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    I'm in the hall of shame in FM08 - most goals scored by a relegated team - 101

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  1. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    I was surprised they had - on paper a strong squad.
  2. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    I'm on my sixth attempt - this time I didn't get sacked in the first season and am now in the Championship.
  3. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Hereford FC 2024/25 - Championship 3rd. (A new record high) The season went better than initially expected but feels like a failure having lost 3-2 on aggregate in the play-off semi-finals. Overall the defence was too leaky this season as some players who've been with me since the Conference days just weren't up to it - this combined with a poor run in December where I only picked up eight points left me falling short of automatic promotion by six points. I moved a few players out this season - I think that this close season will see a bigger cull - the major transfer was my first choice keeper moving on for £1.5 million. Two of my midfielders ended up in the team of the year - the other nine were all from Middlesbrough. The hardest thing is not being able to compete on the wages front - hopefully that'll improve after the next season as I move into my new ground. FA Cup - 3rd Round This was a very brief appearance - we were drawn at home to Everton who dispatched me 0-2. Carabao Cup - 4th Round A slightly longer apperance which saw me knock out Man Utd on penalties and the reward was an away draw to Manchester City who easily desposed of me 0-2 Top Scorer was Harvey Bradbury with 22 but Jaden Thompson-Brissett was signed in the January transfer window and finished with 15 goals in 19 games - he also topped the average ratings chart with a 7.51. End of season awards First time I've had shirt sales broken down Aims for next season - don't get relegated.
  4. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Urgh the dreaded playoffs coming up. Knocked out in the semi finals by a 91st minute goal.
  5. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    His weekly wage for Brighton is almost my entire wage budget.
  6. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    From wonderkid at Real Madrid to to 23rd in the Championship.
  7. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    I've just been offered £1 million for my first choice keeper - the cash would help but I don't know if I've got enough time to replace him, decision, decisions. In the end I accepted the £1.5 million.
  8. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    2024/24 Hereford FC Championship A quick mid -season review. This season it's become painfully obvious that a reasonable number of my players are not good enough for this level - we've been far too inconsistent but are sitting in eighth. I'm going to have to have quite a clear out and the end of the season and rebuild - we're definitely not ready for promotion if our cup performances are anything to go by. At the end of next season we move into our new stadium (12k capacity).
  9. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Three of my Asst Managers have now left to become managers.
  10. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Nice going - my 1st seasons a bit of a mixed affair so far.
  11. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Good luck @joethequin
  12. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    I had a war of words with Craig Bellamy - then beat his side and he got fired
  13. I'd love to know what constitutes a clear cut chance - because it mostly seems a way of indicating missed opportunities
  14. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    I move to a 12k stadium in two years