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  1. I'd go with what Welshace posted.
  2. Can't believe the guy on ebay is doing this! Can't believe it at all! It's so disappointing to see this sort of behaviour! Who in their right mind wants a USB stick sent out to them? Upload them to a site with a zip password and then you can email the password to them after the purchase. Get with the times!
  3. Hey! You're welcome Yes, that would be slow with all leagues and large database loaded. Glad it worked out for you too!
  4. That appears to be sold out.
  5. I'm surprised that it's that much slower - not really sure why it's all that slower. My only guess would be that your original computer didn't get too hot when playing so it could play without being throttled. Whereas your new computer is probably getting hot and causing the processor to go slower to prevent overheating/damage. Try a laptop cooler. Might also be a good idea to see if the vents are blocked with dust. £300 is a bit of an ask. Looking through some clearance items for you I can find this It's a bit over your price range. All I can suggest is perhaps saving a bit more and getting something that has longevity rather than a short term solution that requires further investment sooner rather than later.
  6. That one looks spot on.
  7. Depends on what the specs are - can you post both computers in the order of CPU RAM Graphics Card In terms of a new computer What is your budget? What are your expectations from FM: 3D, long career save, fast day to day, etc.?
  8. IT's a 14 inch screen but it keeps popping up on research.
  9. Posted this one earlier. Much better CPU
  10. I took my laptop apart today, followed an online tutorial as I wasn't familiar with the Dell models for disassembling. Was a bit tricky with the keyboard but mostly all good. The amount of dust build up in the fan was shocking. I should never have let it get like that. But I did. Anyway. the difference in the noise, performance, etc. of the laptop playing FM is HUGE! Just thought I'd share the success story. As I was about to buy a new laptop for over 2K - but today the car broke down and there's no return, so I bought a new car instead... new computer may wait.
  11. It's a bit vague. What are you trying to print exactly?
  12. Both are almost identical. As for the queries - it's ambiguous, in theory you can run all leagues and all nations and maximum database on any computer, but the lower the specs the worse the speed and performance. They both have an integrated graphics card - so they don't have a dedicated one - and with the integrated the performance for 3D would be best on low quality.
  13. Personally no experience with Lenovo, but they're a big company and win lots of awards. Best make? Hard to say. Personally, I like MSI - or anything on PC Specialist is usually a great build.
  14. Albeit it's a 14 inch screen - it's a kickass machine.