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  1. There is definitely a joke here about the money the Hungarian government is spending on football, and cocaine...
  2. I don't know, son... They certainly made a list of all the things that were working horribly in 20, and said "Why my dear gentlemen, of course it will be much more sophisticated this time, the improvement in quality will be astounding, I can assure you!", but excuse me for not believing they have managed to fix every one of these problems just like that... After all this time, not even a good beta would convince me, I'll wait for next March's version to decide, thank you very much...
  3. Why do players retire at the age of 27/28, after being without a club for a single season??? 3 players on my shortlist retired in march, not a long time before teams would start hiring people for the new season. One of them was supposed to me my new starting GK, one of them my new starting towering DC. They knew there was at least one team interested in them, and of course there is no option to try and talk them out of their choice, because why would there be any useful conversation options? Oh, I'm sorry, I meant one besides the "Praise training" option which you have to laboriously vis
  4. :DDDDDD Of course I wasn't really done. So, in the middle of an overachieving season with a great team morale, we lost our previous game because of some of the usual bullcrap, so early in the next week morale was in the greenish-yellow territories. I wasn't gonna do a team meeting, 'cause we had one 2 weeks ago. My plan was to wait until matchday, and use the "praise conduct" lie option on some of my key players to help things a bit. Also, Tuesday, the board offered a new contract for me, and I accepted it. Since I have an excellent support of the players, I was hoping the game has a
  5. STOP HOOFING THE BALL FORWARD WHEN I TOLD YOU TO PLAY OUT OF DEFENCE WITH A SLOW TEMPO, AND STANDARD PASSING I'm done. Came back after the update, but I'm done, this is still the same unenjoyable game it had been for years. One would think they would be at least able to come up with a well-balanced player rating system, but nope.
  6. this is the first time in my life I'm asking for the pkm, or a video or anything, because GODdamn!
  7. so, apparently, I've given up on this game 2 days before 2.4, so came back, and it is different, less infuriating. but still not significantly better a shot from 26 meters is still about as dangerous as a shot, or a header from 6 and after watching that boring gameplay for an hour, you grind out a 1-1 in the cup against a team in a higher league. in the replay, you control the game, you take the lead, but you lose 2-1 because of a 90+ minute long shot what do you think your rating is after a match like that? yep, a C- there is just no fun to find in this game ed
  8. a counter-argument, please, instead of a "u stupid lol xd" fact #1: dribbles are overpowered fact #2: in your video, there was nothing reminding anyone to "central play"
  9. completing a coaching course bumped my reputation from 5% to 10% (yeah, my character is a bum) also what FrazT said: you might be in between two half-star steps
  10. The problem is that this is not "central play", this is just the same overpowered dribbling we see on the sidelines being applied to central players since the new update.
  11. god, please make set piece instructions be connected to the players instead of the positions, because it makes me want to kill myself whenever I have to switch players across every variation
  12. Now, see, this is the weird thing about it. With the demo, I wasn't experiencing the "missed chances" issue. With the full game (same game version), in the same league, at a different team, with slightly better players, I do. Neither with the demo, nor with the full game do I experience the "long balls over the top" issue, but a lot of the others do. Enough of them for me to believe that it's not always because of overly aggressive tactics. Neither with the demo, nor with the full game do I experience the "missed penalties" issue, but a lot of people do. I do experience
  13. it's just another one of those things where some experience an extreme, and others a perfectly normal balance, and it doesn't even appear to be related to player levels. For example, after one and a half Vanarama regional seasons, my penalty ratio seemed fine. Now compare that with others in the best leagues who see a low conversion rate. It can't be the penalty taker's skill, is it the goalkeeper's skill? Because I would imagine the hardest thing about balancing this game would be making it behave acceptable both with semi-pro teams, and with Liverpool.
  14. Okay. See you in March – if the feedback about the next patch is gonna be good enough. If not - don't worry, in maybe 3 years, I'll be weak enough to buy again. Between defensive positioning, headers on both ends, central build-up, wing decision-making, offensive finishing, and long shots, there are just enough frustrating issues to turn the entire experience into an insufferable, pointless slog.
  15. You are all wrong, the worst question is without a doubt is when you sign a player on trial, and they ask you if you're gonna keep him. Every. Time.
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