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  1. Oooops I googled 3700u vs 11657G And I clicked on a link that looked like it But it was 3700u vs 10657G Can't believe I missed that. Even with the right one now compared - the difference is very little. The 11657G is better, slightly. Is it worth the extra money - probably not.
  2. As I said, the i7 does not meet minimum requirements. I7 is the processor. The main component required for fm.
  3. It's a good computer. As per the opening post - we cannot advise on how many leagues etc. it can run. It's up to you what you're happy with in terms of speed. It's a good computer. As per the opening post - we cannot advise on how many leagues etc. it can run. It's up to you what you're happy with in terms of speed.
  4. I suggest you go to the support forum. https://community.sigames.com/support-games/
  5. Well it's 17 inches. Might be losing a bit on portability. But look good That's designed more towards portability. Nothing wrong for what you described. But if you don't mind sacrifice of processing power. What's the budget and what do you plan on doing with the laptop in general?
  6. Looks good - 8gb RAM though - which is more than enough. But I am on the verge of personally recommending 16gb RAM as standard.
  7. I think you save about £500 going for Windows option. Two have very good graphics cards - and expandable RAM (16 already). Longevity shouldn't be an issue. M1 chip is an option if you prefer 13 inch screen.
  8. It's close between all 3 The 5600h is the fastest base speed and good turbo speed. All 3 are excellent. Just depends if you want. The 5600H and possibly the 11800h are not 'as portable' And not forgetting the M1 Mac - should you prefer a 13 inch There isn't much in it. The Honor Magic Book (4600H) does not have a dedicated graphics card If that's important to play 3D matches on High Detail - then it's not for you. All 4 options are exceptionally good for FM.
  9. Try not to forget the M1 MacBook Pro is only available in 13 inch screens. If that's an issue then it's not for you. As portable as a 13 inch is - it might not be best for everyone. It's also limited to 8gb RAM I did find this one https://www.box.co.uk/Honor-MagicBook-Pro-AMD-Ryzen-5-16GB-512_3814504.html Half the price as It's twice the storage Bigger Screen Twice the RAM Outside of thin/light/portablity (but still portable) https://www.box.co.uk/82JU002XUK-U-Lenovo-Legion-5-(2021)-AMD-Ryzen-5-16GB-_3817755.html
  10. In my opinion it would be a waste of money to even suggest anything. Or see if there's a way you get some more money together. I'd recommend about 500-600 or a decent laptop to play FM on.
  11. I don't set the prices - nor does anyone else on the forums. I have no idea what anything is worth. I only recommend based on what is found and in people budget. If you want to buy it - then buy it.
  12. Whatever the price is is the price. We can't advise on that - if you want to negotiate the price yourself, that's up to you.
  13. Because it's better. Medion used to have a bad name but they were bought over by Lenovo so the quality is better than what it was before.
  14. You need to tell us your price range. We then tell you the best computer we can find.
  15. Hands down it's the one on Amazon is better. The Dell is a bit pricier - but not forgetting that most lapotps built for portability are a bit more expensive - the 1165G7 is an energy efficient processor and relies on cooling technology to sustain the turbo boost. As it's a thin and light laptop that's why it's a bit pricier.
  16. Odd. Everyone has different experiences. My last 2 laptops and a desktop were Dell and found them excellent value and quality.
  17. Close Definitely 32gb RAM if not 64gb depending on what video editing is required. Fast internal SSD for app installation and also a separate internal drive for scratch disks. There's a list of compatible cards here https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/system-requirements.html And a list to compare to https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/directCompute.html
  18. Well it's more realistic for a manager. Be great to get sent to the stands from time to time too. In game actions like argue with ref and things like that. Then you could get a stadium view.
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