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  1. Found my save pre-move to Millwall so now back to working with the wonder that is Salford :), I'm keeping the Millwall save going and a subsequent save with Birmingham (only stayed at Millwall about 10 months before Brum came calling). Will update as and when.
  2. Championship have a look at Norwich. I know they won the league IRL but they are one of any number of clubs which could have finished anywhere in the top 10 to be honest.
  3. The majority of FM players do not want to play online that's why the game developers have not adapted. FM and other management games were originally designed when internet access was limited (I've been playing since the beginning almost, starting with Championship Manager 2 which had not online or network(LAN) access, it only allowed one manager at a time to be created shock horror). It was ground breaking at the time due to the depth of the game, and that is what the main appeal of the game is still for the majority of players who buy the francise year after year.
  4. Out of interest who won the Europa league and who was in the final. (If it's any one of the current semi-finalists you may want to put a little bet that as well).
  5. It's not even the end of August and apparently I've had a disastrous season (ok so I had a poor start after relegation hardly surprising considering my first team squad had half of the decent players cherry-picked on the cheap due to relegation clauses). I could understand getting that message if it was April but in August!!!!!
  6. Oh well after two and a half seasons my Salford journey came to an end. I was getting frustrated with the lack of progress my players were making and started applying for jobs at better clubs. Unfortunately the board wasn't impressed at my need to progress and gave me an ultimatum leave or else. So I left. I enjoyed the journey and will be carrying on the save to see where I end up but for now Salford is but a stepping stone on the way to glory.
  7. Pre-season for my 3rd year in charge has just ended and what a pre-season it was. 5 games played and 4 wins (all without a goal being scored against us), of those 5 teams 3 were Championship teams and only Norwich City (who are now affliated to Salford in my save) managed to win. I released a couple of players at the end of the previous season who I didn't deem to be worthwhile enough to renew contracts for or who weren't going to develop enough and lost my captain of the previous 2 seasons Nathan Pond who decided to hang up his boots (I wasn't going to renew his contract anyway as age had caught up with him finally). All that mean it was time once more for some scouting of potential talent. Once again I've signed up some Premier league rejects including Galbraith from Man Utd and former loan star (and Salford's top scorer last season) Broomfield from Norwich. Having managed to bring in a few potential stars I was totally gutted to see another of my better players from last season (Keyendrah Simmond) leave for £200000 Sheffield Utd due to a clause in his contract. If I had remembered I would have offered him a new contract to get rid of the clause. That's the news from pre-season now it's time to see if the squad can keep up expectations and achieve a minimum of mid-table once more. (Note despite having the in game editor, the only edit made was to put a non-sacking clause into the game, I want to keep this as a Salford long term save).
  8. Not yet got round to starting my usual Italian save with Cags but that's mainly because I'm very involved with a Salford City save currently. No doubt I will get round to it at some point if only to see if I can get the half decent results I've had in the past.
  9. Stop trying to justify your arguments with incorrect information.
  10. I'm beginning to wonder if this individual has even looked at FM Touch as it quite clear from his requests that he doesn't do full on simulations.
  11. Season two ends with the club in midtable, which was some achievement considering no player got into double figures for goals. It was a season of poor shooting (once Lloyd was back chances Improved), stupid defensive displays and inconsistent performances. I can't really complain at the final position to be honest as the team was expected to struggle against relegation. The free transfer market once more found me a few potential gems, Larnell Cole being one such. I only signed him when Lloyd left as I like to play with wide players and he had a half decent right foot. Over the season he proved to be more than capable and on Lloyd's return continued to keep the right wing shirt resulting in Lloyd operating on the left. With a season of league football now under their belts I am hoping the squad can push on next season and gain access to Div1.
  12. Made the biggest mistake ever at the start of season 2 selling Lloyd to Barnsley as I just don't seem to be able to get the ball to my forwards. Some how I have limped to the January window in Div 2 and am in mid-table. I needed to do something to get my strikers back on form. As a manager I like to see how any player I have sold on is doing so imagine my joy when I find Lloyd not only not getting games but also on the transfer list after only 6 months at Barnsley. Even better was the fact he was now available for under 100k. A bid naturally was made and accepted and a contract offered. Lloyd excepted but there was still the problem of other clubs sniffing around. Thankfully I go the transfer done and ended up nearly 90k in credit from both transfers. Lloyd is back in the side and already I am starting to see an improvement. Whether he can push me to the play-offs is debateable (I can't see instant promotion but the play-offs are in touching distance), but I did learn something as no doubt di Lloyd lol.
  13. Season two and in League 2 after a very slow start things look to be on the up. It's coming to the end of September and after 10 games the team finds itself in 4th place, whether I can maintain this is up to question as to be honest the lads aren't playing that well especially away from home but are still racking up the points. Rooney has not convinced me he is suitable for my squad, his lack of pace just doesn't fit the system and so hopefully I can move him on in the next transfer window for some money. Several players now are starting to whine about lack of game time which is not ideal. The new players I've brought in seem to have settled now and find of the season so far has been Larnell Cole, the fans weren't impressed I signed him and to be honest I only wanted him as I lacked a natural right midfielder after having sold the awesome Lloyd to Barnsley (who was I to stand in the way of his chance of playing further up the pyramid) and Lalkovic (who wanted to return to his home land). Signing Cole on a free was a risk worth taking especially when he didn't ask for huge wages.
  14. Aaron Lewis is a good loan bet for Conference sides I've found. Currently at Swansea. Equally at home on the left or right side of your defence, last season I was playing him mainly on the left and he averaged over 7 in 31 games so pretty consistent as well. Signed him on loan again to see how well he does in the next league up.
  15. I get a transfer budget and boom there is an attempted takeover meaning a transfer embargo, good job I did most of my business early (picking up a selection of young players from premiership clubs will expiring contracts. Have that you London Developer lol.
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