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  1. Lucas, Very sorry for the late response, it's been a bad day at work. Your information however has brightened it up. I followed to the letter the information in the link deleting cache and preferences, then verifying the game files and then finally moved the folders. I can confirm that with all this in place the game not only loaded, but saved and then reloaded up several times even afer a "correct" location change this time. Thank you very much for your time and effort in helping me to get going.
  2. When I first installed FM22 all was well I started a game so the folders would be created for save games etc. I loaded the game again and went to change the location where the game accesses the save etc. this is the same location all my previous FM's were located with no problem. My only problem when telling it where to re locate to I forgot to add a Football Manager 2022 folder so it creates all the folders in the Sports Interactive folder it created rather than inside a FM22 folder. Since then everytime I go to load the game it hangs on the loading screen and then crashes to desktop with no crash dumps etc. The game is still the vanilla version with no extra files or graphics added. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, verified the files many times, restarted pc and still nothing works and it still keeps putting these folders in the Sports Interactive one. So I'm in a loop that I've not had before and no idea how to stop the game creating things the way I mistakenly told it to do not how the original install and save game folders etc went. I've uploaded the DxDiag in the hope someone will know how I can get my PC to forget this game and then install like it was the first time? DxDiag.txt
  3. Can anyone point me in the direction of what panel I'd have to edit to move the number left and players face to the right on the player profile screen as I'd like to be able to see more of the number please?
  4. Sorry to have to come back with a problem which I'm hoping is just me? I'm not at my computer right now so cannot show in a picture but all the staff their attributes are all in black which makes them very hard to read? I have changed to different skins (original plus others) and they are fine so not sure why the text would show up in black? Thanks again for a really clean clutter free skin that's easy on the eyes.
  5. Loving the skin so far and appreciate you making it. May I ask the Training/Coaches screen all the text at the top of the screen that tells you how man coaches you have and the boards concerns is all in black instead of white? It's hard to read in any of the skins, apart from all is good. Thanks. EDIT - I forgot to mention in the Home screen in the top left is the next fixture to text on the right of the oppositions manager is in white instead of black and is unreadable with a yellow background (Dortmund) EDIT 2 - The same for the Transfer/Transfer Status of a player is also in black instead of being white to the right of the player picture.
  6. Nigel Pearson is delusional when he says my Wolves were "lucky" to win 1-7 at Hillsborough.
  7. knap what tactic did you use in the screenshot?
  8. Well just finished my season with Rochdale and I have to say the base 4222 is an amazing tactic Knap especially as my players aren't that good. In the end my record with the tactic was - P 17 - W 12 - D 1 - L 4 - GS 42 - GC 22 The most impressive thing was that it took my side who were 12th in League One in just 14 league matches to finish 3rd and a point off promotion. In the Play-Offs we got to the Final against Huddersfield where we lost 3-1. Annoyed I never got a shock promotion but in reality like I said my players aren't quite good enough. Thanks Knap the 4222 is really a brilliant tactic.
  9. With my Rochdale game both the base 442's were just awful for my team so I'm trying out the base 4222. Well can I be happier.......No! Yes it's been only 5 games in with it but we've now moved up to 5th in League One from 12th in those games and the football we're playing is so impressive. The results so far are - H v Oldham won 4-0 H v Southampton won 1-0 A v Bristol Rovers drew 2-2 A v Charlton won 6-0 H v Brighton won 3-1 The way things are going with 9 games to go we could very well pull off a suprise promotion or play off spot? Not bad for a side predicted to finish 23rd. I can only wonder how good it is with a bigger side and better players?
  10. Is that 4222 with 2 CM - 1 AML - 1 AMR - 2 SC? That is what my Rochdale side are using at the moment as doing okayish. The 2 base tactics you sent me were flat 442's which didn't suit my 2 wide men I have so would like to try out the 4222 if it is like what I stated above as my team struggled badly with your 2 base tactics.
  11. This is the current FM10 tactic I'm using in FM11. In the demo I used Tottenham and it was amazing no problems with it as we were rolling over most teans......but Tottenham do have good players. Now to Rochdale in the full game. It's been up and down with them, whether that is because of a bad run of form or simply the players aren't good enough I don't know? We started off well scoring goals and had won 4 out of 4 including scoring 9 in our 2 away games and then it fell apart. We played away to MK Dons, we were top and they were 9th and they thumped us 7-4 in an amazing match. I then proceed to not win in 6 matches. I feel players tend to drift out of position too easily, eg attack down left wing and the LCB and LB tend to drift towards the lower part of the box leaving 1 or 2 opposing forwards unmarked with a good chance to score. This wasn't apparent as much earlier in the season but again was that down to good form or luck? Are my team being exposed as they are predicted to finish 23rd in League 1? Currently the only real problem is the fact defenders don't tend to stay more rigid when the opposition has the ball on the flanks whereas when we attack the wings are the most devastating aspect as my winger(s) especially the RM skips past the full back with ease. I don't know if my ramblings help at all or the fact the tactic isn't really for my side I don't know?
  12. I'd like to try it with my Rochdale side.....currently using one of your other 442 from fm10.
  13. Thanks TheSpecial1 for the link and ron.e if you have it I'd still appreciate it as I could then compare incase both of yours are slightly different.
  14. Thanks for the reply bassounds. There is no link to the 4-1-2-1-2 in the OP and as stated Fileplanet is down. If neither the original 4-1-2-1-2 or the now newly tweeked version can be upload elsewhere then we'll have to wait until tomorrow when Fileplanet is fixed.
  15. Is this the 4-1-2-1-2 you mention from this link http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/194951-Mr-Hough-10.3-Tactics?p=5553729&viewfull=1#post5553729 as the link in post #3142 is dead? Has anybody got this tactic or uploaded the "newer" 4-1-2-1-2 with tweeks as suggested by bassounds?
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