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  1. Everything seems fine ATM, I especially like the match engine and hope it doesn't change after multiple patches like in other years. Miles mentioned in the big reveal that we were able to talk to prospective signings agents abut pre contract agreements but I can't see the option for this, can someone point me in the right direction please.
  2. 4231 is fine on lower mentalities defensively, I play with it on Standard or lower and have no problem.
  3. Also something briefly alluded to, your squad size or balance is wrong. Put simply if you are not a rotational manager you need a smaller squad, I would imagine a lot of FMers will amass a squad with players to address every injury permutation and where injuries don't occur have good qualiy players kicking their heels.
  4. Delle Alli is excellent in this role.
  5. I concur, Platini, Hoddle for the elders. Eriksen shoots loads and is certainly my team Spurs playmaker.
  6. Overall I'm happy with the game and it's improvements year on year. The closer the ME gets to reality the more and probably unfair scrutiny it will come under. I am a little disappointed that nothing could be done on this update only in the respect that I have got used to the last update in every edition elavating the engines to an unprecedented level. However I'm not going to state as others that I will not buy the next edition, because frankly this will never happen as I love the game. I would like to stress though that the relationship between the community and Si must and should remain strong and that the moderators seem a little over zealous at times.
  7. But 1 of the reasons Steam was going to be great for us the consumer was that it would be easier and would lead to more regular updates, if you read back this was clearly thrown out as a good reason to have the imposing steam platform on our systems. I remember getting at least 3 if not more patches pre Steam.
  8. Defending crossing wasn't an issue last year with FM15. What happened between FM15 and FM16 that made this problem rear it's ugly head? And why wasn't the same policy adopted as has been for this update to leave things alone because it would make things worse? Also I thought 1 of the advantages of the game being distributed through Steam would be that Si would be able to update as and when required, this has seemed to have fallen by the wayside in recent times. We are only in March yet we are told that the book has been closed on improving the ME on this edition, Why?
  9. During the match I opened the player motivation widget and its all blank post patch.
  10. Although others are important for me its decisions, decisions, decisions. Doing the right thing at the right time is everything I could ask of a player.
  11. Indeed, I still have my FM08 manual I often refer to for attribute meanings.
  12. I always use them with great detail. for example an opposing player like Hazard I set the OI to tackle easy so my players stay on their feet.
  13. SI have provided ample options for players who don't want to play the simulation version of the game, since the game went 3d I have only ever played on full match highlights and only get through 4-5 seasons per year on the game. I couldn't play it any other way now. I agree that it must be tricky for players who only want to play through quickly but there are ways to do it successfully as Cleon has shown and explained.
  14. It would be nice if the opposing teams were in contrasting colours.