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  1. Woolly

    Lower League Career

    Loans are the way to go, down in the lower levels there isn't the money to splash out on the best. Be prepared to grind out results with boring tactics the players in the lower leagues are not going to score wonder goals or go on mazy runs they don't have the skills. The best tactics are simple tactics basic 442, or 433 work however, tactics need to be built round what you have available not the other way round.
  2. Woolly

    Gibraltar league..

    You don't need to buy the in-game editor, the pre-game editor in the tools section is what is needed and that is free!
  3. Woolly

    Non-league team

    Try Altrincham for a challenge newly promoted back in to the Conference North but formerly a very strong member of the main Conference league. They have a very rich history of Cup Giant Killing. The challenge however, is getting them to return to the Conference and do well there as they are one of the few part-time clubs in the Conference structure.
  4. Woolly

    [Greek] Issues in Greek Translations

    Pease note the above comment as stated in the first post. All English phases should be removed by the time the game goes live!
  5. Woolly

    Leagues to dominate.

    How about one of the Moscow clubs they have dominated Russian football for years but have dropped off in European competition since the fall of the wall.
  6. Woolly

    Hidden gems (non-European)

    Got to agree with this one. Mind you 3rd season in and he has become a little inconsistent for my Celtic team.
  7. Woolly

    FM18 - Celtic

    Season 3 ended unbeaten in the League, the Man Utd interest for Tierney never materialised so he remains in my squad. However, he is now sharing LB duties with Luke Shaw who I picked up just in case Tierney did leave, for a bargain 8 Million so now having to keep both happy until the next transfer window. Pre-season has gone well and included a brilliant 3-1 home win against a very strong Milan which bodes well for Europe this season. The summer transfer window was very quiet interms of incomings although 4 youngsters were got on frees, the best of which was a wonderkid called Okore who is proving to be a good challenger for Tau on the right.
  8. Woolly

    How Do People Find Bargain Players

    For younger players I do what the earlier posts state, however, I always look at the beginning of a season for players who are coming to the end of their contract within 12 months, and make a note of any I like the look of. Come January time I look again at the contract list I scout those players at larger clubs and below the age of 25, then if the scout report is favourable I will offer a contract. Not every player will want to accept a contract especially if you are with a team in a lower reputation country/league but even if they don't want to take up your offer straight away waiting a few months when the contracts get closer to finishing or have finished can usually lead to a player changing their minds and not only want to join a lower rep team but will be more take lower wages as well. I've picked up many bargains this way (not all of them have been successful but I've nearly always managed to sell them on without losing too much to agents and signing on fees). As has been said before Brazil is great for picking up regens however, don't forget the other South American countries one of the best goal scorers I have found was a regen from Peru who I got on a free the lad just scored for fun. I've also had a fair bit of luck with African teams the gems are there to be found even if some are better hidden than others.
  9. Woolly

    FM18 - Celtic

    Now halfway through season 3 and A Periera is now my first choice on the left wing (Sinclair's form has dropped off a little bit but he still performs when required), Smalling I feel has been one of my signings of the season he has formed a formidable partnership Boyata and is helping the younger defenders develop nicely. Unfortunately I got drawn in a very tough Champions League group and missed out not only on the knock out rounds but also the Europa league (the Europa place did go to the last game with Liverpool claiming the place after beating me 5-3 at Anfield). Rangers are starting to improve this season and are more or less neck to neck in the Scottish League. The big clubs have been sniffing round Tierney but so far I've managed to hold on to him, with the January window approaching there are rumours than Man Utd are willing to offer £100 million for him (if that happens I will definitely be taking the money and running very fast) the lad deserves the move he has been a model professional not letting all the rumours affect him. Tau has come back from his injury and is starting to get his form of last season back. The squad I have now is quite young (average age around 24-25) with a few older players to ensure that the youngsters don't get carried away. No doubt this season will result in more domestic honours but I'm not interested in those I want success in Europe for which I'm going to have to wait at least another season
  10. Woolly

    Teams to Manage - FM19

    I'm looking forward to once more being able to managing Altrincham again without having to wait for a lower league edit. As a Semi-pro team in what is increasingly even at Conference and the regional Conference level a pro game is interesting. I've also go my go to Italian team in Cagaliri a good little yoyo club but with potential I find. Any one of the 3 relegated sides in the Championship would be interesting for different reasons. Getting Stoke to play more exciting attacking football could be interesting, whilst proving West Brom were unlucky despite going down at the bottom of the pile is another challenge, Swansea meanwhile would be the hardest of the 3 to get back to the Premiership IMHO. Elsewhere why not try to break the 'Guttermann Curse' with Benfica before the 100 year point (only 44 years left). Or breaking the Moscow clubs virtual stranglehold of the Russian league (only 3 non-Moscow based clubs have won the top Russian league since 1992)Zenit St Petersburg maybe your best bet there although Rubin may also make for an interesting save.
  11. Woolly

    FM18 - Celtic

    I'm now into my 3rd season of managing Celtic. Yes Scottish domination is easy but that isn't my aim. I want to bring back the spirit of the 'Lions of Lisbon' and win the Champions League not just as a Scottish team but as a Scottish team with only Scots playing. The first aim is to actually win a European title and therefore boost Scotland's standing. Winning in Europe is one thing but to emulate the Lions is something else. Still holding on to Tierney whilst at the same time looking out for his successor. Best bit of business so far was managing to sign A Pereira and Smalling on frees from Man Utd, Pereira hopefully will stay long enough to replace Sinclair whilst Smalling will help develop my young defenders. Also made a coo in signing a young R Mid/Winger from S Africa called Tau unfortunately he currently has a long term injury which is affecting his bravery so I have no idea if he will recover to his previous state.
  12. It definitely needs an editor even if it only lets you move players and allow you to play lower leagues.
  13. I totally agree an editior for FMT19 is a must. It doesn't have to have as many features that can be edited as the full version but a chance to move players as and when RL transfers happen would be a bonus.
  14. Woolly

    Round of 16: Belgium versus Japan

    I did as well !
  15. Woolly

    England have just won the World Cup. What would you do?

    Roll over and go back to sleep after the nightmare