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  1. @knap personally I would probably just test pretty randomly, and try to get a good mix of formations tested. That way people can play whichever formation they like. It's hard to say exactly what the difference is between the liverpool test and these longer tests without knowing what players are being used in the longer tests. Do they have PPMs? Is their footedness right for IF vs W for instance? All of these things are variables that will cause scatter. But in general, if you're looking to find the "best" tactics the fastest, the plot I made indicates that testing in descending ord
  2. I have a PhD in astrophysics so yeah In the past I have written very complex squad analysis tools for my own use. These days I'm a little less "algorithmic" and I try to play the game more naturally. But in the past I would dump all player attributes, calculate how good each player was for each position, and assign the best 22 automatically without even having to think I don't quite play that way anymore, as I try to make the "thinking" the fun part.
  3. Something I've been curious about as testing results have been coming in is how correlated the new testing results might be with the Liverpool results. In general, they seem to be correlated. Although the Kashmir Kingstonian and 41320 Dark Side of the Moon appear to be outliers. If you remove those, there's certainly a correlation where the better Liverpool tests are doing better in the longer test as well, although there's really still a lot of scatter.
  4. I have kind of stopped dropping mentality earlier than 80 minutes. In my experience nearly every time I drop mentality it invites the opponent to attack more and they're more likely to get back into the game.
  5. @knap Parisienne 4231 wingers and HGF451P107 Curious to see any of the 4231's and 451's (with DR/DL not WBR/WBL) though as that is always going to be my preferred formations.
  6. on the topic of PPMs, it's important to be careful about PPMS like "gets forward whenever possible" with regard to midfielders and mentoring, because most of the tactics have a DLPS somewhere and if you have your AM setting up mentoring, you could get "gets forward" and "runs with ball often" and all kinds of ppms spread all across to people you don't want to have them. It's annoying to the point where I almost prefer that none of my players have ppms related to movement; inside forwards with cuts inside for instance can be a real pain when they pass that ppm around to all of your attacke
  7. yeah I don't know how people do it with AM training either but IMO defensive shape makes a huge difference in terms of players getting back and blocking shots before they get to the keeper in a one-on-one. And since all of these tactics are extreme pressing tactics I think teamwork is pretty important as well. If you notice "pressing" is specifically mentioned as being boosted for the upcoming match. "Match Tactics" is the one I'm least sure about, but it also trains the decisions and teamwork attributes, which is totally fine to load up on IMO. In weeks with 2 matches I will someti
  8. Match prep makes a huge difference, although I actually am not a fan of any of the training schedules that players have released, including the RDF ones for knap's tactics. I actually use the AM recommendation for general training and then add in all the match prep manually. The ones that other players have released have caused me far too many injuries as well as far too many complaints from players. Using the AM as a base then adding on match prep has been far less headaches.
  9. Don't read too much into the defensive stats of the 451, since that's the one I play against better teams and in away matches, naturally it will give up more chances.
  10. lol the 433 DM Wide is the latest HGF 451 here In my 3 tactic slots I have Parisienne on attacking, Parisienne on cautious, and HGF 451 on positive. I play the 451 in most away matches, and the 4231 on attacking in most home matches. As mentioned previously I load up on match prep for every match; my goal is to have match preview/review, attacking movement, defensive shape, teamwork, and match tactics for every game. If there's not enough training segments I prioritize attacking movement and defensive shape. Every two weeks I alternate individual training on all players
  11. @Ahabos I have been using the Parisienne 4231 with wingers for several seasons over the last few weeks. It's still working great.
  12. I've had my best run of form in FM21 since the latest update. I am mixing Parisienne (wingers) with the latest HGF 451. One thing I've been doing this season is switching individual training every two weeks so that each player has good position/role/duty familiarity in both tactics. I've scored 137 goals and conceded 46, in 48 played. About half of those games were played before the update. After the update I won 22 games in a row before finally losing to PSG away in the quarter final of the Champions League. I am RC Lens BTW. During the 22 game win streak I scored 81 and conceded 20, wit
  13. Ah I see, you're right a lot of the 2 striker ones do seem to use IWB. I have been mostly using 1 striker tactics which are usually not IWBs.
  14. I have tried two different ways of exporting highlights in FM21, steam version, and both are failing. The first way, I clicked on the score of a game, clicked on "share", picked the goals out of the "add highlights" pull down, and picked "export package" out of the "upload package" menu in the lower right. The game takes a couple of minutes rendering the video, and then a 3 second video shows up in the uploads folder that is just the SI intro. It also says "football manager 2020" in that intro for some reason, instead of football manager 2021. If I delete the video and try to export agai
  15. don't get hung up on "best", the best tactic is the one you like the most, that plays the way you like to play, and are able to tailor your team around. You can win quite easily with any of knap's tactics
  16. @jjacopo the latest HGF 451 has wing backs on attack and they are frequently dribbling up to the byline for crosses and assists. There are plenty of knaps tactics that are working spectacularly without IWB's
  17. @knap interesting, thanks for sharing. It's unclear exactly how to go from goals to a weight but I can certainly see why they would put a pretty heavy weight on the physicals. In general that lines up with many of our experiences of the importance of pace for getting behind the defense on balls over the top, or through balls from ~40 yards out.
  18. I plugged the attribute weights Knap provided into Genie Scout and the player ratings seem reasonable. Only thing I would say is that I suspect physical attributes are bit too highly rated. A ratio of roughly 3-1 between physicals and technicals for i.e. wingers seems a bit high to me. I have spent many years tinkering with attribute weights in FM (as well as in OOTP), and it's an impossible thing to get "perfect". The weights provided by Knap all seem to mostly make sense to me. I haven't tinkered with them at all except to increase the weights on my "club dna" attributes as mentioned below.
  19. Assuming for a second that SI is correct that the only changes in 21.5 are ratings changes, I wonder if a knock-on effect of fixing the ratings is that AI teams are making decisions about mentality and TI's based on how well their team is doing in-game. If folks are convinced that the game is playing differently in 21.5, then perhaps that is the cause. Personally, I am not yet convinced there is anything substantially different happening in my save.
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