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  1. Happy with the release date personally as it gives me a chance to continue my FM19 save which is getting very interesting. Plus it also means I won't need to worry about the Beta getting in the way of some very important dates in my diary.
  2. None of the 'big' teams really appeal to me although I usually go for a Man U save in the beta just to get a feel for the game mind you it will be tough with the current squad to get anywhere near the league title. Fancy trying to get my beloved Altrincham back into the conference but with them being Part-timers it will be tough to go any further up the ladder. I'm currently in the middle of a Salford to United/City save in 2019 which is proving to be enjoyable (not yet completed (Jose isn't getting sacked despite constantly under performing and Guardiola is going no where) but have got to Wolves in the Premiership via Millwall) so may do that again.
  3. I'm still playing 2018 off and on (also play 2017 and earlier editions every now and then), I have an interesting save in 2018 which I don't want to give up just yet as I want to see if it is possible to not only get Celtic to win the Champions League but to do so with an all Scottish squad like they did in 1968. I find it's more interesting to set yourself a challenge and to see it through the harder the challenge the better I've found.
  4. I've got FM09 which works fine on my laptop, mind you it seems weird having Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as only a coach at Man Utd whilst Phil Jones is a 16 year old (mind you the report by Mike Phelan seems to sum up the player lol).
  5. It's harder than getting an all English/Spanish/Italian to win I feel. It will be worth it in the end lol.
  6. I've got long term saves still on going with FM17 and FM18 and I still play earlier editions but not so often these days. Don't want to give up my 2018 Celtic save until I win the champions league with an all Scottish team like the Lisbon Lions slowly getting there.
  7. I've had no Brexit, 17 EU in Squad and one other which I can't remember but it wasn't good so I quit the save...
  8. I got offered the Holland job after leading an unfancied Birmingham squad to the Championship title I was a N Ireland International with just a National A licence (I got Birmingham to pay for the next level)..Unrealistic in RL but then FM isn't RL so anything is possible.
  9. I've found the big six can get boring, but this year I decided to start with Non-league and work up. Which I'm finding more satisfying than expected.
  10. Chelsea could be an interesting save this season what with the transfer ban....
  11. The highlight of Wesley Sneijder's career has to be the last 6 months before retiring with my Millwall team, after all who wouldn't want to end on a high with a League 1 winners medal?
  12. Getting the sack from Spurs in Mar 2019 didn't help Pochittino's career much..... Sacked by both Everton and Fulham with the highest league position achieve 15th!
  13. The save was a few editions back, so rules may have changed. I've not done a save in China this time yet. Update just checked rule is still in force. The Chinese league has several other nationality and age rules which the Chinese FA put in place to try and improve the standard of the National Team and to prevent the richer clubs from dominating by buying loads of foreign stars. I think the current foreign player limit is 3 per game. Makes for an interesting save believe me.
  14. Usually I play in England or Scotland because that's what I know, there is nothing more satisfying than getting a team from the Conference North or South into the League and beyond, likewise knocking Celtic off their perch with what was a bottom division is a challenge not to be missed. I do have a soft spot for Cagilari in Italy the Italian league is definitely one of contrast what with your mega teams of Juve, Milano (both Inter and AC) etc. which can make managing one of the lesser teams more of a challenge as you are constantly losing better players for peanuts once the big boys take notice. However, despite all of the above my favourite save ever was spent in the Chinese he rule of having only Chinese Goalkeepers is frustrating at times but the league setup is fairly straight forward.
  15. Definitely of those listed the new contract thing is highly irritating, I can understand to a certain extent a newly promoted youth team player wanting a payrise when he becomes a first team rotation choice and beyond, but for established stars just asking for a new contract just because they have a couple of good games is a joke.
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