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  1. The match rating system has always been quite harsh on any outfielder that isn't consistantly getting goals or assists even if he is playing well and filling his role. It's a pet peeve of mine for sure. Even a central defender that's the absolute lock of your league leading defense will be around 7 max without goals from set pieces in my experience. In a big team I usually have 2 players below 7,0 average rating (not counting youth players playing above their level) at around 6,9-6,95 and no matter the tactic I'm using it's basically always the deepest playing midfielders who aren't making for
  2. I will, but in my save I only have one game left in the season and it's against a weak side so I will have to wait a bit, my offseasons always take a long ass time so thought I'd ask here first. Maybe I'll try to arrange a friendly before the end of season break starts if I can.
  3. Has anyone tried in fm 21 how the AI reacts to keeping more players upfront than the AI is leaving back naturally? Like for example against an offensive minded 4231 with attacking full backs where basically only two central defenders are truly staying back. If you were to use 3x AF with the outer ones having stay wider, would you effectively be counter attacking 3v2 or is the AI smart enough to change some roles to combat this?
  4. I think this part is actually pretty unrealistic, because I've been doing this two teams system for years now and I've basically never had star players complain about it or at least I don't remember it happening, maybe it has once or twice. The worst it has gotten in fm21 is the "excpects to start against x because he has been worried about the amount of first team football" note on the "plans" screen. I have this on one of my players right now, but even he hasn't complained and his morale has been very good or better the whole time. Also I've had regular starters and sometimes even star playe
  5. I get that in theory, but in practice one IW can and does work in a 424, but it should be as support in my opinion. Not sure about IF though, anyway I'd use Son at AF probably. In my system the IW slots between the AF and DLP(d) with the WB keeping the width, I'm using a 424 system in my Real Madrid save, in my second season right now. Obviously I have a better team, but I had trouble finding the right roles and TI's for the formation at the start as well, but now it's working great and I just lost my first points of the season with about 7 league games left to go and am still in all cups
  6. I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority here, but they way I've always played FM when using a bigger team playing in a continental competition is having team 1 and team 2. Same tactic for the most part, but sometimes there's some difference in roles. Whenever I have two games within 2-4 days, I do a full rotation saving my true first team for the more important game. There can be of course some exceptions like playing CL and toughest competitor in the league if I'm not sure I've already clinched the title for example. Team 2 also plays domestic cups usually until maybe the final or semis depending
  7. Having read through the whole thread, I still think the main misunderstanding here is how the team instructions work in conjunction with overall mentality. When you start with defensive mentality and add in frequently waste time, more direct passing, be more disciplined, lower tempo coupled with the defensive settings of lower LOE, defensive line and less urgent pressing you're basically telling your team to sit stationary inside your own third and hoof the ball the moment you get it with zero risk taking. I wonder if it was more clearly shown that with defensive mentality you're already doing
  8. Yeah that makes sense. This is my first save in 21 and I skipped 20, but in 19, 17 and 16 (or at least 2 out 3, can't remember exactly) I used to mostly use a dlf(s) as a lone striker and he would still score loads of goals. I remember Oscar Cardozo being an absolute fiend in that role in one save where he was topping the European scoring charts for like 3 seasons straight. He scored like 25 long shot goals per season, super realistic stuff
  9. Those cuts inside with the ball are much better if you're playing with strong foot on the opposite side, but I've still had some success with it the other way around as well because there really aren't any other major problems there, off ball movement works perfectly fine and crossing is of course easier the other way around. I find that they don't force dumb dribbles inside too much, but they often have to recycle possession with a pass going backwards or diagonally so it can hamper counter attacks a bit. A good weak foot helps a bunch of course. One "trick" I often use here is to
  10. There are exceptions to this especially if you have a really good player there. Harry Kane has scored a goal per 80ish minutes for me so far (fairly new signing) as dlfs in a 424 with an AF, IWs and Wa. Basically he is not a counter attacking goal scoring threat, but he still takes positions inside the box or on the edge whenever the possession takes a bit longer.
  11. I'm in my first season of FM since FM 19 so decided I wanted to go for the easy route and took control of Real Madrid. Managed to get Haaland in the first transfer window and my god it's ridiculous how overpowered he is even though my tactics are still very much a work in progress, he has almost alone (yes everyone is great on paper, but Haaland still carries me) put me 12 points clear of Barca in February and my only losses came in the first few matches. He has a goal per 60 minutes or so overall and in the league a goal per 46 minutes. Over 10 assists as well and about an 8 average rating wh
  12. Great start to my fourth season, 26 wins (including 6 pre-season) in a row with two goals conceded. I've been using two separate line ups about 60/40 as well.
  13. See pic below. I use opposition instructions to always close down the opposing keeper and full backs. I also have a lot of individual instructions. Mbappe: Dribble more, shoot less often. His dribbling is immense so I want him to use it as much as possible and also to dribble to a good spot before shooting instead of trying long shots. Against park the bus type opponents sometimes I switch him to Complete Forward (S). Asensio: Mark Tighter, more direct passing. I don't want him to be completely useless defensively even though he is a trequartista and mark tighter means he
  14. Interesting to see other squad lists and see so many of the original players and the youngsters playing for you guys, I Just finished my third season and I have only De Gea, Pogba and Lindelöf from the original team in my starting XI. Starting XI looks like this: ST: Mbappe AM L/R Asensio, Chiesa MC Pogba, Milinkovic-savic DM Ndombele FB Grimaldo, Militao CB De Ligt, Lindelöf GK De Gea Second team: ST Rashford/Lukaku AM L/R Richarlison, Chong/Schick MC: Gedson Fernandes, Paqueta DM Cook/Ndidi FB Shaw, Va
  15. Does the game penalize changing team? Since I started playing in FM08 or there abouts) I've always played with a 1st team and a 2nd team if I am managing a big team with European football sprinkled in. Second team plays all domestic cups except maybe finals, league games before CL matches and league games before another tougher league game. Also if I am home against a team I am expected to win easily and the first team just played, I always use the second team. In the end it's something like 65-35, sometimes even 60-40 in percentages. I've often wondered if I'd do even better if I stuck to a t
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