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  1. Okay, yeah, I might be done. There is no proper build-up play in the middle, but there are pin-point 50 yard passes to full-backs in semi-pro teams, so there is a lot of wing play. Which doesn't matter, 'cause most crosses bounce off of defenders to the end of the world, so games usally have ~60 throw-ins, and if they don't bounce, it doesn't matter anyway, 'cause nobody can make a proper header. There is no point playing a counter-attacking, tight defense, 'cause defenders can't clear, and even if they do, and you have a breakaway, your striker will miss the 1-on-1. For a while, you entertain yourself with team building, and all that, but sooner or later the nonsense morale swings, and the clueless match performance review will take the fun out of that too. This year's edition did keep me for a while, but I'm afraid at the end it feels as pointless to play as it did for many years now. There is a huge amount of busywork that doesn't feel worthwhile, for example, the only consistently meaningful thing I can do via team-talks is reacting to weekly training performances, and that is super overpowered, you can build super strong relationships with players under a few months just by praising their training. There is all that team-talk BS, and the way most significant one of them is to mindlessly praise the green ones in training every 2 weeks out of 3. Will a "very close" relationship matter, when for almost no reason, the entire team's morale drop 3 days after a win? Of course not, he will be "questioning your management".
  2. A few posts before yours i was mentioning the weird mid-week morale drops after wins. It seems like the "yellow warnings" have too much, too sudden influence on the dressing room atmosphere.
  3. Okay, the swings in morale are ridiculous. We are having a form of W-L-W-L-W, just won a clean 2-0 game against the team in front of us, the board rated the performance B+, the "dressing room atmosphere" bar was maybe 25% green, but midweek it dropped to about 30% red. I don't have any issues, my least happy player is content. It does tell me that there are "many conflicting personalities", players that "don't share the same level of professionalism", and a "high turnover" (which shouldn't be still such a huge issue, the roster haven't changed that much). The first two problems are impossible to consistently keep under control, it's not like you can be picky and just sign people who are into the same kinds of movies, or whatever, so it shouldn't cause such sudden swings. I did have to buy 2 new starters mid-season (I took over the team in december), but they have been starting in every game (8 and 7, respectively) since. This is the sort of thing that makes it feel worthless to click through all the training feedback and other minutiae team talk stuff. edit: oh, and all this is happening at a team where every player but 3 belongs to the same social group, and players whom I am very close with, and who hold me in "the highest regard" are starting to question my management of the team edit 2: I almost forgot: I've just signed a new contract with a player who wanted to "commit his future to the club". Did achieving that affect his morale? Take your guess.
  4. You know what puts the cherry on top of the cream made of strikers who can't score, defenders who can't clear, and bodies made of the same material pinball machines are? A completely ridiculous "match performance" screen. Did you just win a narrow game against a stronger team where you held them to only a few shots? "ah mate, not bad, maaaybe a B-, wasn't very entertaining though" Did you just narrowly lose 0-1 against a stronger team in a game where you were constantly attacking, and both teams had a large amount of shots? "Ah f*ck you, you f*cking p*nce, you lost a game against a bigger team who is second in the league??? E!!! What do you mean I should appreciate that our play was entertaining? This isn't FIFA!!!"
  5. Just to be fair, I don't see ALL the problems a lot of people do, wingers do pass, long balls are being properly dealt with by the defenders, but I do have the issue with long shots and set pieces being about as dangerous as clear 1-on-1-s. And since it sometimes feels like human pinball, there are a lot of set pieces...
  6. Yeah, so, since I wasn't really experiencing all the well-known troubles while playing the demo, I've decided on buying this year, and what happened was exactly what I was fearing: experiencing all the well-known troubles with the full game. I don't know, man, it's not "broken", not "unplayable", but definitely not a 50$ game. Another sports franchise infamous of having long-running problems, and gameplay that doesn't simulate the actual sports well, Madden, at least looks like a full-priced game...
  7. So, I took over Darlington after 18 matches in the season, the team cohesion was okay already, and after a few games, they were already doing what I was telling them to do, which can take longer when you are building a completely new team, so again, cohesion felt like a non-issue. But then, after maybe 8 games, I ran into an 0-5 beating, where my players suddenly stopped passing to teammates, and just cleared the ball to wherever, which lead to a sh*tload of balls turned over. This came out of nowhere, and I was fearing that maybe the game is indeed "brOkEn aND UnpLaYABle!!4" after all. But then it dawned on me: I signed about 10 trialists just some days before that game. Can trialists f*ck up your cohesion so much that it feels like you are building a completely new team? Because yeah, the old trick of just signing two dozen players for a trial instead of scouting them was definitely wack, but this system also feels wrong. They were playing in U23 and U18 friendlies, that shouldn't disrupt my first team so much!
  8. I see a reaction, an unconfident, awkward attempt to constrict the space available for the attacker. Yeah, he doesn't close down properly, and there is no diving at the shot, but I can honestly easily imagine an unsure keepr doing something like this IRL.
  9. Really? You chose to post this, as the example of the ME's problem with long balls? Your team was in transition, your defenders expected to be in possession for a bit more, being out of position when the team suddenly loses the ball is something that happens. I'm absolutely not saying there are no problems with the AI (although I've been toying around with the demo, and thinking about buying, 'cause right now it feels better than ever in the last few years), I'm just saying that some people are being unreasonable, and almost hysterical here. Also, please, there are so many ways now to record your screen in a not prehistoric way...
  10. This doesn't always happen, and in the last game, it sorted itself out by the second half. I run the game in 2560x1080, full screen.
  11. ironically, this might be a time when IRL he would have probably tried a shot his teammate is far, is way behind him, there is a defender between them, and in the end he doesn't have a much better angle either
  12. so, basically: "NO U" thank you guys, you 2 just proved it again that people who are still defending the game are usually doing it out of reflex, without anything resembling an actual counter-argument
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