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  1. Just checking, but I am in season August 2021 with Arsenal, should the summer transfer windows not match with the rest of Europe? My game has prem window shutting on 9th August, while still has the German league is carrying on till end of August? That only happened for one season back in 2018 (for real) did it not or am I wrong? Ta
  2. Anyone else get the hard to see ball in the FA Cup after updating to version 2?
  3. Check out the installments request also...………..lol Is this a bug?
  4. Blimey Knap....…………….!!! Looks like you have cracked it already
  5. Tottenham2k47, Can you save it in game so it becomes a.fmf and upload it here??
  6. Yes. Tweaked some of the tackling and set pieces but pretty much same (Standard, Very fluid) The Wing Backs play a huge role....Not sure about your other IWB roles as everyone looks bunched with no width ?
  7. Still having best success with this oldie......!! Rock solid with three at the back (Fast tall defenders) And wingbacks overlapping, Knap, you should really look at this with tests again
  8. Knap, I'm still using this and am still successful, Won the Prem & EFL cup in 3rd season (Lost in FA cup final on pens to Man U) with this tactic Think you should re visit and run more tests as on a defensive side it is rock solid, attacking we could score more, but I have in season 4 asked the front three to shoot more often rather than walk it in (Which is the frustrating Arsenal way normally) Not found better tactic yet C
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