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  1. Thanks for all the replies folks. I think i'll stick with the I7
  2. Thanks for all the input so far guys I appreciate it. Of course there are budget constraints but as i've already spec'd an I7 Build I'm not too concerned as i've already budgeted for that chip. i believe that I5 Ivy doesn't support Hyper threading is this correct? and if not does this impact on FM performance at all?
  3. Hi guys. I'm planning on building a new PC in the next week or so and i was just looking for input on which CPU would be more beneficial in FM Would you recommend an Intel I5 ivy bride 3570k Or the equivalent Ivy Bride I7 Both will be overclocked regardless and I'm looking at building a desktop. Other specs will be an SSD and 16gb of ram, GPU will most likely be a 7850. I've already spec'd out an I7 but will i see any performance increase over the I5? Thanks for the help folks.
  4. Cleon I think you've made the Defensive version of Xavi if that makes sense. The PPM's you've taught him practically mirror this, I expect knowing you this isn't by chance either
  5. I'm really liking the Non Transparant background, I've downloaded Steklo but the background for player attributes is transparant which i hate;
  6. Thats a damn shame. But thanks for your contribution to this forum you've helped out a lot of people Cleon
  7. Sometimes it's a good thing when a player like llorente retires. It gives you the chance to take your tactics into a different direction entirely. You've done a great job on Munain mind
  8. I just experienced exactly that in my last game. 0-0 approaching half time with valladolid CR7 gets injured just before half time, (which was a blessing as him and the team we're playing awful). Both myself and the opposition we're playing a flat 4-4-2, Complacency crept in. I thought hey If i just play deep and wide the space this creates between the strata will be enough. Wrong answer they just dropped the midfield back and had there 2 strikers close down. I then switched to a 4-2-3-1 after the injury and they tired, the pressing from there forward line was less intense meaning one of there central midfielders kept having to push up leaving abit more space for my AMC to operate in. It was anything but convincing but managed to grab a 2-0 win. Although with all that being said. I think i may need to sell a forward as i feel i'm starting to over rotate in order to accomadate players. Here you can see my squad:- Ignore all the unregistered players. They are their to mentor at this stage. I feel it's quite diverse every players offers something slightly different, but as you can see I have 13 players to play in a max of 5 Positions.
  9. Will be keeping Tabs on this for sure Personally I upload to imageshack they don't tend to delete the images i upload. And i can just copy the forum code which will insert the image perfectly.
  10. Just sitting here watching my Real Tea, hand Zaragoza there asses led me to think Why? Why am i able to do this? (Bare with me here this isn't a post to boast pardon the pun) But the reason isn't my skill or lack of skill as a manager, it's my squad. Furious has hit the nail on the head here and should be congratulated because what he has given the community is a template on how to build a squad. If you can build a squad and have a understanding of how player instructions interact with each other your on the right track when it comes to FM. A Versatile squad is so valuable, I've been lucky enough to create a squad where an injury is a blessing as it gives someone else the chance to step up and come into the team. this someone most likely won't be a carbon copy of his predecessor however because this is the definition of my squad:- Having someone who can offer something different. I look at 2 of the best squad builders in the world in Sir Alex and Jose and I see interesting trends. If we look at who Real could play on the left hand side We have Di Mariá (Winger) Cr7 (Inside forward) Ozil (Creator). Thats one position but 3 different ways to play it, now on the face of this it could provide a problem Cr7 gets injured and there is no replacement? but the way I look at it is I have to either adapt my playing style or shoehorn Di Maria or Ozil into his position. In actuality it can work quite differently, Di Maria and Ozil can provide different options and combinations. So where as CR7 is greedy and will look to go it alone most of the time Ozil will look to feed Higuain which can be a very potent combination. The point im trying to make is by having variation to your players you can really build a dynamic adaptable squad which will give you tactical flexibility. Don't have a midfield full of DLP's vary it and play with the combinations to see what works best. ^ See what I mean?
  11. Hope the DPI scaling has been fixed! FM2012 was unplayed due to fonts being hard to read, I hope this is resolved as i'm still playing 2011 with 2012 collecting dust! All sounds good to me though looking forward to getting my hands on it!
  12. Romanista. Higuain is one of the best CF tutors on the game. 16 Determination Evasive Reserved Media handling and resolute iirc. This is pretty much a perfect combination for any youngster! I posted Sara up originally to get a view on him from the masses and hopefully to provoke some debate in regards to how we choose to mould our players and why. And also to a larger extent of how we view our players. I'm sure many of you will know the phrase "one man's trash is another mans treasure" and I find this works perfectly in FM. I think the true skill is in seeing the value in all players and trying to find a way to get the most out of them. If we can't get everyone posting there prospects up and discuss them then I think we as a collective can improve by learning from one another. I don't think there is a "wrong" way when it comes to attribute distribution as it all depends on the bigger picture. Sorry for the ramble PS i'll upload more next week! hopefully in the mean time we can get everyone elses prospects up and dissect them and make this thread as lively as the awesome OP deserves!
  13. I must be getting Old Romanista as i didn't even realise he was 2 footed lmao! But yea this guy was always going to be developed in the way you've mentioned he's much easier to fathom as you've stated initially. I only posted him as with some positions it's better not to consider just one player but the players he will have around him. This guy is Described as Determined however according to his training reports he's very professional as well. I was gonna have Higuain tutor him but I think i'll leave him be as I don't want him learning places the shots PPM and he already has the awful lobs the ball PPM. I don't think he will develop too much to be honest. He's rated at 2 1/2 out of 3 1/2 Potential atm but I want him to have game time this season. It's going to be difficult to juggle this season as I have too many forwards and i'm trying to operate a 25 man squad with a 1 in 1 out policy. I may have to loan Sara out as well as another 21 year old Striker I have to give Amuari minutes. I also have another young striker who's been out on loan this season who's also a poacher type at about 19. Damn i've got quite a few young players which i'm sure i'll post up for you all to get your teeth into. Having so many youths makes it difficult to have a clear plan for all of them so having people throw out their opinions is very helpful.
  14. Thanks for the perspective guys. I never actually seriously seen Hugo as anything else other than a striker. It's suprising how short sighted we can be sometimes. I am leaning towards the creative striker role/Target Man/Complete Forward, I'm really loathe to train him in a new position purely down to the fact that he's not perfectly suited to anything else either. After all it can be nice to have someone who is slightly unconventional. In terms of my system, it varies depending on circumstance but the 3 systems I will be frequenting are 4-2-3-1, 4-1-2-2-1 & 4-4-2. To give you guys some perspective. Meet Amauri. He's another young and up-and-coming player Potential Strike Partner for Sera. Infact this kid is rated slightly higher by my coaching staff. So maybe it would be a good idea to have them compliment each other. As per Sera feel free to input with you lot on board I can have a bigger coaching squad than the Brazil National Side
  15. Thanks Mate, the thread just hit me I hope it becomes a hive of activity! What a great second that is too, I didn't even look at retraining him as a AMC so thanks for suggesting that I'll have a think about it for sure . Higuain Makes an excellent tutor actually, He's Evasive, Reserved and Resilient with Determination of 16 so not too bad. Ya this kid is quite the mixed bag i think no matter how i train him he'll turn out quite un-orthodox. He's got 3 star Potential so at a guess i reckon his PA will be around the 180 mark he's also very 1 footed and can only play CF so I reckon if i leave him as a striker he could turn out pretty special with all the above taken into consideration. Keep the idea's coming guys
  16. As Per OP really, I want this thread to be a thread about player development and how you can develop your 15 Cork Lad into Roy Keane. The idea is we post pictures of our young players with potential and give each other tips on how to develop them into better players, and discuss ideas of what roles and duties would be best for them. I'll kick it off with a young lad I've got in my under 18's who goes by the name of Hugo Sera. All idea's and suggestions are welcome. Available Tutors for him are Wayne Rooney & Gonzalo Higuian. I'm playing FM2011 and He's listed as a Wonderkid, his current PPM is argues with officials and he's listed as Ambitious however he's short tempered and confrontational. Let's get this show on the road shall we!
  17. Attacking Midfielder in Attack will be more likely to get in the box and support the CF thus vacating the space the oppositions DM plays in this could be why he played better in this game, as opposed to say a AP(S) whom may get marked out the game as he would have more of a tendency to want to play in the hole.
  18. Actually give the ball to one of your CB he has more passing options than your fb.
  19. I'm playing with Real Madrid on fm2011.. Mvila plays really well especially at breaking up the opposition counter attacks, in my last game he managed something like 9 interceptions No assists yet though but he's lacking in flair so i don't expect raking balls from deep i'd prefer he play them when their 100% on of course but if not i prefer he play the ball to someone more capable which i guess would account for his 90% pass completion. I'm using a balanced approach starting on standard mentality the GK - SK - DEF FB - Support for both fullbacks CB def - both of them MCR - AP - S MCL - DLP - D AMR - IF - A AMC - AM - S AML - AP - S CF - DLF - A Works well for me but i'm lucky enough to have the players which suite the system. I struggled with a 4-3-3 as i find CR7 too selfish and most of the due to his PPM he wants to go it alone. But using a 4-2-3-1 has helped that my front 4 have an average teamwork of 14 when you take into account CR7 is just 6 i think thats pretty decent
  20. This is the first time i've got ganso playing well in in Midfield, If i'm playing a weaker team i'll use him as the AP rotating with Moutinho who would start as the DLP. The idea to rotate actually came from your tripe pivot post and it works really well. He sprays passes out to a Ozil who likes to lurk just infront of the opposition full back waiting for rooney to run in behind a joy to behold when it comes off. I think what makes my Approach work is the the depth of the midfield the same depth which Sfraser (RIP) talked about so much. When Rooney drops deeper from FC the centre of the pitch really becomes overloaded causing the AI a headache. Often he will drop deeper from the gap between CB & FB now if the FB goes with him this is when it comes alive it creates a massive hole for either ozil or CR7 to exploit, if they are too wide they can cut it back if not they can go for goal. Reminds me of, Arsenal although this wasn't the intention
  21. Do you have southampton at world wide reputation yet? I'm just asking as you may reach a point where it's hard to get the ball into midfield. No matter what shape you adopt the AI may tight man mark all your central midfielders. the only way to play out can be via the inside forwards, makes playing a narrow formation quite difficult. In terms of your attack, you could try varying it to get more out of your AM. Although i know you have Kovacic who is more of a creative force, you could try swapping him out for a more inside forward type of player and have one of your CF playing the pure creator role. I'm sure you'd enjoy the dynamic movement this gives too. I'm using a 4-2-3-1 atm and i love how the midfield three almost dovetail. Im using AP (S) DLP (D) And AM (S) I have the DLP and the AP swapping position though. M'villa, Moutinho and Ganso seem to compliment each other very well.
  22. There's no right age par sée it's down to your own judgement. I've let some gems go who I thought would never make it but they did. Youth players come through at such a quick rate if your managing a big club, Ultimately you've got to decide weather the guys who's developing slowly is holding another player back and take it from there.
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