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  1. Good luck with keeping Jones injury free I was tempted to keep him as back up but after him getting injured 4 times on top of the original I bit the bullet and offered him up not expecting to get more than 4m. So to get 13m with a low wage payment was a bonus for me (no doubt now he will have an injury free season at Burnley lol).
  2. With the full release I've decided to hold off on a long term save for now to see how my beta save does. My tactics are still working ok but I have probably succeeded in creating a miracle. I've managed to get another club to actually pay me some money to take Jones off my hands. Cheers Burnley for the 13m in return you can have sicknote , I'm not too bothered about paying 12.25k pw of his wages for the next two seasons it is it means I'm not paying 110k pw to have him sitting on the treatment table. Operation deadwood has been a success I think. Sold: Jones (13m), Romero (4.3m), Rojo (9m), Gr
  3. Altrincham are another part-time team in the National league, formerly one of the top Non-League teams they have become something of a yo-yo club recently and dare I say it just scrapped into the National League this season via the play offs, a good cup team (they currently lead the 'giant-killers' in terms of number of wins against league opposition). Being in the Gtr Manchester area also means you should be able to pick up the odd loan signing from the big two in Manchester (plenty of former United and City players have represented Alty). You also get a pre-season friendly against Man Utd at
  4. Maybe not a hidden gem but definitely a bargain. This guy has a release clause of 9.75m (less than what he is considered to be worth) at the beginning of the game playing for Pamplona and now he is valued at 35m. Play him on the right of midfield or as an attacking midfielder in the advanced position.
  5. No way! Reject and see if they come back with a better offer, I would be looking for a minimum of £120m just to offset that sell on percentage (which is highly unlikely to be triggered with the current offer).
  6. I think I may have a wonderkid Shoretire still in the first season but he is already showing signs of being an outstanding talent, next season he will be going out on loan to get the first team exposure he will need. Looking good for now I feel.
  7. Update on the situation with Jones in my save, I decided to send him on a coaching course you never know he may decide to retire young lol. He may not be able to play but if he manages to pass the course I may just offer him a place in the U18 coaching team.
  8. I would just like a chance to try but he's never of the treatment table, I'm beginning to wonder if there a good looking female nurse who is keeping him entertained...
  9. Every time I think I maybe able to have Sicknote Jones available to play so he can at least get some sort of form all be it 10mins from the subs bench he goes a gets another injury (yes I know he would get injured just looking at a football these days irl), having got fit from the injury he started with he only went and got injured in training before I could even give him a game in U23 team, then once he recovered from that injury I actually managed to get 5 U23 games and 2 first team appearances (one from the subs bench) before he is off to the med centre again with a knee injury. At this rat
  10. Save has been uploaded, file name is calledLoki Wodensson - Beta (V2).FM. It's not a save directly before the game but rather one from the game before the Semi-final if that's ok.
  11. After having lost in the Carabao Cup Semi finals on penalties I was surprised to see this question getting asked. PKM attached. Southampton v Man Utd.pkm
  12. Long term maybe but short term is a different matter.
  13. If you are looking for a reliable RB for most Premership clubs I would recommend taking a look at this guy. I got him for £10.75m from Sevilla and so far he is proving to be a consistent performer in my Man Utd squad. His technical skills aren't outstanding but he more than makes up for it mentally and physically.
  14. Starting the Beta with Man U but will be trying a long term save with one of the lower league teams maybe Altrincham seeing as they are back in the National Conference or possibly one of the former league teams like York or Stockport.
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