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  1. Hi all, So I am currently 2nd. 3 points behind league leaders (Legia Warsaw). 6 games remaining and I play them once. I have won the league two years in a row now and HAVE to win it for a third. We played against Legia Warsaw (1st) a few weeks ago and I had 10 shots on target and game finished 0-0 whilst I had no clear chances and they scored with 2 shots on target but ultimately they were offside. What can I do to analyse that match and see what I can do differently to exploit a weakness they may have. We beat Standard Liege 4-0 in Europa Cup II just a week ago so scoring isn't an issue (my striker and wingers are great)
  2. Big dilemma. Antiste is club favourite and proven. give me pros and cons ... do I keep Antiste or sign the new fella
  3. Check FM 20's Twitter "Stadia is now available to everyone, which means so is FM20 on that platform"
  4. It was announced there would be a free trial of FM on google stadia. So why is it still £40. How do I get a free trial ?
  5. Is personality a key search criteria for you ? One of the deciding aspects in signing a player ?
  6. Hi all, Was just curious what are the filters people set to find various players e.g. youngsters, vets, first team players, breakthrough, free agents etc. My current save is in League 2 Poland, getting promoted to league 1. Any advice on scouting filters here ? Avg player cost is between 20-60k with the better players in the 150k transfer fee. Cheers.
  7. Hi all, Any way of filtering for loan Players for which teams have no wage contribution demands. I don't want to pay for the players weekly salary if he is on loan and most teams want 100%
  8. just been promoted to the Vanarama South with haringey borough. How can I recruit players for this level ? What filters are bets to apply ?
  9. Hello all, I have started a save on my pc desktop (windows) and saved the game in cloud. I could easily access the save on my Mac Laptop and continued to play there. However, now I can't get all the progress from my Mac Laptop back onto my PC Desktop !!! All the setting are the same, saved the game in cloud, made sure there was a file sync. However the Laptop save does not appear on mac Please help
  10. Will do mate when I get to play tonight.
  11. Right so following your tactical advice I went on a 4/5 losing streak I believe. Changed it to gegenpress and now smashing each team.
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