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  1. I take this as to mean that he'll throw his head at a ball even if a defender is swinging to kick it - or put his body on the line to stop a shot I take this to mean that he will work as hard as he can not letting his performance drop, and will do everything to ensure he puts as much physical effort into his actions during a match. There's more to it than that - I know.
  2. That processor is about 6 years old, and I'd imagine the computer itself is about that old. I think it would run FM ok. However, if it doesn't run it ok you could always return it.
  3. 6850 was released in Q2 of 2016. Might be a new one on the way in Q2 2017. Hard to know what and when will be released.
  4. Don't forget new processors are due in the 1Q of 2017.
  5. I'd be tempted by the 6850K to be honest. Get a M2 SSD and a larger backup drive in ssd. RAM - anything 8gb above will be good. If you get 16gb it will be plenty. But if you have the budget to go higher then why not? Graphics Card - the GTX1080 is a bit overkill for FM - but if not why not.
  6. None of those are Chromebooks. The first one is below spec for FM. THe other 2 are barely on spec but would be fine for FM. Chromebook for FM - never done it myself but here ya go Comes to about €470 Just because I'm from Ireland, I know buying a laptop online is horrendous as there's not good deal sites in Ireland. This one is refurbed - it's a bit on the old side but would work
  7. It's about 2-3kg, a bit heavy if you ask me - and battery life is 5-6 hours, make that about 1-2 hours with FM. I did find this refurbished one
  8. I beat Barcelona 5-0 in Champs League semi final, then lost to Stoke the following game. Complacency can set in.
  9. This^ - The club would get 0 points for a game when certain disciplinary reasons or if they forfeit the game.
  10. Recently had a change in the UI with Adobe products where 4k monitors showed icons and text really small. They made a global change to the interface to make everything larger. Over 100 icons and 500 dialogue boxes all individually remastered for the 4k devices. Guess what, now everyone without a 4k monitor is complaining the text is too big on their screens and the icons are too big, and the workspace is a lot smaller due to larger icons. Can't please everyone. But I do think if FM goes this way they should make it an option, perhaps have a small, medium and large option. Just a thought.
  11. You'd be hard pushed to get a faster CPU on that budget. You can do it on PC specialist, but it's only a marginal increase, and you lose the graphics card. What's important to you? Speed or 3D? If it's both then what Welshace posted is excellent. But I think you can do better on PC specialist.
  13. What's your budget?
  14. Post 26... why am I being asked to justify my posts? Anyway, if it was an option in the game, then who in their right mind would opt to be available for a sacking during a takeover? I don't think anyone would. This would detract from the realism, if that's what people are after. If not, the option is available in the IGE. Case closed.
  15. Just to weigh in Mark Hughes - Man City - admittedly not sacked straightaway, but was because of takeover Sean Dyche - Watford - the new Italian owners wanted an Italian in charge, Gianfranco Zola Sam Alardyce - Blackburn - sacked when Venkys tookover Greg Megson - Shefield Wednesday - Milan Mandarić tookover Neil Warnock - QPR - sacked by new owners Tony Fernandes I know it's tough to take in the game, but it does happen and it's just part of football. As others have noted, you can make yourself unsackable in the editor - although I agree an option to trigger this in game would be nice. It's happened me before, and I got another job and travelled a few continents racking up titles and medals, and eventually worked my way back to my beloved Leeds.