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    I'm in the hall of shame in FM08 - most goals scored by a relegated team - 101

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  1. I can't decide if the defending is awful at times or if the 3d representation is simply shockingly poor.
  2. A genuinely interesting read - good luck for next season.
  3. Just had an interesting conversation with my right back - I warned him about his drop off in performance, to which he replied that his for had been ok. Looking at it 5 games ago he got a 7.4 then he got a 6.8 the last three games a 6.2 - it looks like a drop off to me.
  4. Swindon69

    Defending throw-ins

    It would be useful to know what determines how you line up to defend attacking throws.
  5. It took some doing - iirc my side managed some massive wins but quite a few narrow defeats.
  6. Bit tardy there XaW - not keeping a clean sheet This is my claim to fame. I'm in the hall of shame in FM08 - most goals scored by a relegated team - 101
  7. Hi folks, I'm having massive problems defending throw-ins in the final third. My side just stand around like goalpost impersonators while the opposition pass it around and score, any hints on how to prevent this?
  8. If the board expectation has been downgraded to a play-off positoin after the transfer window update it must have been stupidly high before that
  9. Quick question - do these change after the transfer window update. I'm only asking as the Sunderland board expect the play-offs as a minimum in the first season.
  10. Swindon69

    What have they done to the ME??

    I've always thought it'd be useful to get a detailed report on how ones Asst Manager sets up the team.
  11. Swindon69

    Can't get a career going

    I've struggled to get into a save this season - so I'm taking over WBA with the simple aim of doing better with them then they've done in RL.
  12. Malachians in the 3rd tier in Northern Ireland.
  13. Surely as a semi-pro club I should be able to offer part-time contracts to players, I can with staff.
  14. I've taken over a newly promoted side in the 3rd tier in Northern Ireland, the club have semi-pro status but I can only make non-contract offers to my players - I can however offer part time contracts to staff.