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  1. I use it mainly to gauge where my upcoming oponent key players are directing their play through, especially key passes. Passing combos is useful for me to know where I can disrupt my opponents patterns of play. Also to see how and where from their attacking players are being fed the ball. Alternative, well I just get by from the stats we have.
  2. Too passive with 3 up top, you might as well bring the wide players back into a 451
  3. I've always found this an anomaly, the game itself encourages tactical changes on a game by game basis.
  4. The problem is that we are a captive audience consumer base. All we can do is hope that Si have enough pride to keep the standards as high as they possibly can and to be fair I think that they do. Things like stats are obvious bugs that I honestly haven't seen in a previous version. Also I do think that some of the bugs being posted about are not bugs at all and are a result of people not playing the game well.
  5. Sorry, I have to disagree with this statement. You could be right or it could be a case that the board are expecting better performances because he is a key player or he gets paid more than the average. e.g if Harry Kane was averaging 6.7 a game the board would have every right to be upset as he is a top earner, world class international striker who needs to have a good season for the club to succeed. Whereas a youngster who has just broken into the team wouldn't even be mentioned if he had the same average rating.
  6. I think that average rating over 42 games is excellent. 8.60 woud be ridiculous.
  7. I'm just posting a post patch example of it not happening, most of my 5th place squad have a decent rating in every position I think showing it's not universal means that some players must be doing or not doing something to trigger the poor ratings. I think it may help in resolving the 'issue'
  8. I don't want to be an ass but this problem is clearly not universal.
  9. The teamwork lines really take a while for my team to form even while playing consistent partnerships, thats fine. However I am coming across opposition teams who have teamwork partnership lines formed all through the team even though they have 3/4 new signings who have hardly played any games for them.
  10. Player with 'very poor' condition still running past 4 players like they're not there.
  11. In my opinion your Midfield balance is all wrong. Swap out 1 of your cm's for a more defensive player with a defensive role and try that.
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