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  1. Erm shutting the borders fully does not EVER shut the borders fully UNLESS you are a FULLY self sufficient Island nation which we are NOT. Ergo there will always be SOME people coming and going. For bloody obvious reasons it is impractical to enforce 10-14 day quarentine on all of these due to the nature of their jobs. In theory the trucking industry could do stuff such as park trailers one side channel and then unload with UK based drivers/truck cabs but i suspect we do not have the numbers required. Thus this industry alone woud let in people. Due to this there is always a way for new s
  2. Saturday 27 February 2021 Man City v West Ham 12:30 2-0 West Brom v Brighton 15:00 1-1 Leeds v Aston Villa 17:30 2-1 Newcastle v Wolves 20:00 1-3 Sunday 28 February 2021 Crystal Palace v Fulham 12:00 2-1 Leicester v Arsenal 12:00 2-1 Spurs v Burnley 14:00 3-0 Chelsea v Man Utd 16:30 2-2 Sheffield Utd v Liverpool 19:15 1-2 Monday 1 March 2021 Everton v Southampton 20:00 2-0 Tuesday 2 March 2021 Man City v Wolves 20:00 3-1 Wednesday 3 March 2021 Burnley v Leicester 18:00 1-1 Sheffield Utd v Aston Villa 18:00 1-1 Crystal Palace v Man Utd 20:15 1-2
  3. Skimmed thru the Star stuff other day so had added Starship Troopers and Commando onto my watch list. Also BBC 2 11pm tonight has 40th anniversary directors cut of Apocolypse Now
  4. I'd expect the rate of drop to drop with lower cases personally. You also need to look at longer term trending not day to day for a truer picture
  5. Nah you get more which is usually unspecified as depends what day it happens etc. Day(s) of national mourning when she dies, funeral day, King numbnuts day. I'd lol if she has something in place to skip Charles for William too which is possible
  6. Friday 19 February 2021 Wolves v Leeds 20:00 2-0 Saturday 20 February 2021 Southampton v Chelsea 12:30 1-2 Burnley v West Brom 15:00 1-1 Liverpool v Everton 17:30 1-2 Fulham v Sheffield Utd 20:00 2-0 Sunday 21 February 2021 West Ham v Spurs 12:00 1-2 Aston Villa v Leicester 14:00 1-2 Arsenal v Man City 16:30 0-3 Man Utd v Newcastle 19:00 3-1 Monday 22 February 2021 Brighton v Crystal Palace 20:00 1-1 Tuesday 23 February 2021 Leeds v Southampton 18:00 2-1
  7. Because the definition of 'key' worker is so wide and imprecise that there are a lot who use it but shouldn't be tbf. Might as well stick to age bands in this case as it will cover a load anyway of which the older ones would be more at risk.
  8. You mean if it ended that way i beat Salkster cos i support United unlike him surely
  9. I up North we no get double figures yet 8 or so at best. Been light enough to walk the short way to work yes being that way is on the road.
  10. -11 windchill this morning on my 4 miler albeit fine with that as i was more pacey than normal. Shoujldn't be as bad tomorrow despite even more wind as it 'warms' to er 2-3 in the morning.
  11. Saturday 13 February 2021 Leicester v Liverpool 12:30 2-1 Crystal Palace v Burnley 15:00 2-0 Man City v Spurs 17:30 2-0 Brighton v Aston Villa 20:00 1-2 Sunday 14 February 2021 Southampton v Wolves 12:00 1-1 West Brom v Man Utd 14:00 1-3 Arsenal v Leeds 16:30 2-0 Everton v Fulham 19:00 2-1 Monday 15 February 2021 West Ham v Sheffield Utd 18:00 2-0 Chelsea v Newcastle 20:00 3-1 Wednesday 17 February 2021 Burnley v Fulham 18:00 1-1 Everton v Man City 20:15 1-2
  12. Can you move to the new thread BG created please being this is for all things star wars
  13. It happens to me but usually threads with a high proportion of twitter posts thus i assume its down to that. Hardly a problem as you jus tscroll down to were the easy to see line is
  14. I find all this talk on holidaying stupid, espcially Labour asking for clarity. Too soon to decide anything regarding this for probably another month or more. Yes they govt could give clarity HOWEVER thats purely for the UK. Any number of possibilities could emerge from yes come to our country provided you been jabbed fully (and prob 3 weeks ago minimum) to feck off we limiting people this year. Be others which no care and want the money too. Assuming its fine and depending on what is actually open and how (e.g. London Zoo had a spell of no indoor stuff open iirc) then i'll probably
  15. Never played the game but is this meant to be set a bit earlier in their lives cos Ashley Johnson plays her in the game so why not her?
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