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  1. Woolly

    England have just won the World Cup. What would you do?

    Roll over and go back to sleep after the nightmare
  2. It's a stupid idea, for the following reasons: 1. It promotes the dark side of rl football (yes we all know it happens or has happened but it doesn't mean it needs to be in a game), and 2. What is the point after all you can cheat easily enough with the ingame editor or pre-game editor.
  3. Although you have him as a key player are you actually playing him in the first team regularly if not it is no surprise he wants to leave to join Man City. Mind you he could really be after more money so if you want to keep him in that instance offer him a new contract to reflect that.
  4. Woolly

    Man U Always Dominant

    In most of my English saves it's usually Tottenham or Arsenal who dominate for the first 5-6 seasons, however, Chelsea and Man City are more yoyo clubs going from top 4 to mid-table from one season to the next. The biggest surprise for me is Liverpool on at least one of my saves they have been relegated. I'm sure it's not a bug in the game just a case of the strongest wealthiest sides doing well with the odd exception.
  5. I guess I will never know how far I could take my young Cagliari team due to accidently overwriting the file. I was looking good in my second season as well
  6. I've just got one in my second season with Cagilari but I've also got a fair few decent youngsters in the current squad. Now if I can just keep them in Serie A I will hopefully bring back the title to Sardina for the second time ever.
  7. Just finished my first season with Cagliari in a respectable 10th, the young North Korean Han has been a godsend scoring 23 goals in 35 games this despite being very inconsistent. Looking forward to how he will develop over the next few seasons. Other notable performances includes on loan striker Pavoletti who chipped in with 18 goals in 37 appearances and goalkeeper Cragno who despite letting in 65 goals over the season still managed to have an average rating of 6.75 and 7 clean sheets. The squad is still young and with added maturity should improve together. Only downside is the big clubs now seem to be sniffing around looking for bargains which is starting to distract. The team itself has also been awarded the best Serie A club by other teams which is not bad considering the likes of Inter, AC and Juve are in the same league
  8. Still going strong with Cags it's now February and the winter transfer window has closed. The team has hit a rough patch going 9 games without a win but thanks to the early season form we are still in 11th position. My main forward Sau is having a nightmare season with a massive one goal in 15 games good job on loan Pavoletti (I'm tempted to try get him on a permanent deal at the end of the loan if my board will let me) and the young North Korean Han are scoring regularly to keep up the aim of avoiding the drop into Serie B. I've picked up a few young players from the bigger clubs all for less than £500k each and got rid of older players in the form of Pedro and Andreolli for around their values so am easily in credit financially. As a result of major injuries to Cragno (GK who was developing nicely until his injury) and Visconti (LMid) I've had to get a couple of loanees from SPAL (currently bottom in the league) the young GK Marchegiani(the youngest and stats wise probably their best GK) and from Leicester City the 20 year old midfielder Harvey Barnes. Barnes looks to be a decent young player who if he continues to play well should do well in the Premiership. Hopefully the second half of the season will go as well as the first and the prediction of relegation is proven to be totally incorrect.
  9. I don't know about Coutone as I've never bought/had him in any of my saves (I normally stick to the English leagues). However, as has been said Romagnoli is one of the best CB in the game, I have him in one of my saves and he hasn't averaged below 7 in the 6 seasons he has been in my save, so don't sell. I personally would look to get rid of any older players on big wages. You need to bring down the wage bill not get rid of your best player if you can help it.
  10. After 8 league games with Cagliari things are going better than planned with the team currently sitting 8th in Serie A with creditable draws against several of the bigger sides in the league most notably a 4-4 draw at home to AC Milan. Only two games lost so far a 4-0 away defeat to Lazio and more disappointly a 1-0 home reversal to Chievo. If the squad can keep this up for the rest of the season I will be happy. Playerwise I have been particularly impressed with the young North Korean forward Han Kwang-Song who was thrown in at the deep end so to speak owing to an injury to my planned 1st choice forward Sau. The lad has managed 6 goals in 8 games in all competitions and looks to be a very good bet to improve significantly over the next few seasons. Likewise the young GK Cragno is also doing well and is more than making up for the sale of Rafael. The high tempo 433 Assymetic AML tactic is developing well and the more the squad plays the more proficient and settled they are. I'm not expecting to win the league anytime soon but a good solid mid-table slot will be an excellent starting point to push forward from.
  11. I just started my regular save in Italy with one of the Italian teams I have a soft spot for Cagliari (I'm not one for the bigger clubs) hopefully I can keep them in Serie A and slowly build a squad capable of challenging the bigger clubs. It's seems a lot of their better players are currently loaned out but a few tweaks here and there should get the team performing. My first aim is to get a half decent young back up defender and a left midfielder, the squad has too many over 30's for my taste so a couple of them will have to go most noteably Raphael the 35 year old Brazilian GK the two younger keepers hopefully will develop in to respectable Serie A players they have the potential. Thankfully Palmeiras feel he can still do a job in the Brazilian league and who am I to complain at £1milion plus add-ons. Meanwhile 2 of my 4 signings have come in on a free (Giovanni Amoroso and Thomas Gaydu both forwards and still teenagers), Tozzo who will be my back up GK for one season (he isn't really first team material to be honest but Crosta my third senior GK is still only 19 and a little raw at the moment) was brought in from Sampdoria for £105k so I'm not going to lose much sleep if the transfer doesn't work out. In defence I picked up Raphael Diarra from AS Monaco for £250k he will also be back up for my main DC's and as a bonus he can play DR as well. Finally I 'stole' the young winger Visconti from Inter for £300k a bit pricey for a 17 year old but considering his compenstation payment would have been over £800k I think it is worth a punt. In this first season I'm looking to easily avoid the relegation spots hopefully getting into a safe mid-table position whilst going as far as I can in the cup.
  12. Woolly


    Any sort of editor for FM touch would be nice in my view.
  13. Woolly

    FM18: Hidden Gems

    I picked up Svilar cheap in last years game for my United team (whilst he was still U20) and he is turning into a beast, now rotating him with De Gea in 2021/22 to give him more experience in the bigger games.
  14. That's because everyone is downloading or playing.
  15. Development isn't instant you may notice at the end of a season a jump in ability (especially if performances have been consistently high). As has been said by Dave the stats can seem to increase or decrease from month to month depending on injuries, form, number of games played etc. The only real way to see if the stats are improving overall is to look at values over a long period of time. The chances are your players are getting better just don't expect them to turn into superstars overnight, it doesn't happen in the real world (you can count the number of real superstars under 22 years old on one hand in the PL and other major leagues are no different) so don't expect it to happen in game.