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  1. Memo to self, remember to check arranged friendlies before taking over, my 3rd tier Belgian club has played: St Gallen; Bochum; Kaiserslauten, Fiorentina & Atalanta!
  2. Decided to start over in Belgium, now the manager of KRC Ghenk.
  3. Port Talbot Season 2024/25 Well this was in some ways an interesting season, with two wins in the league in the opening seven games. Fortunately we then stabilized and finished in 3rd. The Cups were more successful with us winning both the Welsh Cup and the Nathanial MG Cup, winning the Welsh Cup ensured a spot in Europe again next season, which was handy as I got knocked out in the Semi-Final stage of the European slot play-off. I again got to the 2nd Qual Rnd of the Europa Conference where I went out on away goals to Maccabi Tel-Aviv, rather frustratingly their only goal came from the penalty spot. We had a board take-over during the season which didn't turn out to be too stressful in the en. And finally - we will have tenants in our stadium as one of the promoted sides grounds isn't up to standard, this will generate the enormous sum of £966 in rent!
  4. 2023/24 Port Talbot Returned to this save after my Portuguese disaster. And what a return - another 3rd place finish and won the Welsh Cup so it's Euro II (Europa Conference). Rather oddly I still have to play in the European place play-off. Youth intake wasn't much to shout about in terms of currant ratings but hopefully some potential. I used the money from Europe last season to get an upgrade to my youth facilities - which are currently rated as poor. Update Just had my end of season meeting and said to the squad we can avoid the drop and they all thought that was unrealistic.
  5. A nice landmark, my first youth player to hit 100 games.
  6. Starting up my old Wales save - I've just paid out avoiding relegation bonuses in Jan Fifteen of my players have the same agent!
  7. Well my time in Portugal is over - after two seasons of avoiding the drop we just couldn't get any form of a run together.
  8. EA BragancaFairly tough season - secured my survival with two games to go as I was 6 points clear of the last relegation slot and had a better head to head record. Youth prospects weren't fantastic I think the issue is I have quite a young squad so the form fluctuates massively.
  9. EA Braganca Fairly tough season - just about stayed up Youth intake looked ok No transfers of note
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