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  1. Playing in Spain, I found it has the rather ridiculous minimum wage of $3600 p/w for any full time contract (even 17 year olds). This can't possibly be accurate and is something that the Spanish League bug thread complains about bitterly. As the last update didn't fix it (apparently it's been an issue for several versions), I decided to just fix it in the editor, but I can't seem to find it. I checked Spain and LaLiga and didn't see anything about minimum contract values. But I also didn't see anything about the rules for the league either; is La Liga hardcoded somehow? Or am I just looking in the wrong place? I found this table for Spain, but it's not mandatory or setting a minimum from what I can tell, just setting biases for generated contracts. This table would seem to indicate that there are supposed to be smaller contracts (and in fact, many players will have smaller full-time contracts at the beginning of the game, you just can't offer smaller contracts):
  2. I was able to get it loaded eventually, just had to change the number of teams for J1. Data was good other than that
  3. It seems the 21.3 files don't work (or I am doing something incorrectly). I've got the files in C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\editor data but I don't see them as a selectable nation: Edit: Ah, I see the issue; it says they need to be verified with 21.3 as they were verified with 21.1.1 Easy fix in the end; 20 teams is the correct number from what I read in Wikipedia so just had to change the League data from 18 teams min/max to 20 teams min/max
  4. Yes please! I do journeyman saves with most of the world loaded and just the top few divisions is all I need
  5. If you do still want mine as a visual reference, I'll try to link it here from my google drive (not sure if they allow external links): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LQl5L9bwoScBghd9xWWzf4r81zchpBqX/view?usp=sharing
  6. I don't mind at all, but JTaylor1409 made a pretty sophisticated spreadsheet that puts mine to shame that you might want to check out:
  7. Ah, okay then. had no idea. Cheers! Hopefully he can release himself, as he is transfer listed by request and wants to leave the club.
  8. Trying to sign a 26 year old fullback who's contract expires in a month from Sparta Praha (I'm Lorient if that makes any difference, but I can't imagine it would). So he's over 24, contract is expiring, in barely a month and yet: Why? I am able to sign 18 year olds from Columbia without compensation (I assume because no contract was offered by the owning team before they agreed terms with me), but I thought for over-23 players, it didn't matter if a contract renewal was offered by the owning team, there would be no compensation if they signed a pre-deal with another team... what am I missing? It's not even that I can't afford it (although Lorient is certainly not wealthy), I just don't understand why they can get compensation. (As an aside, this is the sort of thing that it would be REALLY helpful for the game to explain in the contract negotiation; something like "Sparta Praha is entitled to $75K compensation because <whatever the reason is>". These sorts of messages with no explanation whatsoever are very frustrating and assume a knowledge of European transfer rules that is difficult to acquire if you aren't immersed in European football year round.) The player details showing age and contract expiration date: The date in game:
  9. Interesting, I have never really played with that option in the Units tab of Training. So adding a youth player to first team training still has them get their youth training? I always assumed it was the same (logically) as if I put them in the first team and then made them available to play youth matches.
  10. Just have a few questions on what is the best way to do this. SI have confirmed that training is the most important factor for player development until they turn 18, so the concensus seems to be to not loan out until 18 at earliest. Fair enough. While having them at the club, Is it better to leave them in the youth team until they turn 18 (regardless of personality), or move them into the first team at 16 or 17 for full time training and first team mentoring? I have been splitting the difference more or less, moving up players with bad personalities and leaving better personalities in the youth team. My theory is that the youth training is better for them in that they don't over-train and get fatigued as much, but that it's important to correct bad personalities as early as possible so the player develops better. Is this the best way to handle this? Or is it better to leave youth players in the youth team until 18, wprk on personalities starting at 18 if necessary and then loan them out once they have a decent personality (or start playing them if good enough for your first team of course)?
  11. Maybe not a popular opinion, but for OIs I will often set Never Tight Mark, Easy Tackling and even Never Press if the striker just completely outclasses my Center Backs. I know a lot of people look at it as "this is their danger man, I need to shut him down", but my assumption is I don't have anyone on my team who can actually mark, press and tackle him consistently. The theory is to preserve the defenders cushion at all costs, avoid closing with them and try not to let them get behind the defense. Fast players tend to rely on this speed and score most of their goals on breakaways, so if your defenders keep their distance, the attacker will often lose the ball by trying to kick it past them. This has actually helped me negate some truly terrifying strikers (admittedly in League 1, but many of the attackers there are quite fast and my center backs were 10 pace or slower). However, if the striker has amazing speed, is very skillful and can shoot from distance, there honestly may not be much you can do. Stand off them deep and they will score from the edge of the box, close with them and they will blow past your defenders, try to mark them and they will score from breakaways when your marker can't keep up. However, even if this scenario I would still try standing off, not marking tightly and defending narrow as the best chance you have and just hope they don't shoot well from distance on the day and you block the shots on target by having as many bodies between them and the goal as possible. This year, I have been using Stay on Feet, and even lower pressing much more than I used to and it can be quite effective against a better team operating at high tempo. Your players spend less time getting dragged around by players they can't stay close to and I find they often just give me the ball if I don't engage with them, whereas they will tear me to pieces if I try to tight mark and close them down. Though if you can't defend crosses then this isn't a great idea (and if you are both slow and poor in the air, you are back to "not much you can do").
  12. If you are more of a visual person, here is part of a spreadsheet I made that shows exactly what changes for each role and duty when team mentality changes (full disclosure, this was actually charted from FM2019, but I spot checked against FM21 and nothing seemed to have changed). Knowing this information to this level of detail is not necessary or even all that helpful, it just shows the pattern of duties vs mentality that is pretty consistent across the board:
  13. Probably a dumb question, but I have seen multiple videos and screenshots where the training intensity meter below the training days is broken down by unit (so there is a separate attacking and defending bar). However, I can't seem to find any way to change my view to this; is this from custom skins or am I just missing something obvious?
  14. Well, it looks like the party is over. After scraping a 4-3 away victory over another derby rival, the striker that really makes the whole thing work (Central TM(A), has scored 8 goals in the last two matches) is out for 4 to 6 weeks. So I no longer have three "star strikers" to overwhelm the opponent and I think the experiment is over. I do have a fourth striker who is certainly not bad, but I don't think it will be the same. It's a shame, I was curious if this massively unbalanced formation could actually win the playoffs. I'm switching to a very similar 41221, which just replaces the outside strikers with outside attacking mids. I won't even need to change many instructions, although I imagine the deep crosses into 3 strikers in the box are going to be missed.
  15. Thanks for the feedback all! (the last time I checked, this had been sinking down the forum without comment, so I though maybe the fact that I was basically rambling without asking a clear question was dooming the thread to oblivion). @Experienced DefenderI thought about just tweaking the 4-4-2, but I was already struggling to stop attacks up the middle with only two MCs and I had just sold my best MC destroyer (he was in decline at 31, only played in half my matches due to fatigue from international duty and I got $250,000 for him which is LOT of money in Honduras). I had been engaging in shootouts the first half of the season, which is fun but stress-inducing (including a 5-5 derby draw where we equalized in the 89th minute after being down by up to 3 goals and conceding 3 penalties (two converted)). My DCs are really not good and I just don't trust them any more without significant cover from MCs, even on this level; the fast(ish) ones are weak and poor in the air, the ones with jumping reach are weak and slow. Not ideal and I felt like they needed more help in front of them, because if our forwards had an off game, we lost. @NotSoSpecialOneI definitely am playing wider to stretch the defense, but I have actually increased the tempo a bit to get the ball to my forwards faster. I thought about trying to retain possession and suffocate the other team, but we already had poor possession stats and I just didn't feel like we had the technical midfielders required to hold onto the ball. I do that late in a match I'm leading of course, but honestly it just seems to increase the pressure on us without noticeably improving our possession, while cutting down on our chances because we aren't getting the ball to the forwards with space to run. To help mitigate the narrowness in attack, I have the outside pressing forwards set to "play wider" as well as specifically marking the opponent's fullbacks. They only mark intermittently, but they do it enough to help out my fullbacks and keep them from being overlapped as much. I do find that the running channels hard coded movement for PF(A), narrows the attack a bit more than I would like, but it's actually been pretty effective. Probably more to do with the level of the Honduran league than any real merit of the formation. @LHurlzInterestingly, I am actually getting more crossed goals now than I was with the 4-4-2. If the initial lightning counter-attack fails and the ball comes back out, my FBs push up the pitch and send in deep crosses with 3 strikers in the box. I didn't expect or plan for this, but it's been working. With the 4-4-2, my outside mids would get to the byline and send in a cross, but half the time there was no-one in the box or a single heavily marked striker. I've now played four matches with the new formation and it's worked better than I expected (so far). With my 3 "star player for the Honduran league" level strikers, even if one or two of them have an off day, the third usually goes off. I'm not thrilled with the amount of time the opponent spends trying to break into my penalty box, but the the DM destroyer plus two MCs pressing heavily have helped cut down on the long shots or casual through balls from the 18 yard line. And I felt like I had to lure them out to make space for the forwards to run, but needed a formation that could withstand the pressure better. And when we attack, we have been quite lethal. Either the forwards score on a breakaway, often assisting each other, or the ball comes back out, the FBs push up and receive the ball and send in a deep cross that we head in. I had a stuttering start (including a 3-3 draw we lead 3-1 in the 90th minute as I had the wrong player at DM for that match and my backup GK let in two long shots late), but once it I got the right DM destroyer in place, we are getting scores similar to the first half of the season, despite low possession numbers. Again, I think this says more about the level of my opponents than anything about this tactic being great, but it seems to suit this team at this moment, If I didn't have 3 "star player" strikers (for this level) I never would have even thought to try this, but if I was going to lose anyway, I may as well have my best players out there and make it interesting. Any good team would just annihilate this tactic, as it wouldn't stress their defense that much and they would actually make the possession near my penalty area pay off. And I have a match against my bogey team (2nd in league) coming up, so I feel like the tactic may get undone there, although they are a pacy counter-attack team themselves, so maybe my packed defense will slow them down. First match with new tactic against lower table team; not pretty but got the job done late (with 37% possession!) Second match with new tactic; were cruising to victory and just absolutely threw away the points. Furious with my backup keeper (who had been starting after my first choice let in 4 out of 4 in the first half against bogey team) Third match with new tactic against 3rd place team (derby rival who led the league until I overtook them late in first half of the season and have much better players than us); the first goal was an unexpected direct free kick goal (first of the season and scored by my DM destroyer) but the rest were textbook counters. This is the team that I had my epic 5-5 derby draw with earlier in the season (still playing 4-4-2), spending most of the second half Very Attacking with basically Gegenpress (once I was down 4-1 and the 4th penalty of the game had been given between the two teams, I figured what was the worst that could happen staying as far from my penalty area as possible?): Away against the last place team (the last time I played a low ranking team, at home no less, I lost and was outplayed). I was actually losing at the half but guessed the correct magic talk to inspire the entire team and just slaughtered them second half (4 goals in 7 minutes while still inspired by the half-time talk). The tactic can't really claim credit for that although it did have the players in the right place to score the goals I suppose.
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