bit and don't take things so personally?
  6. Thread title does set you up though 'The new era has begun'
  7. Benteke and Liverpool... Never fit the Liverpool system > not good enough > waste of money > better than Carroll > Oh god what a goal > he's amazing > we're gonna win the league > Lose a few before Xmas, Rodgers out > Benteke injured > appoint Dalglish > rebuilding starts > next season is our year...
  8. Nicely done and looks like a well planned and well constructed document - After reading the 'Editors note' I was little disappointed that you'd never seen The Bootroom fanzine we did a while back (Link - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/50800-The-Bootroom-Issue-4), never really got long term support so I hope you fare better! Edit - I might forgive you as The Bootroom was all the way back in 2008!
  9. The referee ruined the game completely - for both sides. He gave Baker a yellow for the first tackle of the game and then had set his stall out. Ramires didn't deserve two yellows and Terry certainly did his part to get Bentwke sent off. Terry should have been shown red for his professional foul in the first half and for being the last man when a goal scoring chance was coming. Likewise from where I was sat it looked like the ball clearly crossed the line for your goal that wasn't given - overall terrible refereeing. Was an exciting game and great to watch, from my point of view I thought villa played some great stuff but were always likely to concede (story of our season), but Chelsea did much better when down to ten men as they regained their focus. Cahill and Terry had no idea how to deal with Benteke but for me Mata and Lampard took control when the game needed to be won. Luiz made a massive difference when he came on too.
  10. Downing broke his foot before he signed for Villa and he was exactly the same for us, going forward had promise but backed out of every single tackle, never looked interested in trying to make a challenge - if he ever did win the ball we'd give a sarcastic cheer!
  11. TBF he does dive/cheat/lash out when provoked - if it was Downing there wouldn't be any problem
  12. After playing 2 games and signing for £4m how much has he cost per game...£1m?
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