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  1. You could not be more wrong I am in that bracket however I have been highly successful result wise just don't enjoy the responsiveness of the ME or the dull football ie the way tactical styles are represented visually. I'd also wager a lot of those 880 reviewers have equal ability and experience as you.
  2. Does anyone know if you opt back into Public Beta on Steam do you revert back to the original early release me?
  3. Sadly for me at least 1 v1 and finishing has not improved with elite strikers getting roughly 1 goal every 4/5 games (15 games in to the new patch)
  4. Anyone had a ridiculous amount of own goals like 5 games in a row?
  5. I've stopped playing as the football is unresponsive dull and boring plus this is destroying my strikers legacy when you see him go from a 20 odd a season striker to the dizzy heights of 9 goals in 38 games!
  6. They ram home how realism comes before everything in these games well if that is the case Salah, Ronaldo, Messi should strike fear in to your hearts by doing something special in games, I played Juventus in the CL I barely knew Ronaldo was on the friggin pitch!
  7. That's shocking! How can anyone say there is not an issue there? pffft!
  8. I'm 6th in the league with 6 points off 4th place this is an issue that is effecting multiple users I can't have 4 very high quality strikers from nowhere all be in bad form it literally all happened when the patch came out! Morale familiarity all high and as a veteran of these games I know all the tinkers and I have used lots of different tactics and experiments and both my team and the AI are unresponsive whilst I don't want to be dsimissive towards you it seems clear as mud there is a wider issue at heart and it is sadly ruining the game! in my 3rd season with Leeds alone I finished 4th and got to the emirates cup final I am also in the quarter finals of the champions league I know what I am doing but cannot enjoy the game in it's current state when all goals are the same and the strikers end up with end of season stats like center backs! The passing , finishing reactions to shouts and instructions feels way off, I don't know what it's like being a huge club like a Barca or PSG maybe that's why it's so smooth for you as the overall CA of your team is so OP!
  9. The key word here being your FIRST season! I am 4 seasons in playing from day 1 beta release everything was running great strikers getting around the 20 mark for the league and a lot more overall when you include the other competitions. It was only when I hit my 4th season when the first patch came out and it messed everything right up! It's either a save game impact thing here where the original Beta players are feeling the brunt of the impact or it's something that kicks in like a hidden slider after a certain time period. Only way I can logically explain how it is not effecting a number of people who are very early into the game. I have 4 quality strikers Haaland, Osimhen, Pelligri and Jovic with Haaland being the best of the bad bunch with wait for it ..3 goals in 20 games! in the 2 seasons before that he got 19 in 32 and 20 in 36, something has nerfed for some of us strikers being able to do their job!
  10. Ever since Beta got patched my strikers perform awful Haaland went 4th season in from 19goals in 32 games to 3 in 20 Haaland should be coming into his prime not burning out My other striker Osimhen only 1 goal in 14 games!
  11. well i'm afraid I am the opposite to you from 19 in 32 to 3 in 20 sucks and destroys the players legacy Haaland should be coming into his prime not burning out Osimhen 1 goal in 14 games!
  12. I really hope SI can fix this properly it took me ages to achieve what Ihave and to get into my 4th season i don't want to have to go through all that again and start a new game
  13. Have you reported this as a bug? This is my fear that they did not fix all players I played a few games yesterday thought there was a aslight improvement but soon realised that ME is still not right the way it is currently I'll be lucky if any of my world class strikers get 10 goals in a season not to mention the average 6 bookings a game nor the fact that 5 out of 6 games all had own goals conceded by my team!
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