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    I'm in the hall of shame in FM08 - most goals scored by a relegated team - 101
  1. soon to be 50 - been playing since the original version, I also used to have to upgrade my PC when versions came out. I remember having to buy my 1st mouse and cd drive!
  2. So far this time round I've failed in that
  3. And fired - might sim through the year. Hired by Billericy.
  4. Oh and wishing you good luck in your save.
  5. Well getting ready for yet another go at this - just waiting to see which teams get promoted. Any suggestions on other leagues to load? And here we go - off to Stourbridge Quite a few players refused new deals leaving me with 1 CD. I now feel a bit guilty as the manager had been there 13 years.
  6. Having read up on the rules it appears that income from transfers is countable, however even with funds coming from sales my limit doesn't appear to be moving.
  7. Good afternoon, Could someone explain what the criteria are for this - i.e. what income is taken into account?
  8. The job interview pages seem to be very slow responding.
  9. you could just check the box when starting up a new game
  10. Congrats on promotion.
  11. Blast - deleted the wrong save - going to have to restart!
  12. Hmm I may have to restart as I made a chunk of signings at 3 am - never a good move.
  13. Just starting out on this - my top rated strikers not interested in signing a new contract. Crikey it's quite a young squad. Well 2 league games played lost both 0-1 so at least no poundings so far! Famous last words P4 L4 F1 A 8 Just looked at the squad I have - a strong argument against not making transfers at 3 am!
  14. Holiday for another year.
  15. I'm thinking of attempting this - if I want to stand a chance of getting the national job should I set myself up as a national of San Marino?