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  1. End of November What a period of games it has been for us. November had 2 games each week which has definitely impacted our form in the league and in the cup. I have tried resting my players as much as possible but the results will now show if that was effective. The league performance; My personal take on this is that we have put up a lot of green on the board as I wanted to. However, we had 4 draws in total which is 2 too many in my opinion and should of won games such as the game against Sivas Bld. We also had a great run of staying unbeaten only until the most rece
  2. Hey that’s amazing to have you here ! I love Turkish culture and food. I live in North London and there is a lot of Turkish people, you’re all great Yeah I wanted to do something different and I haven’t seen a Turkish save so far so thought why not be the first Is Eyupspor a good team ? Wikipedia doesn’t have much information about them. They are currently top of the league in real life from what I can see. Are they one of the rich teams in the league ?
  3. Pre - Season We played some smaller teams to gain confidence and build on cohesion but I had to invite one of the big 3 to play a friendly with ! Surprisingly, Istanbul Basaksehir wasn't a difficult game. Granted they had more of the ball and more shots on target ... we only lost to a ridiculous strike from 30yrds out. Soon we will be making Basaksehir come to our ends more often ! Start of the season Got a few games going. The start isn't great due to the draws from teams I should be rolling over really. I am simply putting it down to a period where m
  4. The Transfers Out; Selling Dogan helped us a lot. I didn't want to get in his way as he really wanted to leave. Selling him allowed us to get £800 p/w off the books !!! Which allowed us to make the transfers that will see us hopefully till the end of the season. I am putting a self imposed limit on 4 transfers which I will show now Coming in; Dogan was a Left back so we needed to replace him ... here comes an academy product of Borussia Dortmund. Gutted I didn't add an optional year extension by club as we will probably make
  5. The Team I have sorted them from most expensive to least. The Tactic ? This will be a provisional tactic to see what we have in our hands. As we are meant to be winning the league ... I want to be creative and keep possession. A bit like Manchester city ... who will be my De Bruyne ? Financial misery already ? So I had a quick look at the finances of the team ... it's not looking great. My initial thinking is that the Wage budget is already maxed out and we only have 500k in the bank. Currently I can't see many
  6. My own restrictions ! I do find FM a bit easy at times so I have created a world (in my head ) where I impose restrictions on transfers and many other things. I will list them now so that hopefully it makes more sense throughout the save why I did what I did. 1 - I am using a mods as I have found FM21 easy and wanted a challenge. I have not used these mods thus far, it will be my first save. So I have no idea what kind of impact they will have on my own restrictions. Realistic Transfers, Extended Injuries and Smarter Managers. 2- My own fantasy restriction
  7. So my search for an interesting save has taken me to ... TURKEY ! Eyupspor find themselves in the 3rd tier of Turkish football however seen as favourites to be promoted to the second tier. My aim here is to get rid off the big three in Istanbul. Wondering what the BIG THREE IS ? So now the story line is set ... becoming the biggest in Istanbul. Which will take many years evidently MEET THE CLUB The club vision Promotion by winning the league haha ! No pressure here
  8. Thanks mate ! What about things like winrar and u torrent ?
  9. Hello, Does anyone know how to download skins and face packs and logo packs to a MAC ? Windows seems to be soooo much easier but I can't figure it out on MAC. Any videos to point me in the correct place ?
  10. Seria B is a different beast. Currently in my 4th season trying to get promoted. 3 failed Playoffs 😒 I’m managing Palermo
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