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  1. £40 for a game that has badly underdelivered and now confirmed no more light at the end of the tunnel, sigh, time to move on and shelve this series for quite some time, my faith and trust is broken.
  2. 5 seasons in with Leeds still not won the Epl then again I don't use any exploits not too easy at all.
  3. That's a fair comment if it was my defending I would be livid but it's the AI's and believe it or not this type of dribbling happens rarely for me. We all know FM lacks in the animation stakes so in terms of taking people on this probably is the representation of that very thing and output via the match engine. I'd take this happening occasionally over complete shut out where AI defenders are op and the games are dull and boring. Main thing annoying me right now is lack of consitency from tactics, players and too many 1-1 all draws. Hardest FM yet for me.
  4. I'm not saying anyone is stupid mate and I completley respect your opinion all I was trying to illustrate is prior to this patch I had very little success playing through the middle and my am was lucky to score a goal never mind a hatrick. I don't think these videos really do it justice as prior to the goals there is even further build up play through the middle. Don't get me wrong the ME needs more work but seeing how bad it was previously and how long it has taken to get where it is now I sadly don't think it will get much better. For the record I am not winning every game and have had some frustrated losses I can't make sense of but in comparison to the awful me's we've had building up to this I am just greatful for small mercies!
  5. Honestly you guys will never be happy lol It was dull boring and negative me before now it's fun entertaining not perfect me you guys still complain I don't think Sigames will ever make you happy!
  6. Loving the new ME, granted these goals are nothing fancy but the chemistry, link up play and the translation of my tactics is functioning so much better. I can finally enjoy the game again!
  7. Searched the forum but can't see it anywhere, how do I upload goals/highlights as I have produced some using fm but because they are 11k per file they are more than the 9k attachment allowance. Is the only way to do this throwing them up on Youtube?
  8. Finally a much better entertaining responsive match engine! Games now feel fun to play with a good variety of goals and different tactics getting acted out on the pitch! Thank you best ME since the pre release ME.
  9. I thought FM19's match engine was great far better than this years horror show!
  10. I respect Neil coming on here but honestly if the team move onto FM21 whilst leaving the game in the state that it is there is no way I will buy FM21 even if it is on sale. This is more than just a few random opinions, worst FM ever released and at £39.99 daylight robbery.
  11. It's a strange one this year, I bought the game on pre-release my team and strikers were doing really good certainly overachieving but nothing too unrealisitic. Strikers were scoring loads and for about 2 and a half weeks I was having lots of fun. It's almost as if when it came to release rather than just fix all these cosmetic bugs that people raised SI games had a change of heart about the match engine and rather than appeal to your casual/yet exerienced gamer they wanted to appease the players who spend an hour on tactics who probably said the game was too easy. Ever since then I feel there is no turning back each update brings more and more dissapointment with the biggest immersion killer that strikers with the most amazing attributes and supply line are struggling to hit the prolific top figures across the board. The ultra defensiveness of the inferior teams maybe is art imitating life but this is a computer game and if every 2 out of 5 games is scrappy boring dull football then I think that the focus of the game needs to be revised. I tried giving this new Beta a try and despite great morale, very good players and lots of tactical familiarity and experience the AI is smashing in long range shots and my players aren't responding to changes that I make or instructions I put in place. I think once the full patch is released I will have to start a new game because I am really beginning to ask the question are these patches fully save game compatible or is the ME really just that bad and geared for hardcores or exploit tactics?
  12. Why have I been limited on the amount upvotes I can do when I have done less than 5 upvotes today? A bit fishy when it came about from me agreeing with the above post, for the record I am so underwhelmed with this years FM and have never complained about any other version and I have owned them all! I got 3 weeks worth of enjoyment in beta and then the game changed badly for the worse and despite the fact I am over achieving and succesful the football you see from the ME is appalling. I have tried to be patient but feel incensed that the only game I ever pre-order at full price every year, I have not been able to play for months as each update is a bad let down! If I ever buy this game again it will be in the steam sale like anything else or when it has dropped to it's lowest price I don't like to vent like this but my patience has worn and by stopping me from voting up the comments I agree with, what type of policy is that? Plus I agree with the other poster, whilst a majority base probably is laptop users I have a high end gaming PC as many other users probably do. Why can't we have a mode that truly pushes the hardware to it's limitations and a mode as is for basic spec users, it seems to me it's profit over progression, where's the ambition?
  13. There's nothing wrong with my 3d engine, in fact it is working better than ever, I can't see no lag, are you sure it's not your graphics card settings?
  14. You could not be more wrong I am in that bracket however I have been highly successful result wise just don't enjoy the responsiveness of the ME or the dull football ie the way tactical styles are represented visually. I'd also wager a lot of those 880 reviewers have equal ability and experience as you.
  15. Does anyone know if you opt back into Public Beta on Steam do you revert back to the original early release me?
  16. Sadly for me at least 1 v1 and finishing has not improved with elite strikers getting roughly 1 goal every 4/5 games (15 games in to the new patch)
  17. Anyone had a ridiculous amount of own goals like 5 games in a row?
  18. I've stopped playing as the football is unresponsive dull and boring plus this is destroying my strikers legacy when you see him go from a 20 odd a season striker to the dizzy heights of 9 goals in 38 games!
  19. They ram home how realism comes before everything in these games well if that is the case Salah, Ronaldo, Messi should strike fear in to your hearts by doing something special in games, I played Juventus in the CL I barely knew Ronaldo was on the friggin pitch!
  20. That's shocking! How can anyone say there is not an issue there? pffft!
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