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    Married for almost years with 3 kids. Have played CM/FM since the very beginning with CM1

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    Help I'm a Southerner and have been kidknapped and forced to live up North. Ransom fee required.


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    Football, gaming , reading, cinema, playing with kids and romantic walks with the wife.

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  1. HA HA you beat me to it, was so busy about thinking what to put to help out.
  2. I'm no tactical guru so maybe I'm going to be way off the mark here but where are you conceding the goals from? Your problem may still be on your flanks? The 2 WB's are on attack duty so will be more interested in going forward than back (to track opposition players). The it maybe down to your actual structure of your 3 CB's. The 2 outer ones maybe on a Cover duty as then one of them would push out wider if there was a threat down the wing, leaving the other 2 to stay central. I understand why you may have a BPD but why not make him into a Stopper? This way he would be more prone to staying in a central location and not drawn out wide. I like the idea of a Anchor but maybe this is where your not getting help in going forward in central positions as he's too deep? One final thought have a download of the document found in this thread - This will help you in setting up some of your players (like the 3 CB's)
  3. Could do no worse and visit here or here Have a proper read and post if you feel you need more advice
  4. They are all in relation to your best player. If you signed say a decent Premier League player then all your players would then probably show up a 1 1/2 or 1 star players due to how inferior they would be to that player you'd signed.
  5. Just downloaded this and it looks really good theBantams. Having not read the full thread I hope this hasn't already come up but when you click on the World drop down the text overlays itself on whatever screen you were on and is unreadable. EDIT - Sorry it's not overly clear but you can still make out that the text has overlayed itself and makes it unreadable.
  6. For a comparison this is how mine now looks, only slightly different to your own screenshot.
  7. Funny I've tried the xml's which we discussed and it didn't work as I PM'd you but went back and revisited post #10 and bang IT WORKS. Though not in the way you show. Yes the upper box has 5 options in it's drop down including Finance & Salary but my container is only half the size with another drop down with the regular 4 options. Weird....either way it works and I'm a happy bunny. Thank you m@rk for your time in helping me out and the excellent work in the skin.
  8. Well sadly as stated in our PM it didn't work? So I've copied and pasted the the club overview panel from the wannachupbrew skin (also used by FMTGW Official skin) into your Panels folder and yes it works but this is what is now looks like as some of the other sections have disappeared?
  9. I really do like the crisp look of the skin. May I ask for one thing please? It may be considered "cheating" but in some other skins like the wannachupbrew skin it contains financial & salary information on the club overview screen for any team. When copying this file over, yes it works but several other panels on that screen go blank? Could you please have financial & salary in one of the drop down menus on the club overview screen please? Thanks.
  10. Well for FM15 it ended up at 416 hours but was nowhere near FM14 as that was 638 hours. Most of my 416 hours were from release until around January time and then I just stopped playing it and lost the motivation. The FM14 was played from release until around the May time before I stopped. The longer hours was because I got into it better with a decent career save. And as for the record FM16 is a paltry 37 hours. Not played the full release at all. All the time is from the Beta. Sadly for FM16, Fallout 4 came a few days earlier and I'm finding that more of a I cannot put it down (when I get on it that is).
  11. Need More Info

    Funnily I don't have THAT match as such as I was 0-4 down in 30 mins and rage quit (as my tea was ready and didn't want to annoy the wife) Anyway went back to the save and went on holiday past the game and sure enough the same match has the same "all white" kit clash. Saved the match for you as requested as Wolfsburg v Dnipro (Kit Clash).pkm and uploaded to the FTP website in the game-pkm folder.
  12. Playing a friendly between myself (Wolfsburg) and Dnipro and both teams are in predominately white kits? It's very hard to distinguish between them in the far off camera views like the new Prozone one (this is the Close view btw).
  13. A good website to go to for digital only deals is As for Football Manager 2016 the best deal there is FunStock Digital who have it 20% off the RRP at £27.97 then apply the 25% off voucher you get it for £20.98 Go here to order
  14. If you buy a 3rd party editor then you can edit your name correctly.
  15. Thanks Tom for that. I got it sorted now. I like to have as much info as possible on my screen and having labels cuts some of it out but on saying that I do tend to click on the wrong icon as well.....ho hum. :o