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  1. Great start to my fourth season, 26 wins (including 6 pre-season) in a row with two goals conceded. I've been using two separate line ups about 60/40 as well.
  2. See pic below. I use opposition instructions to always close down the opposing keeper and full backs. I also have a lot of individual instructions. Mbappe: Dribble more, shoot less often. His dribbling is immense so I want him to use it as much as possible and also to dribble to a good spot before shooting instead of trying long shots. Against park the bus type opponents sometimes I switch him to Complete Forward (S). Asensio: Mark Tighter, more direct passing. I don't want him to be completely useless defensively even though he is a trequartista and mark tighter means he follows the opposing full back a bit more. Loads of my counter attacks are still started with a pass to an unmarked Asensio who very often launches a chipped through ball from before the half way line to Mbappe. I probably scored around 8 goals exactly like this this past season. If I'm leading and want to be a bit more careful defensively I switch him to W(s) with take more risks. Chiesa: Mark Tighter, tackle harder, shoot less often. Same as above, but also shoot less often because othervise Chiesa does loads of long shots with his weaker foot after cutting in and they weren't that great. Tackle harder just because he happens to have very good tackling for a winger. Also switches to a W(s) when leading at the end if the game is still close. The reason for both of the winger roles is that they are more unpredictable than the Winger/IF combo. I dislike the cut inside and run wide with ball instructions because they often follow the tactics even when there's a better option available. Both of my wingers can pick and choose what to do more with these insructions and I find it works really well. Pogba: Dribble more Milinkovic-Savic: Move into channels. This is the role I've had the most problems with. B2B with and without different individual instructions were all quite bad in terms of average rating and production. His rating is only this high due to him being my main goal scorer from corners. Still probably needs tweaking, but these latest instructions worked well for the past 5 games or so. Grimaldo: Shoot less often, take more risks. Not a great long shooter but is a great passer, so a bit obvious. His role switches between support and attack depending who I am playing against. Militao: Dribble less, shoot less often, take less risks. His role is also put to attack occasionally, especially if playing against a formation with no wide midfielders or wingers. De Gea: I think sweeper keeper would work better here but De Geas rushing out attribute is his biggest weakness so I use just a vanilla gk role.
  3. Interesting to see other squad lists and see so many of the original players and the youngsters playing for you guys, I Just finished my third season and I have only De Gea, Pogba and Lindelöf from the original team in my starting XI. Starting XI looks like this: ST: Mbappe AM L/R Asensio, Chiesa MC Pogba, Milinkovic-savic DM Ndombele FB Grimaldo, Militao CB De Ligt, Lindelöf GK De Gea Second team: ST Rashford/Lukaku AM L/R Richarlison, Chong/Schick MC: Gedson Fernandes, Paqueta DM Cook/Ndidi FB Shaw, Vagnoman/Dalot CB Sule, Jones GK Henderson In addition I have about a 100 mill worth of youngsters out on loan. Even with all these purchases my second season transfer budget was 300 million and third season 100 million... With ManU It really feels like playing on easy mode because you can overpay ridiculous amounts to get the players you want. I've won the league three times in a row now and CL twice in a row (lost the final in my first season). Arsenal and Liverpool have been very good in the league though and I've had to get to around 100 points each season to win the title, haven't clinched it before the last 2-3 games so there has still been some suspense for sure. Asensio has been my best player so far, playing Trequartista on the left wing. His passing is just absurdly good and he has over a goal/assist per 90 minutes. Mbappe came in this last season and was fantastic for 2/3 of the season or so, scoring a goal per 68 minutes at one point, but then he went on to not score in something like 12 matches straight even though I was still winning. Just CCC after CCC missed, he'd be through on goal and somehow **** it up multiple times per game. I taught him the places shots PPM and I'm wondering if that could be the reason. Sounds unlikely though doesn't it?
  4. Does the game penalize changing team? Since I started playing in FM08 or there abouts) I've always played with a 1st team and a 2nd team if I am managing a big team with European football sprinkled in. Second team plays all domestic cups except maybe finals, league games before CL matches and league games before another tougher league game. Also if I am home against a team I am expected to win easily and the first team just played, I always use the second team. In the end it's something like 65-35, sometimes even 60-40 in percentages. I've often wondered if I'd do even better if I stuck to a tired first team much more often and kept a smaller squad. I just completed my third quadruple in three seasons with ManU. Average around 100 points in the league and CL won two out of three times (lost the final in my first season). Last season conceded 4 goals in CL in total, scored around 40.
  5. Like was already said you definitely have too many possession instructions. The roles should be fine as long as your players suit them from what I can tell. With the same formation and positive mentality I've had success combining possession based instructions work ball into box and shorter passing with counter and counter press while having a fast AF upfront and giving a few of the best passers in my team more direct passing and take more risks as an individual instruction. I score loads of goals from counters either after a through ball to one of my wingers or more often the AF who either scores himself of crosses low for a simple tap in before the defense line catches up. And yet my team is playing patient when the opposing defence is settled and not rushing things due work ball into box and less crossing and longshots in personal instructions (they still cross plenty and I score loads of goals from crosses).
  6. You should include screen shots of your tactic and roles or it's basically impossible to say where it might be going wrong.
  7. I haven't played with a 5212 system this year so can't pretent I'm an expert on it but the right side of your possession formation seems fairly static. You have the dlf, dlp and WB(s) on that side. Maybe try putting the right wingback to an attack duty?
  8. Everything always depends on the rest of the setup, but in most situations In my opinion a CM(d) or DLP(d) depending on what type of player you're using for that role. If it's a technically solid player with good passing go with DLP and if it's not go with CM(d).
  9. He played above his stats for me as well both at right wing and at AP(s)/Mezzala(a) at MC. Super deadly from set pieces especially. Finished the 1st season with about a 7,45 average even though I used him as a sub quite a bit.
  10. There are some similarities with the approach I took with ManU when it comes to tactics and role. Tactics are very similiar except I have much lower tempo and higher pressing intensity. I use De Ligt and Lindelöf as 2x BPD, Grimaldo as CWB(s) and Eder Militao FB(s) in defense, midfield 3 is Ndombele, Milinkovic-Savic, Pogba, usually DPM(s), B2B and AP(s or a), wingers are Richarlison and Chiesa as IF(a) and W(s) and Lukaku is TM(s). Lukaku has scored roughly a goal per 90 minutes but Rashford as an AF "only" has about a goal per 130 minutes if I remember correctly (despite on average playing easier matches) and Schick as a CF(s) struggles to score even more, although he does get a decent amount of assists. The AF based on what I've read seems to be a very popular option for a striker role in almost all formations, but in this formation I think it leaves him pretty isolated. I'm thinking of trying Milinkovic-Savic as something else than a B2B because he has the lowest average rating from my starting XI with only about 7,25 and surprisingly few goals or assists. I'd like him to be more involved with things in the final third and provide support when I'm using Rashford up top. Maybe a CM(A) with moves into channels, haven't figured that part out yet.
  11. Take a look if Ruben Dias is still at Benfica. I was trying to decide between him and De Ligt and went with De Ligt eventually and Dias moved to Barcelona. Based on my scouting he seems like the top option for DC for under 60 million or so. Barca got him for around 45m in my save and he is playing great for them and now I'm a bit annoyed I didn't just buy both when I had the chance. There could obviously be some difference in his PA with our saves so scout first of course, but for me he is 4 star CA and 4,5 PA I believe in January 2020.
  12. Richarlison has been pretty great for me as an IF. He has a rare collection of attributes with decent heading and really good physicals coupled with being either footed without sacrificing traditional widemen flair.
  13. That could be an option, but simply allowing us to change his risk taking would go a long way. I really don't see why an inside forward absolutely must try lots of through balls. I'm hoping someone would try to poach him off of me because I know the price will be half of that if I just list him myself. I have so many options for left wing with Rashford, Chiesa, Richarlison, Kluivert, Chong and Sanchez who I'd happily give away for free if I could. Those god damn wages...
  14. Martial has been a bit hit and miss for me. Scores some great goals sometimes but not as consistenly as Richarlison does. He also loses the ball a lot and doesn't really get assists either. I'm using him as left IF sometimes on support and sometimes on attack. It's weird how I can't instruct him to take fewer risks with the ball with either role. He doesn't really have the vision for through balls.
  15. Wait, really? 20 goals is uncommon in this years edition? I just got fm 19 a few weeks ago and I've had Lukaku scoring more than a goal per 90 minutes for 1,5 seasons. Pogba is scoring more than a goal per 90 from CM in a AP(s) role as well this season as was Richarlison from the wing until he got injured.
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