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    I'm in the hall of shame in FM08 - most goals scored by a relegated team - 101

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  1. Malachians in the 3rd tier in Northern Ireland.
  2. Surely as a semi-pro club I should be able to offer part-time contracts to players, I can with staff.
  3. I've taken over a newly promoted side in the 3rd tier in Northern Ireland, the club have semi-pro status but I can only make non-contract offers to my players - I can however offer part time contracts to staff.
  4. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    I've taken over a semi-pro side in NI but I can only offer non-contract to my players? Oh and I've taken over a side with 4 keepers and 3 strikers
  5. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Giving this another bash in Northern Ireland - I couldn't really get into my French save.
  6. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    A totally insane game pulled back from 4-1 down to go 5-4 (with one of my strikers scoring all 5) only to concede yet another goal from a throw in to make it 5-5 in the 93rd minute!
  7. How about "That counter-attack was launched with almost surgical precision" translates as "the centre half has hoofed it down the field while the two centre halfs seem to be completely unable to spot the man running past who smacks it in."
  8. Unfortunately I'm two years on now.
  9. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    @darren1983 Thank you - it's years since I've managed in France - I'm taking a break from Dafuges challenge.
  10. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Going to give this a go in France. Le Mans appoint an unknown Englishman Mtwambe appointed manager of Le Mans Not only unknown but with no badges - how will he fare? Look Ma no skills :) Result - my board will fund my 1st badge.
  11. The 4231 Explained

    Thank you @Cleon - this has given me a much greater understanding of how to get this particular formation working.
  12. Have they temporarily relocated - is their stadium being redeveloped?
  13. i reckon over a season I see more counter-attacking goals scored from corners then I have in all my years of watching actual football and attacking throw-ins seem far more dangerous then in reality.
  14. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    Possibly the maddest match I've ever had.
  15. dafuge's FM18 challenge

    First game in European Club competitions.