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  1. I have uploaded file Chris Wilcox - Arsenal 2 (v03) (v03) (v03) (v02) (v03) (v03) (v02).fm Go to transfers and offer contract to Moriba (I first of all ask the assistant to recommend, I drop to about 20K for wages etc, would be interested to see what you get in results
  2. Contracts in 2020 are still way out of sync between Human and AI clubs, why has this not been discussed or addressed? Playing as Arsenal - Trying to sign from Barca Llaix Moriba - A 19 yr old wonderkid from Brazil Amazingly, he was only going to cost 1.5 million and over 13 clubs bid, now he was very interested in joining us (In year 2023 and I am champions) Right....and here is my rant for signing the younger players (It does not seem so unbalanced with the star players..) Agent demands 5yr deal at £45K per week, loads of extras and the annoying 10% pay rise per yr, £58K after 10 games and £78K after 20 games. I obviously do lower, but not in stupid terms, agent says I'm ending negotiation's, cut to inbox and he has signed for Real Hispalis on a 5yr deal for £13K per week...………..COME ON!!! Now before everyone jumps on the, "You are Arsenal" ETC ETC. I understand that, but the sizable difference in how far apart the contracts end up after losing out to a player is ridiculous and it has been this way for years now.... (And yes I have been playing this every year since Champ Manager days on Atari....) Rant over
  3. I'm not effected then as I am on same game I started on first day of Beta release... Thanks for replies
  4. Been playing since Beta, so the determination problem that has had a hot fix is not effected on my save? Gotta say I am confuuuuuused
  5. Just checking, but I am in season August 2021 with Arsenal, should the summer transfer windows not match with the rest of Europe? My game has prem window shutting on 9th August, while still has the German league is carrying on till end of August? That only happened for one season back in 2018 (for real) did it not or am I wrong? Ta
  6. Anyone else get the hard to see ball in the FA Cup after updating to version 2?
  7. Check out the installments request also...………..lol Is this a bug?
  8. Blimey Knap....…………….!!! Looks like you have cracked it already
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