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  1. How about a county/city challenge by starting off at the lowest level club for the area for example in Gtr Manchester you can starts at Curzon in the Conference North then by either managing them through the leagues or becoming the manager of a higher level club from the same area win the top league, domestic cup/s and a European trophy in one season (it's not as easy as it sounds believe me), for added difficulty you could also only sign players born in the area.
  2. For non-league and lower league sides I recommend Will Patching and if you can get him Connor Stanley.
  3. I've got the same problems here. It's frustrating because I want to improve my U18 staff but can't compare them to decide which one to get rid of.
  4. More African leagues and Oceanic Leagues would definitely make the game more global. There are plenty of African players in the European leagues so why not have the continent represented by more countries than just South Africa. Oceania doesn't even have a team so one probably New Zealand would at least solve that miss. Even if these additions could be added in the same way as the Gibraltarian and Canadian leagues as downloads would be acceptable in my view. I'm of the opinion that promoting the likes of Egypt, Nigeria, New Zealand etc it won't take long for 'Country scouts' from the community to appear.
  5. I have a similar problem as I'm a sucker for attacking midfielders lol.
  6. Cheating is only cheating if you the player feel it is no one else is involved in your game. You also need to take into account if there wasn't a community call for an in-game editor then SI wouldn't have produced one. I play saves with the editor available on some saves and don't on others it's personal preference. Is it any different to OP or getting rid of debts/making a club rich using the pre-game free editor?
  7. Waiting for the January update this year before starting my usual Cags save. I can't wait to see how they cope.
  8. Just started my 3rd season decided to cash in on Pogba as he didn't want to sign a new contract (I did try but 500k a week in wages was taking the micheal), a bit disappointed to only get 66million (81 million with add-ons) but at least I got some money back. Not replaced him as I feel the lads I have midfield wise (McTominay, Renato Sanches, Maddison, Olmo and Viera) were hungry for success. That said I did buy another young midfielder in the transfer window a 'wonderkid' from Argentina called Almada who set me back 15.75 million going by his figures I may just have a bargain on my hands, also noticed that Patrick Roberts (a player who I have had success with in previous editions with Celtic) had been transfer listed by Man City for 9 million so I took a risk (I know signing players from rivals can upset fans) as he gave me options on the right wing. Finally I took another risk on a young defender who was recommended by one of my scouts Toby Sibbick from Barnsley. Now 6 games in things aren't going too badly I did lose the first game of the season 2-1 to Newcastle (the jammy so and so's scored in the last minute) but since then I've 5 very convincing wins including a 3-0 drubbing of City (Roberts made himself a hero in that game by scoring one of the goals again his former club)and in 4th position (all 3 clubs above me have yet to lose). Meanwhile City are doing a little better than last season (currently 5th and 3 points behind me) but Harry Kane has quickly become upset with the club and has requested a transfer....
  9. His mind games failed when my 'little' team whooped his microscopic team.
  10. Just finished my second season with United, finishing 3rd in the league, made it to the Semi final of the FA Cup and Carabao Cup, got knocked out by Real Madrid on away goals (:() in the first knockout round of Champions league not brilliant but it's a very young squad I have seeing as I've tried to remove the dead wood (only Sanchez left to get rid off, may also try to move on Bailly (he is turning into a liability) and Lingard he's ok just not suitable for the way I want to play). Highlight of the season has to have been Man City's finish position of 11th (Last season they won it with an unbeaten season so it was some drop in form) I kid you not! Surprise of the season Norwich City getting 4th place ahead of Chelsea and Spurs. So the Canaries go into the qualifying rounds of the Champions League for the first time ever!!!! I have attached the final league table as proof. (I have not used the in game editor even though I have it active I forgot to turn it off at the start of the game). Rashford was once again my top scorer although he didn't score as many as the previous season but still 20 in all competitions is acceptable. Goals were spread round the squad more this season which I'm glad to see now if I can just find a way of cutting the number of draws down next season I should be on target to challenge for the title.
  11. This comment would be funny if I wasn't managing United, but then I saw who actually said it... Mind games LOL
  12. I'll have a look at him but I tend to prefer playing a 4321 counter attack with 4231 gegenpress as my secondary tactic so he may not fit in.
  13. Now looking at improving the backroom, I'm not totally convinced by Phelan so want a top class asst man to replace him any suggestions?
  14. Standard inside forward in attack I think not currently in that save so can't confirm. My tactics is a 4321 with instructions for the two WBs to overlap the wingers, getting a decent advanced playmaker was the key for me, most of the assists for his goals came from Maddison or Olmo. To be fair he hasn't scored so many yet in the second season but I've lost both Maddison and Olmo to long term injuries and I'm reluctant to put Pogba in the role as he was/is awesome as a DLP.
  15. I got 31 goals out of him as an inside forward and occasional Striker in the Advanced Forward role in my first season. Second season he's been a slow starter (as is the rest of the team) but even so he now has 3 goals in 8 appearances in the same position. Martial meanwhile has struggled to get into double figures.
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