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    I'm in the hall of shame in FM08 - most goals scored by a relegated team - 101
  1. Congrats on promotion.
  2. I'm not liking that the in pre-season friendlies where I like to swap the entire team around the players who come on don't automatically show at the top of the screen that comes up between highlights so you have to scroll down to see their ratings.
  3. Oh dear form has collapsed - going to be tight on staying up. Heading in to the last game of the season the bottom of the table looks like this: 22nd Truro on 34 21st Chelmsford on 35 20th Concord on 35 19th Hayes on 37 18th Maidenhead on 38. Final positions 22nd Truro 34 points 21st Concord 35 points 20th Chelmsford 36 points 19th Hayes 37 points Just about staying up - almost nothing positive to say about this season. The team is now subject to takeover talks with the supporters trust - phew that's completed and I still have a job. Going through a lot of trialists - every one generates a media question! Just signed Mourinho's son on a non contract basis.
  4. As the sun sets on 2017 it's time to reflect on the season so far for Hayes. Starting with a 1-4-3-2 formation and transitioning to 1-4-3-1-1 we were making slow and steady progress then the wheels fell off, this resulted in a switch to 4-4-2. We're currently sitting in 18th with a 4-9-9 record, lets see what 2018 brings with the club leaking money and players asking for daft money to renew. Oh and I've just noticed that my owner feels it might be time to pass the club over to younger hands. The team report also shows a leadership void in the club.
  5. Thank you - didn't want to have to restart - I've started getting into it.
  6. I've just realised that Hayes & Yeading are showing as a promoted team on the season summary - is this correct?
  7. And so the season starts a 0-0 draw not bad considering my keeper got his arm fractured by a ball in the 24th min with no sub gk. Playing a 1-4-3-2 formation.
  8. And off we go with Hayes & Yeading. My first task - find a sweeper.
  9. Soon it'll be time for me to fail totally at this challenge
  10. Hopefully I'll have enough time to give this a serious crack on FM17 - my base plan is to play with a Libero from day 1.
  11. soon to be 50 - been playing since the original version, I also used to have to upgrade my PC when versions came out. I remember having to buy my 1st mouse and cd drive!
  12. So far this time round I've failed in that
  13. And fired - might sim through the year. Hired by Billericy.
  14. Oh and wishing you good luck in your save.
  15. Well getting ready for yet another go at this - just waiting to see which teams get promoted. Any suggestions on other leagues to load? And here we go - off to Stourbridge Quite a few players refused new deals leaving me with 1 CD. I now feel a bit guilty as the manager had been there 13 years.