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  1. After playing a few seasons with Brøndby - Nordic players only i stopped playing FM since last month . I'm looking for a new challenge. I know i'll only have time for 4/5 season till the new FM arrives so i'm looking for a team in second or third division , outside of the top 5 leagues . OR a 'big' club in a small country (like TNS in Wales ) . No more 'basque or nordic only' for me , on this FM.
  2. If u can't wait, use one the database updates from fmscout.. i did it and started in january with Brondby.
  3. Yes i think u are right , 3 sub problem was in a different league.
  4. Yes it solved the 7 subs option and some leagues / parts only had 3 subs.
  5. I'm playing with Brondby . really loving it (after i downloaded a database update from FMSCOUT, the sub rules are correct). I'm about to lose Larsson to Sociedad on a free and Wilczek wants to leave on a free at the end of the season. Third in my EL group with one game to play away vs Ajax(one point behind fenerbache). And first in the league with +7 points lead @ Kopenhagen. Singed Skovgaard, Mads Pedersen(free), Berggreen(loan Mainz), Kitolano(Odd), Solbakken(HamKam), Gronli(Tromso). Playing with rules : only sing nordic players. And try to have more homegrown players each season in my first squad and more nordic internations (I have a list of goals each season about those subjects).
  6. Yes the update from FM scout solved the sub rules issue.
  7. I started with Brondby .. after i downloaded the FM Scout database update; Everything was solved in that database (and fourth division was added).. Sad i had to do it like that(don't like using downloads) .. but i'm enjoying my save.
  8. I was about to start with Brondby but then i noticed the bugs ' 7 subs used ' and having a B team and Reserve team at the same time are not fixed ?? I think a save in Denmark is not possible with those two bugs ? or am I wrong ?
  9. So it's annoying but not a game 'breaker' for u ? I'm only in october but i'm always thinking about the future of this save I can't even find a manager for the B team and when i set my DOF to find one.. he's doing nothing. It's like a lot of B teams in spain or iceland.
  10. love this story! started ( and got inspired by u) with 1860 and doing a youth only save with 5 loans allowed each season. Loving it but... what do u think about the München 2 squad ? I can't sign staff, can't control their training so I want to use the b team for transfer listed players and loan everybody else out.. but it is a wasted squad/option.
  11. Won the National north with Merthyr in the final game.. a late goal from lucas got me first (southport 2th , telford 3th). Great season from Alex Bradley and Mustafa Tiryaki . Also Lee Lucas(he wants to leave) and Gabriel Rogers (on loan from luton) played a big part in this title
  12. Restarted this challenge (with latest update) with Merthyr town in the mighty Wales ! Invited many free players Before 1/7 with last club based in 'north/south' or wales premier league or 'national league'. Found 5/6 good players and promoted them from u23(trialist squad) to first team; After 1/7 i invited all the released players from premier league till North/South . My biggest issue is : I have Lee Lucas, a great player with value +- 220k . He'll be the star player in this division but he receives almost 1/4th from my wage budget..
  13. Thanks. Signed +- 18 free transfer and one player on loan . We (Bishop Stortford ) are in the top 6 after 10 games and doing ok with my 3-5-2 . Best player is Sergio Torres as my playmaker.
  14. I just can't add them all (+50/100) at one click. have to do it on a few dates. I saw this on the video from Busthetnet and i thought he was adding them all in one move.
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