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  1. The interface has steadily decreased since 2012. I still play FM12 as the interface is a lot more 'professional' looking. The whole interface is like a friggin' cartoon - it almost insults my intelligence. The way it jumps directly to the Social Feed (which I'm sure I can switch but can't find the setting) - but that whole social feed is like looking at a cartoon. It's not a good feature - I couldn't be arsed reading a fictional social feed... Anyway - the whole interface is way too large - just look back to FM 12 - it was perfect! Why you went this way is shocking bad decision. This is what I'd consider to be a complete information overload All I'm doing is clicking on a player but it's a complete information overload. For example - on this screen - I've to scroll down to the end for the Urgent items - surely they should be top?? And besides this - there's only 1 area to click to get the report - the square box - why isn't the whole line selectable? This is another screen - the News - and I just don't know where to look on this screen - it's very random. I started to look through the training options and it's just a massive interface - there's no real design to it. I click on Team and presented with this What am I to do here? It is very similar to Championship Manager training interface - anyone remember when you had to select what day they did weights, stamina, etc.? I haven't bought this game up to FM12 - and it's FM 17 now - I've stuck around so long waiting and hoping and posting suggestions for improvements. But every year it gets worse and worse! Look back FM 12 - you had the interface right there! I'm playing the demo of Fm17 now and I'm not impressed at all. It's an eye sore. There's a calendar thingy that pops down over the screen every time the game progresses, but by the time I get to look at something on it it's gone from the screen - what's the point of it? I'm very sad for this version and I'm afraid this is my last post as I will no longer be purchasing football manager. FM12 is perfect for me. And I can't see the versions getting any better. Thanks for the great game. I had a blast.
  2. Given the first ever video posted about FM 17 - it looks like - football... I won't post the video - as the last thread was locked ... Anyway - post any new features you discover about FM - given that SI are being so cryptic about it. I find it silly that FM won't release their information about the game that will be released in just over a month! They know what's new, according to the video. As loyal devoted customers and forum members we deserve more - we deserve to know. What's the big secret?
  3. Here's the first video To be honest - it's crap - it shows nothing. Just tell the loyal users what the new features are. I don't care if there's 1000 new animations. What have you done to improve the damn game. I'm not going to follow you on every social media outlet, snapchat, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. to find out what's new. You know what's new. It's being released in November. Just spill the beans and you will get more pre-orders.
  4. I wouldn't go by the in game star rating for your computer or graphics rating. However, you shouldn't have any issues. Glad you're happy
  5. I'd say that looks good to go then. I don't really see anything better out there.
  6. Well that depends - what do you want to get out of FM? 3D graphics important? Day to day fast progression? Fast load/saves? It's not a bad price. The processor is a relatively newish (Q1 2015). But what's your budget? Is £580 your budget or can you go more?
  7. It's pretty good. It's a fast processor, at 3.7ghz, but there's no overclocking, but that wouldn't be an issue. It's dual core with hyperthreading, The graphics card is not the greatest - what's your budget exactly?
  8. With a budget like that - it's no problem - are you looking for 17 inch screen? 15 inch? Portability? Desktop replacement? 3D matches important?
  9. Forgot to mention. Usually I looked for Teamwork and Work Rate at around 12 or higher. A fast striker is also great.
  10. Most definitely possible. I've done it before and it's a huge challenge. I don't really have tips for you. Keep an eye an eye out in the lower leagues for free players who are top goal scorers/tacklers/etc. and try to snap them up. Don't be afraid to have a large amount of non-contract players to choose from. Setup friendlies to generate cash.
  11. The i7 6700k is a faster processor.,88195 The 6800k has 6 cores - as opposed to the 6700 which has 4 cores. But for FM 4 cores is way more than enough - and the faster base speed would be an advantage. Just because it costs more doesn't make it better for Football Manager.
  12. No the processor is for driving the processing of the game, day to day. Most CPUs come with an integrated graphics card that can drive the 3D graphics. It really depends how many nations/leagues and the size of the database. If you play for over 10 years in game time, then the database gets larger, and larger and larger, and the day to day processing becomes more intensive. If you plan on playing 2/3 leauges with a medium database, and a short career save - then it should be fine.
  13. Full FM only works on PC, Mac or Linux, it won't work on Windows Mobile, Android, iOS, or any other mobile operating system.
  14. My mistake on that - if it's for Mac or Linux then the minimum is 1.8ghz - on a Windows computer it's 2.2ghz. Even at that you're processor is 1.3ghz. Give the demo a go anyway.
  15. Ready made laptops you'll get with a lot of bloatware - programs you do not need. PC Specialist custom build and only install what's necessary.