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  1. There you go, I didn't express myself clearly, but it was more having a B team requiring that minimum wage that is the problem. Especially for a team like Eibar.
  2. Huh, okay then. That seems really high, but if it's correct, it's correct. Odd to have 18 year-old ex-youth players making that much, but I guess you are supposed to be more selective about who you choose to sign to professional terms.
  3. Playing in Spain, I found it has the rather ridiculous minimum wage of $3600 p/w for any full time contract (even 17 year olds). This can't possibly be accurate and is something that the Spanish League bug thread complains about bitterly. As the last update didn't fix it (apparently it's been an issue for several versions), I decided to just fix it in the editor, but I can't seem to find it. I checked Spain and LaLiga and didn't see anything about minimum contract values. But I also didn't see anything about the rules for the league either; is La Liga hardcoded somehow? Or am I jus
  4. I was able to get it loaded eventually, just had to change the number of teams for J1. Data was good other than that
  5. It seems the 21.3 files don't work (or I am doing something incorrectly). I've got the files in C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\editor data but I don't see them as a selectable nation: Edit: Ah, I see the issue; it says they need to be verified with 21.3 as they were verified with 21.1.1 Easy fix in the end; 20 teams is the correct number from what I read in Wikipedia so just had to change the League data from 18 teams min/max to 20 teams min/max
  6. Yes please! I do journeyman saves with most of the world loaded and just the top few divisions is all I need
  7. If you do still want mine as a visual reference, I'll try to link it here from my google drive (not sure if they allow external links): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LQl5L9bwoScBghd9xWWzf4r81zchpBqX/view?usp=sharing
  8. I don't mind at all, but JTaylor1409 made a pretty sophisticated spreadsheet that puts mine to shame that you might want to check out:
  9. I played Spain for the first time (Eibar) and the minimum salary problem is ridiculous; $3600p/w minimum (I play with dollars)? That can't possibly be correct right? Even for a La Liga team (a small one but still) it's a killer. And it can't possibly be correct because you have players already signed to smaller contracts on your team; it's only new contracts that appear to have that minimum. If this really applies to lower leagues in Spain it would make them completely unplayable.
  10. Ah, okay then. had no idea. Cheers! Hopefully he can release himself, as he is transfer listed by request and wants to leave the club.
  11. Trying to sign a 26 year old fullback who's contract expires in a month from Sparta Praha (I'm Lorient if that makes any difference, but I can't imagine it would). So he's over 24, contract is expiring, in barely a month and yet: Why? I am able to sign 18 year olds from Columbia without compensation (I assume because no contract was offered by the owning team before they agreed terms with me), but I thought for over-23 players, it didn't matter if a contract renewal was offered by the owning team, there would be no compensation if they signed a pre-deal with another team... wh
  12. Interesting, I have never really played with that option in the Units tab of Training. So adding a youth player to first team training still has them get their youth training? I always assumed it was the same (logically) as if I put them in the first team and then made them available to play youth matches.
  13. Just have a few questions on what is the best way to do this. SI have confirmed that training is the most important factor for player development until they turn 18, so the concensus seems to be to not loan out until 18 at earliest. Fair enough. While having them at the club, Is it better to leave them in the youth team until they turn 18 (regardless of personality), or move them into the first team at 16 or 17 for full time training and first team mentoring? I have been splitting the difference more or less, moving up players with bad personalities and leaving better personalities in th
  14. Bless you! Was getting this on a 5 star (for my team) CB and it would never have occurred to me to put them in the match squad unregistered. Worked just like you said. they were automagically registered when I went into the match day screens.
  15. Is there a workaround for the "unable to register free transfers" part of this issue? I tried going on holiday for one day and it seemed to make no difference. Update: Yes there is (found on a different thread about this issue)! Just put them into your match squad (so don't filter out unavailable just for this match) and when you advance into the match day screens they are automatically registered. You just can't do it yourself on the squad registration screen.
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