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  1. Adding on to this request, I would like to be able to tell the DoF "negotiate this offer" when a transfer offer comes in for a player. I want to be able to decide whether or not to listen to an offer and negotiate it, but I don't actually want to do any of the negotiating. I realize that after the fact I can cancel the transfer before it goes through but I don't like doing it that way.
  2. I would like more flexibility in interacting with the director of football. I would like to ask him to sign someone in a specific position (note that I do NOT mean the current system where he suggests three players, and then you pick). I'd like to give each position and role a specific weight, or a request. I.e. "sign me a DMC-Regista". Preferably though I'd just like to set a priority for positions and roles so that if I don't want him to sign anyone I can just set all of the weights to 0. Also, there still is frequently not enough information when signing a player is unsuccessful. The DoF just says it failed with no reason.
  3. But the defender ends up coming to a complete stop and being behind the attacker by like 10 yards. It just looks really awful. Whether the underlying ME is behaving as intended or not.
  4. Is this a known issue? It happens to me in literally every game but I'm playing in the lower levels. If it's a known thing I won't bother taking time with videos and uploads and such. - a ball over the top is played by the other team. An opposing player and a defender chase after it. - as they're approaching the ball, the defender pretty much completely stops running, gifting the opposition player a CCC or tons of space for a cross, and we all know how that usually ends.
  5. Has anybody else had this happen? Your 'team ratings' panel in-game for monitoring player ratings and fitness disappears, and cannot be recovered. If anyone else has seen this and fixed it, please let me know. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/453828-16-3-0-in-game-team-ratings-widget-for-player-team-disappeared-can-t-get-it-to-come-back
  6. It's game-breaking to me, because very strange interactions happen quite frequently, the options for responding to all of them are mostly terrible, and it ruins the immersion for me. This is the first time since I started playing in FM09 that I really don't feel like starting up the game.
  7. This kind of think is game-breaking for me, and the silence from SI is deafening....
  8. I have a question, in the patch notes there is nothing there about players becoming more likely to get unhappy and talk to the manager about playing time. Yet, from what I've seen, it's become pretty much unbearable (I'm not really sure I can keep playing this version, to be completely honest. It wrecks the whole experience for me). I don't want to tell this player that I promise to loan them. I don't want to promise to sell them. I don't want to promise to let them go after the season. I want to tell them "Dude, you've played in every single game and started half of them. SHUT. UP." Sometimes, the "it's a long season, be patient and you'll get your chance" option is there, sometimes it's not. But quite frankly the best way to handle this seems to be to decline to talk to the player and then try to smooth things over with whichever stupid teammates come to talk to you. At least in that conversation, there are options that the players tend to accept. Particularly, if you tell players that you're doing something for someone's own good, they seem to usually accept it and move on. I'm at my wit's end here. This is a horribly not-fun system right now and I'm extremely disappointed that it seems to have gotten much worse after the update, when the patch notes seem to imply that it should have gotten better.
  9. I am not interested in playing this game with the current system of squad management and player interactions.
  10. 15 games into a season, a player with 6 starts and 9 subs comes to me complaining about playing time, and there are no good options for what to say to him. Why are all the options for responding to players so terrible? You're already playing in every.single.game.
  11. Only played one game, but I think players dribbling into space is much, much improved. I got so tired of seeing that little 'walking on the ball' animation, when there was a ton of attacking space to run into. My impression was that dribbling is improved immensely in this update. If that's the case I think this could turn out to be a great ME!
  12. I have found that the scout's prediction is quite accurate on what I'll have to pay for a player. What I usually do is narrow down the list of players on the scouting page to about 10 (usually just by setting the attribute/position I want), scout them all, then only seriously consider the players with a range of predicted prices. In ~2020 with Leicester I just bought 4 u23 players that are all major upgrades for my team for $30 million US total. If you're going to try to buy a player that your scouts tell you the team doesn't want to sell, you're going to pay a heavy premium (unless you manage to unsettle the player). One thing I will do is identify targets very early and start working on unsettling them months in advance of the window, in the hopes that they'll demand to be allowed to talk to me (which seems to happen to me all the time, so why not get some players that way on my own?!). If the player says "playing for a side like ____ is a dream come true", then you have some hope of convincing the team to sell at a reasonable price. If you're ignoring your scouts advice on price then you're doing it wrong, because in my experience it's pretty accurate.
  13. They tried to make squad management harder by making players whiny and not giving you any options to tell them to shut the hell up.
  14. thou shalt always vote for the worst coach for coach of the year, when thou is a hopeful candidate
  15. I added all the match reports to my subscriptions, so that's an alright substitute for the final scores popping up.
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