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  1. Unless I am completely missing the plot here and seriously underestimating the performance of my mac.
  2. That's not what I mean. My PC is shut down when I play on my laptop.When you save your game in Cloud I can access the save on my Laptop as long as all the data has been uploaded to the cloud. So essentially I am playing the same save on my Laptop but due to the cloud it seems like it has no effect on my MacBook Air performance apart from 3D match engine.
  3. An interesting question here. So I have a MacBook Air from 2015 and have been using it as my Uni Laptop but recently I have discovered Steam Cloud Gaming. I have no longer any use for the Laptop as uni is done with so i now use it to watch stuff and as of recently also play FM21. I have a beefy PC where I start all my saves. I also have all my texture packs and face packs there so it is more appealing for me to play on my pc however I have recently found myself playing more on the laptop. Due to cloud i can play my 70K + player database on my MacBook Air... with
  4. So, I have for a while been doing this thing where I start my FM21 career on PC, since it is my custom built PC for around £800 I have some decent specs on it. Means I can run around 12 Countries with more lower leagues loaded (e.g. UK I have 9 divisions). The amount loaded is more than capable for my PC however I would never dream of loading that on my MacBook Air 2015. Although, that brings me to my point that through steam cloud gaming I can easily run that save on my worn don Laptop without any issues. I do have to watch the games in 2D and I don't have facepacks/logopac
  5. Name of the game. The objective is simple as Deportivo La Guaira. Equally hard as the national challenge. Winning this beautiful trophy is the ethos of our football club. Ending the Argentinian and Brazilian domination is why we exist. Vamos La Guaira ! Projected to finish second with this squad. I am very happy at the potential in my U20s team with many first team candidates. We currently only have 1 foreign national so there is still space to add someone further. However, due to limited scouting budget I don't really have the scope to see foreign ta
  6. The Background Information. So why Venezuela? Due to the fact that it is one of the worst performing Latin American teams in terms of Continental and World Cup performance. Meet the Squad that will propel the national team to future glory. I am quite excited and also surprised that the team has not achieved anything substantial despite a decently well rounded team. World Cup Qual. Obviously due to qualifications starting a bit earlier I didn't get to play these games. Let's say the previous manager got fired and now I am taki
  7. The save will be focused on getting the Venezuela National team to become the new powerhouse of Latin America whilst also getting Deportivo La Guaira to win it all. Due to the league restrictions - the save will be very interesting as we are only allowed 3 foreign players in the entire squad. La Guaira also have a whooping £465,000 in the bank ! Which means youth development will be harder due to financial restrictions whilst naturalization of world class players is also restricted to max 3 and it takes 5 years for foreign nationals to get the passport.
  8. Gave the topic a follow. Ambitious plan you've got and already 10 years in ! Would be nice to see a bit more about the players you have and their development etc etc.
  9. Loans have made this save way too easy
  10. Do you think playing the match and using instant result ... could yield result in two complete different results ?
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