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  1. It may be a placebo, but I have found that training Defending set pieces seems to make a difference.
  2. Did you read the 3rd line of my post? Please note that I'm not advocating applying these Ti's all together, apply them in combos.
  3. With Time wasting along with trying to disrupt their shape I am looking to tire the opposition out and retain energy for a late charge. Shoot on sight is a matter of "If you don't buy a ticket you can't win the raffle" Please note that I'm not advocating applying these Ti's all together, apply them in combos.
  4. A deep narrow block with it's positioning and compactness wants to nulify critical spaces. Here are a few things to try. 1. Drop DL line/Drop LOE/Stand off 2, Play out of Defence 3, Increase time wasting 4, Play Wider 5, Shoot on sight 6, Play for set pieces. 7, Be more expressive
  5. No new features needed. Just concentrate on refining FM20, update the database and we're good to go. p.s: you can still market it as FM21 of course
  6. I love this game. I have played every year since floppy discs. I will always buy this game every year as always. I often think the game is too easy and not realistic enough. I always play watching full match highights since the inception of the visual match engine This year the ME is'nt great, too many chances easily created by the human user leading to ridiculous misses by the human users team. I suspect it's to keep some semblence of statistical balance. I hope FM21 is better.
  7. Yeah, I can help. 5 star potential Grass n Gear Dictate the podcast Bendpb
  8. Are energy levels working as intended in this game? I'm playing a team, I see that they are working hard expending energy at a lot greater rate than my side. I sit in, let them blow themselves out. I will hit them in the last 20 minutes. Last 20 minutes 8 of their team in the low 60's energy level, my side in the mid 70's perfect! Time to unleash, oh no not in FM20. Not only are they matching my sides energy, they are exceeding my team in every area of the pitch. 1st to the ball, outmuscling my guys. what a joke. I think energy levels are broken this year.
  9. Just make sure you play narrow.
  10. Ben Youssef isn't the quickest can see him getting exposed in the big gap you leave on the left hand side.
  11. It is difficult It should be difficult. I have played since the start (CM) and yes I find this very challenging. But when you work it out and get the result it feels like you've really earnt it.
  12. Can you advise what area are you conceding goals from? On 1st impressions, your 1st tactic lacks variation and layers, 1 point of attack. The 2nd tactic seems sound but I wonder if dropping the defence deeper on a cautious mentality is required.
  13. Something I am a little confused about. We set our tactics in the creator which is then trained for familiarity. We receive the scout report on our next opposition. It throws up strengths and weaknesses to be countered or exploited tactically, Which throws up tweaking options. Are we supposed to tweak before the team meeting in order to highlight where we should focus our efforts for the upcoming match lowering our tactical familiarity? (doing this also alters the saved base tactic going forward) Or are we to tweak on the matchday tactic screen? (doesn't alter the saved tactic going forward, Tweaks unable to be referenced in the preceding team meeting) Can someone tell me the optimal way to tweak tactically for the various different tactics we are to face.
  14. Should'nt we be provided with a description of your goals as well?
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