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  1. Without checking on the game, Peddar from the screen shot has been having great games in that role. I know smith initially was signed as a AP / AM player however a shortage of good defensive midfielders / irrational wages forced my hand to play smith there. -I do substitute him with brown who is more natural in that role. He is on the bench usually someone I include when holding down a result or someone lacking fitness. -I have rotated through about 5 keepers, always signing the next best trialist. -I definitely want to watch the game in 2D as I haven't done so yet -I find that a wing back is more offensive than a full back even when played with a winger. My RW is natural in being a Winger and poor as a IF. I tend to rotate the left side more.
  2. Thanks mate ! Great help here. Hopefully I'll be a solid league winner
  3. I appreciate the strong feedback. I generally adapt during game... -Advanced Playmaker goes from support to attack depending on situation -Wingbacks tend to go to attacking, when preserving the lead I change both to full backs on support. -I keep the right winger always on attack or support, then move the left winger to either IW or IF depending on which player I put there. -Out of possession is a great point made by you, I do tend to be very aggressive in all my tactics and use tight marking. I feel like without that, opposition players get too much space. -My in possession fluctuates a lot too, I go from short passing and low tempo to more direct with higher tempo given how the game plays out. Regarding the league; board wants a top half finish, last season I was 1st all season up until March where it all fell apart. Finished 3rd and lost in the first playoff game. My board gives me an A+ / A-. I have added a lot of quality to the team since first joining so I do believe the 1st place last season (with an 8 point gap at one point) was warranted. Even more so this season. I will be let down if I don't get promotion 2nd year in a row
  4. Hi all, This seems to be the biggest problem I face in FM20 whenever I play. Absolutely great starts to the season. Then Come December/January ... absolute collapse ! I then proceed to deleting the tactic and creating a new one only to fail over and over and over .... delete save .... that's how it works. NOW I am trying to go from the lower leagues as a manager to manage in the Prem or else where. However, back to my issue. How do I adjust / adapt / change my formation that works (we don' score enough) to match what I will face in the league. Which inevitably will probably be more compact teams (I guess ?) Any words of advice will be so so helpful.
  5. bump up - please help it's such an annoying issue
  6. Hey all, Not sure where to put this. I am managing a lower league team Haringey Borough in the Ismathian league. The issue is that my substitutes keep changing when I set who I want on the bench. I always don't include a goalkeeper on the bench. After a few days a back up keeper will be put back onto my bench. I don't understand what is prompting that. The other 4 players on the bench also change from the one's that I set. Could that be because of the amount of trialist's at my club ? I do bring a lot of people for trials as I am a non league team. Cheers.
  7. cautious because that is literally what got me to top of the league. I played 0 attacking football just counter attack on cautious 4-4-2 until it stopped working in January
  8. I've gone through the same crap each save. Unbelievable start of the bat, come to mid season, absolute downfall. Happened with Leeds, Napoli, Arsenal, Haringey Borough and Norwich. You can no longer convince me that tactics have any impact on performance. Currently playing with Haringey Borough. Predicted to finish 12th yet at one point led the league with 8pts and haven't dropped from 1st place. NOW OBVIOUSLY losing to each team and their dog. With the same tactic that led me to top of the league, also whilst changing the tactic to various ones. It's the same exact scenario every single save I play no matter what team and what the aim of the team. Always over achieve at the start then the game compensates this towards the end of the season by making you lose to teams you should swipe aside. Tactic included below, honestly, you can't suggest anything that I haven't tried already. It's just obvious the game is built this way now. Even tried no instructions. cheers...
  9. I usually set the team a week or however many days before a game to get them training whilst knowing the system in place for the game
  10. Hey all, quick one in team instructions, what will your players do if you do not select work the ball into the box, hit early crosses and shoot on sight ?? is it a mixture of all 3 ? thanks
  11. I think there is a greater difference between Wingbacks and fullbacks
  12. Question; How do you change your tactic when playing league deciding games. E.g I play with Napoli and games against Roma, Juve etc are very important as league is won always by a point or two. So a win is essential minimum draw.
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